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Pete Garcia: COVID-19(84)


Author’s note: This is an extremely long brief. It has many hyper-links that will go into much greater depth on particular topics than is possible here. I pray you take as much time as necessary to not only go through the brief, but also check out the links.

Then, unexpectedly, a Chinese epidemic coincidently exploded out of a Chinese wet-market, which just so happened to be co-located in the exact same town China’s first biosafety level-4 laboratory. The Chinese government then allowed this outbreak to spread from a local epidemic, to a global pandemic within a matter of weeks. Protecting their own image, they ignored the early warning signs, arrested anyone who spoke publicly about it, and then allowed travel to continue unabated for weeks. Again, the Chinese officials allowed this from the same town where a notoriously insane wet market existed, as well as their level-4 biosafety laboratory.

Whether this pandemic had governmental machinations behind it or not, is at this point, irrelevant. We are in it. We are living through the global response to it right now. What I am saying, is that regardless of its origination, we know one thing with absolute certainty; wicked and ruthless people will always take advantage of a crisis.

First, let me add, NOTHING happens by chance in this world. God’s sovereign plan for mankind works ALL things toward His glory (Romans 8:28). Secondarily, God’s adversary, and ours, Satan, also has an agenda. Although his agenda does not supersede God’s, it is a factor in this great drama we call life. It was because of Satan that sin and death entered into creation.

Like every good mystery that must be solved, we must start with the right questions. So let me ask a series of questions. You can substitute the italicizedverbiage for some other major crisis, but I think these get to the heart of what is going on.
  1. Will the pandemic death toll will surpass or fall short of, the post-economic crash death toll? 
  2. Does anyone know what effect a full, multi-month quarantine will have on the global economy?
  3. Does anyone know what effect a full, multi-month quarantine will have on the US economy?
  4. How exactly will the world recover economically?
  5. Does anyone remember how the last great global economic crisis ended?
  6. Does anyone know what the new normal is supposed to look like?
  7. Why is a global crisis necessary?
  8. Who benefits the most from a global crisis?
  9. What are the goals in the aftermath of a global crisis?
  10. What is global depopulation, and who benefits from this?
  11. Who has long championed global depopulation?

These questions, like countless more, cause me to question the globally accepted narrative about what is really going on. Again, not downplaying the seriousness of what is going on, but perhaps the problem with this global problem, is its lack of lethality. 

For instance, we do not have to sugarcoat Ebola or Marburg outbreaks. They are terrible and they are self-evidently, terrible. Doctors and news pundits do not report deaths due to Ebola as, ‘Ebola-related deaths.’ We do not have to lump in complications with it because its lethality is significant enough to trump anything else they had going on medically. 

So if this is less lethal than Ebola, and even less lethal to many degrees, as the normal flu season, why are we intentionally suiciding the global economy?

Granted, some form of influenza(s) or viral outbreak is causing many people to die prematurely. Nor am I arguing we should not be promoting precautions and good public health. I am not even arguing how it began. I am simply asking, in a moment of crisis, who benefits most and why? What are their goals and what will a post-COVID19 world look like.


...then imagine what coronavirus means to the globalists. What a dizzying opportunity for them to achieve massive goals. This is new world order time — one world order time, in the teachings of the Bible believers. By Cheryl K. Chumley – The Washington Times – Saturday, March 28, 202 (Source)

When we look at the unrelenting effort to promote globalism over the decades, we must understand that those who hold to this are not simply old maniacal men smoking pipes and twisting their moustaches in darkened rooms. Some might be perhaps, but many, are true believers that a singular, global government is the only way to solve all the world’s problems.

Some of these are well known; The Roman Catholic Church, the United Nations, George Soros, David Rockefeller, Gordon Brown, Henry Kissinger, Zbigniew Brzezinski, and so forth. Some have even been US Presidents’ such as Woodrow Wilson, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and Barak H. Obama. Still many others, while, not out and out globalists, are at least; sympathetic to its ideals (Jimmy Carter, George H.W. Bush, and Bill Clinton) have been some of our more notable promoters of internationalism.

However, true dyed in the wool globalists are men and women of power, wealth, and most importantly, anonymity. In fact, their anonymity is their greatest weapon. Anonymous like the goings-on of Bohemian Grove. We know the place exists. We know the elite go there. However, we know very little of what actually goes on there other than it seems extremely suspect. A disheartening practical exercise in this would be looking up your favorite products (clothes, appliances, accessories, etc.) and finding out whom they support financially (i.e., political leanings) only to discover, you are funding your own country’s demise.

The New, New Deal: Echoes of Roosevelt

It is to this point; I wish to draw a parallel to today’s world. The world in 1933 was so distracted by their own economic turmoil to notice that evil men, ALWAYS take advantage of moments of crisis. Furthermore, they would have gone anywhere, turned to anything, and believed anyone, who could promise them some relief. Enter Adolph Hitler. World War II. The Holocaust.

If anyone had said publicly in 2019 that unemployment rates would hit upwards of 40% in the second quarter of 2020, the “experts” in the media and academia would have laughed them off the stage. Even at the height of the Great Depression (1933), unemployment rates never topped 25% (source). In fact, unemployment rates never moved beyond 11% in the subsequent decades since the Great Depression.

There has been since 1913, a relentless push towards globalism. However, without major crisis’s (either real or supposed), the march toward globalism had been relatively slow and cumbersome (like the New Deal’s recovery efforts). People and nations are reluctant to hand over their own sovereignty, especially when there is no good reason to do so.

However, when you add a crisis (again, either real or supposed) into the equation that crawl towards globalism, turns into a sprint.
Let us summarize the major historical events and the subsequent efforts to advance globalism (italicized). I apologize for the length of this, but I am attempting summarize the entirety (as best as possible) the push toward globalism.

April-May 2020US / global economy grinds to halt, expectations of 40-50% unemployment worldwide
If we were to compare this march toward globalization with earlier attempts (prior to 1900), there is simply nothing comparable to it except during the military conquests of Genghis Khan, the Roman Empire, and Alexander the Great. The relentless push toward globalism over the past 120 years has been like a powerful, unrelenting undercurrent sucking everything out to sea. Things may seem fine on the surface, but the undertow moves quietly and perilously under the surface. But what is the globalist agenda?
What else but a new world order.
Unbelievably, this is a relatively simple process. The long game is subtle, and uses gradualism and incrementalism as its main tools to force change over a period of time. The short game is to advance the long game in quick increments, usually during moments of crisis. The key here is to have your plans in place long before said crisis ever occurs. This is where both the short and long game work in unison to achieve the same end state.

Prophetic Alignments
Then I stood on the sand of the sea. And I saw a beast rising up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and on his horns ten crowns, and on his heads a blasphemous name. Revelation 13:1
If anything, this current crisis is primarily designed as a ‘stage-setting’ event for the final reordering of the present world governments. We know that in the last days, there will be a ten-nation / seven-region confederacy, led by ten leaders, who rise up out of the sea of humanity. There will be an eleventh leader, who subdues three, and then ends up taking over the entire organization. This organization is known as The Beast. Their leader is the personification of The Beast, and his name is the Lawless One or the Antichrist. He has a right-hand person, known as the False Prophet, who orchestrates an apostate, ecumenical religious world system and eventually direct all worship toward this the Antichrist.
So how do we get from where we are today, to the one the Bible says is coming? If recent headlines are any indication, they reveal that world leaders are actively working to promote the spirit of antichrist with increased vigor either knowingly, or unknowingly. Check out these recent headlines that point toward a world more Orwellian than anything even George Orwell could have imagined:

In decades past, globalist lacked the political and technological abilities to bring about a new world order. Even at the height of World War II, the Nazi’s were unable to control all buying and selling even in the areas they controlled. Both the League of Nations, and later the United Nations, lacked the military and legal authority to impose their politically driven agendas.
While it appears that the present coronavirus (COVID-19) is wreaking havoc to the globalist agenda (i.e., open borders and lax immigration laws) what it is really doing, is reshuffling the geopolitical nations and the authorities they once held. It will become a complete dismantlement of nationalism and national sovereignty altogether. Why is that? Because the threat is no longer contained to a single nation. Much like the much-hyped and ever-evolving climate change threat, pandemics are global in nature (hence the name ‘pan’). Nations, who refuse to get on board with the global agenda, face North Korea-styled isolation and embargo.
The consensus from the “experts” is that the COVID-19 pandemic is threatening to unravel the long fought for liberalism and unification of a European Union (EU). The experts fear that Europe might return to the pre-1950s ‘nationalism’ and ‘isolationism,’ mindsets in the hoarding of resources and closing of borders. However, the reality is the global nature of this threat will reinforce their need to be represented by single, supranational voice that will lead all of Europe (much like the United States). 
This virus is not unraveling seventy-years’ worth of consolidation; rather, it is restructuring the authorities to become the final structure the Bible has foretold it would become.
This is the first pandemic event since the Spanish Flu that has affected the whole world at the same time. The obvious difference being that the world in 1918-20 lacked the technology to impose global surveillance and enforce currency controls. We do not have that problem anymore. Watch for these agendas to be hammered through in the coming weeks to months.

  • Push for digital ID
    • Will be mandatory
    • Will be linked to health and vaccinations
    • Will support the UN agenda for digital identity
    • Will be embedded into the body
  • Push for 5G networks
    • With worldwide quarantines in place, the current 4G system is overburdened by usage. People will demand a faster system to continue streaming, gaming, browsing, and working.
    • After the worldwide quarantines are lifted, expect to see rolling quarantines in various place, which will require stronger networks to supervise the entire world
    • 5G will be needed to support the emerging Quantum-based networks and blockchain financial systems
    • Will be required to run a global system of the Internet of Things
  • Push for digital currency
    • If this crisis is allowed to drag on, they will do so for as long as necessary to crash the global economies and primarily that of the United States
    • This will require nations to come hat in hand to the World Bank or IMF for bailouts-which they will get in the form of a new, completely digital currency
    • Technically, the US Dollar is already a digital currency. Most transactions around the world are increasingly digital. What this new currency will mean, is that you will not have to exchange a Dollar for a Yen, or a Ruble for a Won. It will be a new, singular, blockchain-based crypto-currency
    • This Blockchain system will be satellite based (Low Earth Orbit), supported by Quantum mainframes, and carried throughout the earth on 5G networks
  • Increased Surveillance State
    • Threat of future pandemics, terrorism, and non-compliers will require massive overhaul to personal freedoms (at least in the US) (think how airport security changed after 9/11)
    • Digital Identification, as well as embedded markers will show authorities things like personal identity, vaccination status, citizenship, tracking, and will one day (inside the 70th-Week), linked to one’s banking systems to buy and sell
    • Cameras will blanket the earth. They already do in most major cities. The rural areas that are thinly inhabited, will have LEO satellites covering them ensuring that there will literally be nowhere to hide
    • Thermal, night-vision, and earth-penetrating imaging will further reduce anyone’s ability to hide from the system. Many of these are already in existence. We just have the pesky thing like the US Constitution restricting its usage

 Things might get rough beforehand, but Christ promised His bride, the Church, deliverance from the very time of this global testing (Revelation 3:10). So be of good cheer. Share the good news of Jesus Christ with friends, family, neighbors, and even your enemies. Time is running out on this sin-stained world. The enemies of God will not win and their schemes will not come to fruition.

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