Friday, January 15, 2010

Updates and news

First, an update by Joel Rosenberg regarding the earthquakes and Israel:

Link Here.

There are also two very well written commentaries coming from Jerusalem:

The first:

"The dangerous illusion of the 'peace process'". The title speaks for itself. Below are just a couple of quotes from this commentary:

"Nevertheless, Israel's very agreement to return to the negotiating table with the PA signifies the government's acceptance of an absurd situation in which the PA simultaneously conducts a policy of war against Israel while proclaiming to the world its desire for peace."

"If negotiations recommence this month, it will not be long before Israel comes under renewed international pressure to make "confidence-building" gestures to the Palestinians. Inevitably, these will include the relaxation of the stringent security measures in place in Judea and Samaria. It is therefore vital that the government make clear that there can be no return to the failed policies of the 1990s."

"The reality is that there is currently no partner for peace on the Palestinian side. There is nothing to be gained by finessing this fact, or by seeking to disguise it. Given this situation, all concessions to the PA will serve only to embolden the enemy and endanger Israelis. As the "peace process" road show gets ready to come back to town, responsible Israelis will be watching carefully to ensure that the tragic mistakes of the 1990s are not repeated."

The second commentary, with the title "Pro-Hamas media bias and Gaza activists", sheds light on the agenda of Hamas and their draconian actions in the region, all while receiving favorable media coverage. Quotes:

"Hamas opposes genuine peace with Israel, and used the most pernicious form of violence - suicide bombings - throughout the 1990s to destroy the peace process and prevent compromise. Its mission is not to achieve peace based on compromise, but to pursue the impossible dream - more a nightmare for everyday Palestinians - of destroying Israel and returning Palestine to what it was in 1917, before it came under British colonialism."

"THAT HAMAS desire is not only shared by the religious extremists who continue to grow, but by those who are secular fanatics yet also oppose peace based on compromise. Most of those activists are based in Western countries, where it is easy to chant for the destruction of not only Israel but of Abbas's secular Palestinian government which does support compromise based on two-states."

"These are strange bedfellows in the Palestinian extremist camps, religious fanatics shoulder-to-shoulder with secular extremists like the Popular Front and the rejectionists led by the activists and fawned on by the Arab media that mistakenly believe "freedom" means embracing the most extremist activists."

"The Arab media, which glorify religious extremism and even violent attacks, don't realize, of course, that under a Hamas-run government, it wouldn't just be Jews, Christians and secular Muslims who would be oppressed. The media in a Hamastan would be among the primary targets, stripped of the "freedoms" they enjoy today - of criticizing Abbas, two states and peace based on compromise."


It seems strange that the main-stream-media and the local arab media supports such a radical, oppressive and violent group like Hamas. But these are strange times that we are living in.

As mentioned before, I believe almost everything we see today, particularly in the Middle East - is happening for one central reason: to prepare the world for the arrival of the antichrist and the Tribulation. Its that simple.

A quote the second article above is applicable to all prophecy in these last days:

"Gaza is a very complicated issue, but not that hard to really understand."

We could say the same about everything we see in the world today, as it applies to the last generation witnessing the signs around us:

"Complicated but not that hard to really understand". Its easy. The world is marching lockstep - like lambs marching towards a cliff. While the world moves towards the Tribulation, the vast majority of people have no idea whatsoever where things are headed. But we do. Its simple: Its all written God's word and it will all happen exactly as recorded.

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