Tuesday, January 12, 2010

In the news...

"Netanyahu: Israel will never share Jerusalem with Palestinians". In this article, according to a "bureau statement", Netanyahu declared on Tuesday that "Israel would never cede control of united Jerusalem nor retreat to the 1967 borders."

This is a refreshing statement coming from an Israeli leader in this modern era of appeasement.

However, this comes at a time of escalating tensions in and around Israel. To underscore this increase in tensions, particularly around Gaza, we see the following:

"IDF denies that it attacked northern Gaza".


"Also Monday, a Qassam rocket fired by Palestinian militants in the Gaza Strip struck the Western Negev, for the fifth consecutive day. There were no casualties or damages reported in the incident."

"Four mortar shells were also fired at Israel from Gaza on Sunday, but they exploded on the Palestinian side of the border."

"Addressing an increase of rocket fire into Israel from Gaza, Defense Minister Ehud Barak on Monday advised Gaza's Hamas rulers to "watch their step, and not to cry crocodile tears if they force [Israel] to take action."

Following a relatively long period of quiet along the Gaza border, we have now seen several weeks of escalating mortar shells from Gaza into Israel. We also see Israel preparing its response, as Netanyahu vowed a "powerful response" to these increasing mortar attacks.

Then we see this article:

"IDF may take over Philadelphia in future conflict".

Here we read that Israel may take over the "Philadelphia Corridor", which is a strip of land in the southern Gaza Strip which contains weapons smuggling tunnels. According to this article:

"Plans for such an operation have been drawn up and would likely include the deployment of several units in the southern Gaza town of Rafah and along the 14-kilometer strip of land called the Philadelphia Corridor under which Hamas has dug several hundred tunnels that are used to smuggle weapons and explosives into the Strip."


"The IDF believes that since Cast Lead ended in mid-January 2009, Hamas has significantly boosted its military capabilities and has obtained long-range rockets, mostly from Iran. One of these rockets was recently tested by Hamas and has a range of more than 60 km., which means it could hit Tel Aviv."

"In addition, Hamas is believed to have obtained advanced, mostly Russian-made anti-tank missiles and shoulder-to-air missiles and is reportedly trying to get its hands on an anti-ship missile that would enable it to prevent the navy from attacking Gaza from the Mediterranean."


It is looking more and more like Israel is preparing to go back into Gaza, using ground forces and "occupying" "Palestinian land" - something that is certain to inflame the Islamic radicals in the region. Additionally, if they remain in this "Philadelphia Corridor", this too will be viewed as "occupation" and will be used as a tool to ignite the surrounding terrorist groups, not to mention Egypt, who will also view such actions as intruding on their land. It seems a "no-win" scenario for Israel, but they want to stop the arms build-up and the constant barrage of threatening missiles.

This is just more proof that the only peace plan will be the one "confirmed" by the antichrist (at least prior to Christ's return).

This is also evidence that the Middle East is a powder-keg just waiting to explode. It really does seem that somehow God is keeping a lid on this explosion - awaiting the precise moment that such events will fit into His overall plans. The Middle East remains just on the brink of this powder keg's ignition - but once it "ignites" the course of history and remaining events will be unstoppable.

And it could begin at any moment.

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