Friday, August 30, 2019

Things To Come: The Era Of Lawlessness

It’s now obvious: We are living under a lawless deep state dictatorship

It’s now obvious: We are living under a lawless deep state dictatorship where treasonous criminals like James Comey will never be prosecuted
The Office of the Inspector General (OIG) released a damning report this morning, revealing that former FBI director James Comey violated the law when he illegally leaked classified information to the media as a ploy to jump start the Robert Mueller witch hunt against Trump. You can read the report at this link:
The OIG report, authored by Michael Horowitz, states, “We conclude that Comey’s retention, handling, and dissemination of certain Memos violated Department and FBI policies, and his FBI Employment Agreement.”
“The watchdog office said Comey broke FBI rules by giving a memo containing unclassified information to his friend Daniel Richman with instructions to share the contents with a reporter,” adds Breitbart News. “Attorney General William Barr will not prosecute the fired FBI director over his wrongdoings.”

This means the DOJ, even under AG William Barr, is covering up the crimes of James Comey. “As long as you are a Democrat you are permitted to break the law,” writes The Gateway Pundit. James Comey has long been a registered Republican, but his abuse of power and ongoing attempts to destroy President Trump have put him in the Democrat camp, philosophically speaking.

James Comey gets criticized in mean words but of course gets a pass for his unlawful actions.
Read the IG Report here:
— Mike Cernovich (@Cernovich) August 29, 2019

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), ranking member of the House Oversight Committee, issued a statement slamming Comey’s actions as laid out in the inspector general’s report.
“Today’s report is a disappointing reminder that the former FBI Director put partisanship and personal ambition over patriotism and his legal obligations to the American people. By leaking his confidential communications with the President in an attempt to save face in the wake of his firing, Mr. Comey believed he was above the rules of the DOJ,” Jordan said. “His actions were disgraceful and part of a wider effort within the Obama Justice Department to undermine President Trump. I am grateful that the Inspector General brought these issues to light and look forward to his and Mr. Durham’s findings related to abuses of the FISA process.”

When it comes to prosecuting these deep state dictators, we’ll believe it when we see it. It seems like these corrupt, treasonous traitors get away with everything, while anyone affiliated with Trump gets the book thrown at them for extremely minor offenses such as forgetting some small detail that qualified them for “lying to the government.”
James Comey lied to everyone. Why is he still walking around as a free man?
And if the laws of this nation don’t apply to those who wield the most power, then why should any citizen obey any law at all? We are witnessing the complete collapse of the rule of law in America, all because the power elite refuse to prosecute their own kind. Thus, we don’t have a nation of equal justice at all. What we really have is a deep state dictatorship that’s pretending to be a law-and-order republic.

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