Friday, May 24, 2019

Brexit Party Leading In Britain Polls For EU Elections

Exit Polls: Nigel Farage and Brexit Party Leading in Britain with 37 Percent of Vote!

On Thursday British voters took to the polls in the European elections.
Nigel Farage and his six-week-old Brexit Party is leading in the exit polls.

According to Conservative Treehouse the exit polls look good for the Brexit Party.
A Survation poll for the Daily Mail shows Mr Farage’s Brexit Party well ahead in the European elections on 31 per cent, trailed by Labour on 23, the Conservatives on 14 and the Lib Dems on 12 (link)
The Express has more favorable results for the Brexit Party:

One YouGov poll currently has the Brexit Party out in front with 37 percent of the vote.
The party – fronted by ex-UKIP leader Nigel Farage – has only extended the lead it has held for the last two weeks.
The Liberal Democrats are behind them with 19 percent of the vote, and the Labour and Green Parties close with 13 and 12 percent respectively.
The Conservative Party may suffer another catastrophic defeat, with just 7 percent of the projected vote.

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