Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Major Contractions: Birth Pains Continue

There is so much in the news right now, all I have time for are the headlines.
Its interesting; I was going to post on earthquake signs yesterday but felt that there other, more important prophecy news. Then today we see what happened in New Zealand - the major quake there was so recent, there aren't any articles yet, only the headlines. They have already had two major "aftershocks" >6.0. Below are the major earthquakes just in the last few days:


6.3 Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Offshore Taiwan"

"Thousands camp in tents after 6.0 quake in China"

"Tsunami spotted following South Island quake"

"Mysterious tremors detected on San Andreas Fault"

In other signs and birth pains:

"Israeli Warships Push Much Closer to Iran". This is highly significant as it shows in a very public display, that Israel is potentially making the initial moves towards dealing with the Iranian situation, This seems to be escalating as the clock is ticking loudly towards Iran's nuclear capability (and don't forget - with a leader who has sworn to destroy Israel).

And last, but not least, in our "Mark of the Beast" progress report, we see the following, interesting news:

"India to issue all 1.2 billion citizens with biometric ID cards". The interesting quote here is the following: "The Government in Delhi recently created the Unique Identification Authority, a new state department charged with the task of assigning every living Indian an exclusive number. It will also be responsible for gathering and electronically storing their personal details, at a predicted cost of at least 3 billion"

This is significant, because historically, "scoffers" told us that something like this couldn't be done on a large scale. They also told us that such use of such "ID information" (such as what we know will be implemented with the Mark of the Beast") would never be used for "personal information". But here it is, in India, and it includes an electronic storage of "personal details" for 1.2 billion citizens. Where are the scoffers?

It looks like we are in the midst of another "contraction". On the one hand, its surprising that we see such a collection of signs in a matter of days, but on the other hand, its exactly what Jesus said would happen as we approach the last days.

More birth pains. We can't say that we weren't warned, can we?


Briefcase said...


Check out my latest blog entry about the chip and the Mark!



Scott said...

Will do


Scott said...

Interesting. You have to remember, after the Rapture and the first series of judgments, the world's population will have decreased by 1/4. then by an additional 1/3. And that represents the minimal numbers.

Also, don't forget, the mark won't be implemented till ~ about half-way into the trib. It will start in greater Europe presumably (by the way, the EU is launching a series of satellites, a process which has already begun)

There is also a company which, as you know, has incorporated the RDIF technology into dye and tattoos can be implemented rather than a chip. I could see a scenario where in the industrialized countries the RDIF is used via ink or a chip, and in the remaining impoverished countries, they would still have "the mark" only as a visible sign, still necessary for buying and selling.

So I see a situation in which everyone has a visible mark, with the industrialized countries implementing the technology we are familiar with and the few remaining living people in 3rd world countries have an identical looking mark, just sans RDIF.