Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Rumors of war

While the earthquake story continues to make the news, a couple of "war rumor" stories have appeared:

"Arming of Hezbollah Could Spark Israel-Syria War"

The Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Rai published a story Sunday in which a "US official" stated that if Syria supplies Hezbollah with surface-to-air missiles (SA-2), war will break out and Tel Aviv will directly strike Damascus.

Other quotes:

"In addition, the official said Syria trained Hezbollah members in Damascus on how to use the SA-2 missiles. Israel has previously warned the country not to supply Hezbollah with the missiles, according to the US source."

“Any possible military attack by Hezbollah against Israel will be met by a ‘harmful war’ on Lebanon. Israel made a mistake in 2006 by not striking Syria during the war with Lebanon, and any new attack from Hezbollah against it will not spare Damascus from a strike,” he added."

This isn't the first time that Israel has discussed how they would respond to Syrian aggression. In 2009 Israel made it clear that if Syria used chemical tipped missiles against Israel, then they would respond as if they had been attacked by nuclear weapons.

Even more interesting is the fact that other reports have stated that Syria is already in the process of transporting these weapons into southern Lebanon.

As we all know, Isaiah 17 informs us that Damascus is destined for complete destruction in these latter days.


In other war rumors we see the following:

"Iran says may hit Western warships if attacked"


"Iranian defense minister warns his country could strike back at war vessels deployed in Persian Gulf. 'The Westerners know well that existence of warships serves as best operational targets for Iran should they undertake military action,' Ahmad Vahidi says."

"Ahmad Vahidi said there were now more than 90 war vessels in the Gulf - a waterway crucial for global oil supplies - and that they had created a "military environment" there."

"They included submarines, aircraft carriers and destroyers, he said during a conference in Tehran on the Gulf."

"Last month, Vahidi said Iran would strike back at Israeli weapons manufacturing sites and nuclear installations if the Jewish state attacked the Islamic Republic's nuclear facilities."

Sooner or later war is going to break out, and when it does, I believe it will begin a non-stop sequence of continuous events leading to the Tribulation.


hartdawg said...

i believe the sequence of events will be psalm 83/isaiah 17(damascus) Gog/magog (prolly within 6months-a year after psalm 83, which will move things to fast forward namely setting up 10 kings, rise of anti-christ then tribulation. i further believe the rapture precedes gog/magog tho not sure bout psalm 83.

hartdawg said...

also, it seems psalm 83 will likely occur this year unless God stalls the prophetic clock

Scott said...

I have mixed feelings on Psa 82. I stumbled on an excellent commentary a few weeks ago relating to Psa 83 - and I'll try to find it and post it.

Regardless, I believe we are just on the threshold of seeing Isaiah 17 fulfilled and the Gog-MaGog war occurring in rapid sequence - and all of the last things which lead into the Tribulation. The AC must be waiting in the wings as they say.

We shall see (and probably soon)