Monday, September 28, 2009

New world economic order takes shape

Reuters has a nice review article on the G20 meeting, and the focus of this article was the so-called "New world economic order",
article here.

It has seemed for months now, that the G8 was fading in power as the G-20 gained more and more control. From this article we can see the following, revealing quotes:

"The Group of 20 is set to become the premier coordinating body on global economic issues, reflecting a new world economic order..."

"Adopting the G20 as the new economic steering committee raises questions over whether or not the Group of Eight, which makes up the world's industrial countries, will probably be faded out. Diplomats said the G8 would continue to function but would focus on non-economic issues."

"The agreements are big wins for U.S. President Barack Obama, hosting his first international summit. Since his election last year, he has pushed for changes in the global financial architecture to recognize the increasing economic clout of China and other emerging markets."

"The G20 decision on IMF voting reform will give momentum to a 2011 deadline for overhauling IMF governance which will then be voted on by the IMF's 186 member countries."

This last point is most interesting. "Overhauling IMF governance" could mean several different things. There are many commentators who believe that a world-currency will ultimately come from the IMF (International Monetary Fund), so any "overhauling" of the current system is of great interest.

The very fact that we sit here in 2009 and casually discuss a "new world economic order", is incredible for a prophecy watcher. And it barely makes the news and certainly not on the radar of most folks. Yet, in a very insidious way, we have a world representative body who has self-determined that they will make decisions and determinations on world finance which affect everyone.

The world continues to march towards the Tribulation just as Bible prophecy predicted. When the antichrist finally emerges he will find the road to global economic control well-paved. The pieces are being put in place even before he arrives on the scene.

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