Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Surrendering Sovereignty

Dick Morris has a very timely review of the recent G20 meeting, the global economy and its implications on the U.S.

In this commentary "Surrendering Sovereignty", Mr. Morris gives interesting insight:

"We are to subject our most basic national economic policies to the review of a group of nations that includes autocratic Russia, China, and Saudi Arabia...we are to sit politely with our one vote and submit to the global consensus."

"And the process will be administered by the IMF, whose counsel to less developed nations over the past two decades has consistently called for social pain and economic austerity...They are our new overseers."

"Thus, the world's most successful economy - ours - which is the only one that has produced reliable economic growth for three decades and has lifted real personal incomes almost every year, is going to subject itself to the burden of justifying its own economic policies in front of a global community of 20 nations, some of which do not even embrace free-market economies in the first place."

Dick Morris isn't writing from a prophetic perspective, but he sees the global governance of he economy taking shaping up in today's world, just as biblical prophecy would predict - another road which is being paved for the arrival of the antichrist and his world government.

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