Wednesday, September 9, 2009

9/11 Event at Sunrise Church NC

On Friday, September 11 there will be a "National Town Hall Meeting" on the threat of radical Islam and the Church's response. This webcast will include a film which will be shown to the national audience, followed by a Q and A as directed to Joel Rosenberg.

This webcast will be shown at Sunrise Church, NC, located at the NE corner of I-40 and New Hope Church Rd. between Hillsborough and Chapel Hill. Following the conclusion of the webcast there will be a general discussion at the church Link Here, where I will attempt to answer any related questions and assist in any discussions. It should be an interesting and enlightening evening.

Joel Rosenberg's website, which has more information on this event is linked here.

The webcast begins at 7:00 pm.


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Scott said...

The doors will be open at 6:30 but the actual video etc. begins at 7:00 pm.

Thanks for reminding me!