Sunday, July 12, 2009

"Global Financial Reform"

We see the terms frequently - almost daily - "Global Finance", "Global Financial System", "Global Currency". Years ago, such a concept was scoffed at as impossible. I can still recall similar reactions when Hal Lindsey, in his book "The Late Great Planet Earth", proposed the ideas of a "United States of Europe" (now known as the European Union -- extended now to the Mediterranean Union) which would include a central currency for this union. It seemed impossible at the time, but here we are in 2009 and we have the Euro, exactly as predicted.

Similarly, we are seeing the genesis of a world financial system, with a central control and a central currency. I can recall speaking on and discussing this topic almost a decade ago, and seeing similar (skeptical) reactions. Now we read these proposals almost daily in the news and no one even blinks.

This week, we see yet another summary of this situation, stemming from the G-8 meeting: Roundup: G8 summit in push for global financial reform". In this article we see some interesting quotes:

"Leaders from the Group of Eight (G8) industrialized countries and emerging economies are expected to make a new push for reform of the global financial system when they meet..."

"As the host, Italy has put it high on the agenda of the three-day summit to revamp the global financial system and rewrite the ground rules for world economic activities."

"Leaders from the group of 20 (G20) major economies met for the first time on the financial crisis in Washington last November, marking the beginning of the global financial reform....and an overhaul of international financial institutions."

An "overhaul of international financial institutions"? What exactly are these "world leaders" doing? Unfortunately, the details from these meetings are never disclosed.

From biblical prophecy, we know that the antichrist and his "partner-in-crime" the false prophet (i refuse to capitalize these "titles") will seize control of the world's financial system and implement the Mark of the Beast.

What I find amazing, is the fact that the road is already being paved for this financial system to occur. The antichrist will have FAR less work, once he gains power, than previously imagined. The world's economic crisis (whether it is real or perceived) has created the perfect scenario for a world leader to emerge and take control of the world economy. We aren't quite there yet, but the progress towards a world financial system, including "central control" is ominously marching forward.

In a somewhat related news story, we watch the continuing battle for the "permanent" EU president, as the Lisbon Treaty finalization approaches. In this France International News article (read here), we see some interesting quotes, but one stood out:

"If we have (the treaty of Lisbon), I personally hope that the first council president will be someone strong and ambitious, because Europe deserves it."

Strong and ambitious, indeed. Bible prophecy would agree.

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