Thursday, January 21, 2010

In the news...

First, of course we see the earthquakes continuing over the last 24 hours in the Caribbean and South America, with a 4.8 near Chile, a 5.7 off the coast in the Pacific, another 4.0 in Haiti, 4.5 just off the coast in Central America, a 5.3 in the Drake passage, and we also see Japan getting a 4.8 and several others in that region MAP.

In other news:

Iran Unveils New Satellites. In this article we see that Iran has already launched one such satellite, which, according to the article:

"The launch sent alarm bells ringing in the international community, which voiced concern over Iran's development of technology that could be used for military purposes.
The West suspects Iran of secretly trying to build an atomic bomb and fears the technology used to launch space rockets could be diverted into developing long-range ballistic missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads."

Also in the news:

"New Israeli Demand Complicates US Peace Mission"

"Netanyahi says Israel will have to have presence in West Bank"

Quotes from these articles:

"Washington's Middle East envoy faces a new obstacle in his latest attempt to revive Israeli-Palestinian peace talks: Israel wants to maintain troops on the West Bank's border with Jordan even if a deal is reached."

"Palestinians have rejected Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's demand, made just before U.S. envoy George Mitchell arrived in the region."

"Netanyahu said an Israeli presence on the eastern side of a "prospective" Palestinian state would be necessary to keep militants from launching rockets at Israel's heartland."

"On Thursday, Saeb Erekat, a confidant of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, called the demand "absolutely unacceptable."

Mr Netanyahu has obviously reached an obvious conclusion - Israel must have a presence in the West Bank or their viability as a country would be at risk. This is painfully obvious. However, this is also an enormous roadblock to the peace process in and around Israel. A deal-breaker for the Palestinians.

It just once again underscores what the Bible tells us. There won't be a peace deal until the antichrist confirms it. Period.

The question for prophecy watchers is - what events will ultimately lead to, a) the rise of the antichrist, b) the peace agreement in the Middle East, c) the acceptance of a peace deal by Palestinians and Israeli.

Whatever happens must be big enough to shake the foundations of the current mindset by both Israel and the surrounding groups. This is why many prophecy scholars believe Ezekiel 38-39 and/or Isaiah 17 will occur first - which would lead to having the surrounding terrorists groups severely weakened. It would also serve as a tremendous opportunity for a "leader" to emerge from the aftermath of this carnage and "confirm" the peace deal.

There could be other scenarios in play - scenarios which haven't even been considered thus far - other scenarios which lead to the biblical fulfillment which will lead to the antichrist taking his leadership position.

But it will take something quite LARGE in the region to break this never ending stalemate. Perhaps something of "biblical proportions". We shall see.


hartdawg said...

hey scott
have you read bill salus` book "isrealstine"? if not i highly recommend it. it gives alot of insight into the near future. particularly damascus.

Scott said...

No, I haven't, but someone else mentioned that book several weeks ago.

If you have a chance, give the the thumbnail sketch on what he is saying - I'm interested. I can't recall the context of the discussion, but this book did come up a while back.

Thanks for the tip.


hartdawg said...

well, i only read it once (borrowed it from a friend) and i`m not very good at giving books an adequate sketch but basically bill does the research on psalm 83. the historical background on the nations mentiond, other prophecies on those nations from other books of the bible(like obadiah) he in essence proves from other passages that psalm 83 is a prophecy to be fulfilled in the form of a prayer (not uncommon in the bible) and relates psalm 83 to isaiah 17 (damascus) he further proves its a battle that precedes Gog/magog. its a must read for any prophecy student. even if you dont agree with his conclusions (i do) it has valueable info. check it out.

Scott said...

Ok - I seem to recall some of that. Sounds like I should pick this up as soon as I get a chance.

Now I am really compelled to post that lengthy commentary on Psa 83.

I have mixed emotions on this topic - and I am open to many ideas that are kicked around on the topic.

I would not be the least bit surprised if the types of skirmishes/battles that some folks see in Psa 83 occur as a lead in to Gog-MaGog and Isa 17.

Some folks see Psa 83 as more of a general description/prayer as you say, but stop short of believing that its a specific prophecy to be fulfilled.

I'm not well versed on this to be honest - and one reason is, I don't see it (either way) as being a necessity prior to either scenario mentioned above, although it may be.

It is interesting and I am determined to find this commentary!

Thanks - I think I'll pick up that book as well.