Saturday, May 25, 2019

Elitists Have Invented A New Way To Rig Voting In The Future

Academic Elitists Have Invented A New Way To Rig Voting In The Future

The question of whether or not “democracy” works is always being studied, by proponents of freedom as well as by proponents of authoritarianism. The founding fathers of the sovereign American experiment were far more intelligent than some critics today give them credit for – they knew full well that democracy does NOT work, not without some rules which make certain rights inalienable. This is why they modeled the original American system as a Republic, not a democracy.

Today, there are many people (primarily in academia) that seem to think they are gifted with more insight into our political and social systems than the founders of old, and are constantly trying to sell a myriad of concepts for improving our existing structure. Some of these people are well meaning, and some of them are not, but their ideas for “fixing” the problems of our political and social systems almost universally ignore or overlook the root causes of those problems. They try to cure the symptoms rather than the disease.
It should also be noted that many academics live much of their lives separate from the real world, and so their views on what ails society and how it should be fixed are rather naive, or at least highly biased. Many behave as though they sit somewhere on the autistic scale; others have made a career out of going to school for far too long and have no interest in learning to survive in the private sector.
My point is, these are not the kinds of people that are going to solve the world's malfunctions - they can't even solve their own malfunctions. In fact, they are often the kinds of people that make the world worse. Unfortunately, in the universe of academia there is a propensity for arrogance, elitism, and also rampant exploitation by powerful groups seeking to turn academics to the dark side.
Keep all of this in mind as we explore this next issue, because I believe it comes into play in a very insidious manner...

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