Saturday, April 11, 2020

Things To Come: 'The New Normal' Of Globalism

COVID-19 and the approaching new normal

The COVID-19 mantra, "we're all in this together," is echoed in advertisements, by conservatives, liberals, and public service announcements.  The new heroes are fast food and grocery workers.  Being a good citizen is obeying stay-at-home mandates for the safety of others.  Feel-good stories of people working together contrast the stories of hospitals as war zones.  

The daily COVID-19 death toll resurrects memories for us older folks of the Vietnam War's daily casualty counts.Can Americans be so na├»ve they don't see this crisis for what it is?  COVID-19 is being used to usher in a new morality in alignment with a globalist population monitor-and-control system under the guise of public safety.  Let's look at the facts globalists don't want Americans to add together.

  • Economies across the globe are significantly compromised.
  • Business-owners have suffered the loss of property without due process or compensation.
  • Stay-at-home mandates, effectively jailing people in their homes.
  • No criteria established to measure the consequences of stay-at-home mandates or the shutdown of the economy.
  • No right of assembly.
  • Churches closed.
  • Courts have been closed so there can be no redress of grievances.
  • No guidelines have been established for return to normal.
  • Misinformation: Models are consistently wrong, and data used for assumptions are not explained to the public.
  • A shift of governance to bureaucrats — "experts" who contradict one another and themselves almost daily. 
  • Neighbors have been asked to spy on and report neighbors to authorities.
  • Criminals are being let out of jail while citizens caught breaking the mandates are threatened with jail and fines.
  • Almost $8 trillion in new spending has been authorized by Congress, and another infrastructure spending bill is being considered.
  • The Federal Reserve and Treasury have been joined at the hip, purchasing corporate bonds, effectively nationalizing private industries.
  • Democrats are discussing using the COVID-19 crisis as an opportunity to implement universal income, national health care, taxpayer-funded housing, and even forgiveness of mortgages and student loans.
  • Even conservative talking heads are caving to the idea of temperature scans and certificates of immunity to go to work or attend public events (Sean Hannity Show, 4-9-2020). 
Does this list read like the answer to a disease that new estimates suggest will claim 60,000 lives, a similar number to the flu season, or does it read like a coup?Before you answer, let's project two almost certain outcomes; both will lead to acceptance and normalization of the COVID-19 crisis response.
  1. Government officials will pat themselves on the back for low mortality, adding credibility to their draconian actions.  Accordingly, similar draconian measures will become the norm, quite possibly for even the seasonal flu.  This will not be the last time these measures are taken.
  2. Media, both liberals and conservatives, will be thanking everyone for their service and sacrifice. 
 Many Americans will not notice among the fake fear, the panic, and the new morality of selflessness and sacrifice that they were conscripted to aid in the downfall of their nation.  Every American who obeyed stay-at-home mandates without a whimper of protest to their representatives contributed to breaking the back of our Constitution — something no enemy could do on his own.  Americans who bought into the fear and new morality played right into globalist plans.

When Americans come out of the feel-good fog of "we're all in this together," it will be governments' massive spending that will be determining the winners and losers.  The winners and losers will be picked not by hard work or creativity, but by government compromise.  So much for "we're all in this together."  More locally, how long will your neighbor think in terms of your interest and not his own?  Until there are shortages of basic supplies.  Envy will rule, and civil unrest will be the new crisis, requiring even more mandates. 

This is a global event, and every country took similar measures to the United States'.  Did Americans ever ask themselves why all countries responded in a like manner?  All countries belong to a de facto global government — the U.N., the World Health Organization, the World Bank, and many more global organizations.  

These are the socialist and fascist global experts setting the stage of current actions.  These are the same socialists and fascists pushing global socialism through climate change models.  Does anyone expect that they would come up with a model based on freedom or the American Constitution?  Why not take advantage of a virus crisis with a little closer motivating threat than climate change — a century away?  A tactical benefit of these global organizations has been that many Americans believe they are do-nothing organizations, where quite the opposite is true.

Look at the elements leading to the loss of our Constitution: misinformation, fear, swift government mandates enacted without discussion, decisions driven by unelected bureaucrats, division, denial of assembly, dependence on government, new definitions of heroes and villains aligned with new definitions of morality and values.  Do these elements benefit Americans, or do they benefit government officials locally all the way to globally?  The answer is obvious.
Americans have left themselves powerless because they failed to act while they could and should have.  While they were being selfless, they were surrendering the rights generations before them fought and died for.

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