Friday, April 24, 2020

Will Ramadan Force An End To The Lockdown?

Will Ramadan force an end to the lockdown?

As the Muslim celebration of Ramadan arrives (April 23 to May 23), many of the faithful will expect to attend worship services at their local mosques.  Will local and state governments treat Muslim worshipers at Ramadan the same as they treated Christian worshipers at Easter?
Will officials arrest imams for holding services as they did to a Christian pastor in Tampa?  How likely is it that Kentucky officials will sprinkle nails in mosque parking lots and take license plate numbers of worshipers?  Will NYC mayor Bill de Blasio threaten to permanently shut down mosques as he did Christian churches and Jewish synagogues if they dare to hold services?

And then there is the case of "the worst governor in America," Gretchen Whitmer.  Banning the sale of vegetable seeds and American flags and making it illegal to drive across the state, but allowing abortions as an "essential service," she has wielded the most dictatorial powers of any governor.  How will she deal with the huge Muslim enclaves in Dearborn and Ann Arbor as Ramadan arrives?
Perhaps the gathering throngs at Ramadan will influence local Democrat-controlled governments to open up the lockdown on everyone or be forced to explain the disparity between treatment of Muslims versus Christians and Jews.  The hypocrisy revealed at that point would be staggering.  President Trump will have no problem pointing this out to everyone.
There is a good possibility they will instead declare the virus crisis essentially over and begin to open churches and businesses back up rather than put their true hatred of Christians and Jews on display.

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