Thursday, May 30, 2019

Hamas: Iran Ready To Help Strike Tel Aviv If Israeli 'Aggression' Continues

Deri accuses Liberman of extorting Netanyahu with ‘delusional demands’

The Times of Israel liveblogging Thursday’s events as they unfold.

Hamas leader says Iran ready to help strike Tel Aviv if Israeli ‘aggression’ continues

Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar says that Iran supplies the Gaza-based terrorist group with the rockets it fires at Israel from the Gaza Strip.
“Iran provided us with rockets, and we surprised the world when our resistance targeted Beersheba,” he says according to reports in Arabic-language media. “Had it not been for Iran, the resistance in Palestine would not have possessed its current capabilities.”
“If the enemy continues its aggression, the resistance will strike Tel Aviv and other cities with exponentially more rockets, and with Iranian assistance,” Sinwar says according to reports.
He also slams the Trump administration’s Mideast peace plan, saying the proposal is bound to fail. “The conflict will not be over until the occupation is removed from all of our land,” he says.

Incendiary balloon sparks fire near Gaza border

An incendiary balloon launched from Gaza sparks a fire in an open field near the border with the Palestinian territory, according to the Israel Fire and Rescue Services.

Deri accuses Liberman of extorting coalition with ‘delusional demands’

Shas chairman and Interior Minister Aryeh Deri lashes out at Avigdor Liberman, accusing the Yisrael Beytenu leader of extorting him and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during the recent coalition negotiations.
“For reasons of rivalry and hatred, he decided to drag the entire county into this whole situation,” he says at a Shas faction meeting. “It’s over,” he said of their relationship.
“It’s difficult to describe their demands, but we agreed to them,” Deri says. “This is the first time in my life that I have ever felt extorted, but extorted in the most obvious sense of the word.”
“And yet despite this, we did everything possible to form a government. Every time we approached them, we were greeted with another delusional demand — and I have no doubt these demands were made intentionally for us to say no — but each time we said yes, there was another demand.”
“I feel very hurt and disappointed that he used us these past 40 days instead of just openly saying that he doesn’t want Netanyhau as prime minister.”

IDF seals Hezbollah’s ‘flagship’ cross-border tunnel

The Israeli military is sealing off a cross-border Hezbollah attack tunnel from Lebanon, which it says was the largest and most technically advanced passage dug by the Iran-backed terrorist group.
The tunnel, which began in the Lebanese border town of Ramyeh, is being closed off with concrete and other sealants, “after an intelligence-operations investigation throughout the tunnel was performed in recent months,” the army says.

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