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U.S. Government Quietly Prepares For Nuclear War, Aftermath Of An EMP Attack

As MSM & Hollywood Distract, US Government Quietly Prepares For Nuclear War

The MSM (Mainstream Media) and Hollywood forms a conglomerated consortium of Marxists, Socialists, creepy-refugee professors from Woodstock, and wanna-be left-wing revolutionaries. They have two different paths. The MSM forces non-news down the throat of the public while decrying the true news in the alternative media.  Hollywood is shaping the formation of the public consciousness and forcing a paradigm shift (Overton window principle), a shift to the left through popular culture, film, television, and the music industry. Both of them have one end objective in mind: the dissolution of the United States, and the destruction of its borders, language, religions, culture, and society as a whole in all of its forms.

You don’t receive news anymore from reporters or journalists. It is a collage of sensationalism coupled with reality TV shows, all sans morals or any form or semblance of decency. This has been repeated throughout history. The Visigoths were at the gates of Rome, yet her citizens would not drag themselves away from the chariot races to man the walls and the battlements. Now is the same, merely fast-forwarded. In all this, if you have not noticed, the U.S. is quietly assuming the same footing they did during the Cold War, and more.

On 8/24/18, BuzzFeed News published an article by Dan Vergano entitled “The US Government is Updating its Nuclear Disaster Plans and They are Truly Terrifying.” I strongly recommend reading it.

The article begins with this:
“Amid concerns over North Korea, federal emergency managers are updating disaster plans to account for large nuclear detonations over the 60 largest US cities, according to a US Federal Emergency Management Agency official.  The shift away from planning for small nuclear devices that could be deployed by terrorists toward thermonuclear blasts arranged by “state actors” was discussed on [8/23/18]…”
“The North Koreans have really changed the calculus…we really have to look at thermonuclear now.”
“In response to an audience question, [FEMA Chief of Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Branch] said the agency has also considered scenarios where a nuclear bomb, a cyberattack, a coordinated electromagnetic pulse, and biological weapons all hit the US at the same time.”

I have written numerous articles on the threat posed by North Korea, especially with regard to an EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) strike against the United States. I did not arrive upon these assertions without research and study: the conclusions of such notables as Dr. Peter Vincent Pry, Former Congressman Roscoe Bartlett (R-MD), and others of the (now-disbanded) Committee to Assess EMP Threat against the United States... their research provided a great deal for the basis of my assertions. I stand by what I wrote.
We are in a difficult time currently in the world situational arena. Russia and China are strengthening their militaries, economies, and influence, and the reformative acts by President Trump may be too little and too late. The midterms may turn him into a tiger without the teeth to enable the passage of any laws. Even with the teeth…and current Republican control of the Senate and House, it has proven to be a battle between a combination of turncoats and fifth columnists that has slowed down the reforms considerably.

Now the “conga line” of communists follows after smear tactics such as “Russiagate” and election conspiracy accusations, the endless “witch hunt” by Mueller, and the Stormy Daniels nonsense. All of these actions are taken to derail the President and deny a turnaround for the country after 8 years of Obama.
With all of this in consideration, though, the threat of a nuclear war is real, and (as I’ve mentioned in the past) a first strike would be precipitated by an EMP attack. North Korea is the perfect source as an individual “aspirant” or with the prompting of the “state actors,” singly or in unison. The last sentence in the referenced article summarizes it simply yet eloquently: an attack would be multifaceted and simultaneous.

The Russians and the Chinese have a major joint military exercise scheduled to commence on 9/11/18, in which for the first time drills will be conducted to include responses to nuclear attack. In addition, many nations are dumping their holdings in U.S. debt and there is a lot of volatility in the world, such as the Brexit actions, the trade status of Britain with the EU after it occurs, NATO instability, and the continuing influx of Muslims into Europe.
Trouble usually arises in the midst of confusion or where one side assesses that the other is ripe to attack. The President was elected and the leadership redefined, but the country has not been extricated from the quagmire that Obama and his cronies (including such as McCain and Graham) placed it in. At such times and when beset by difficulties and a looming midterm election, a lack of policy is potentially worse than bad policy. The information from the referenced article is serious. Threats have not reemerged: in fact, they never left. The Potemkins of the MSM and Hollywood managed to screen them, yet the U.S. government is altering assessments and plans to address those threats, and the potential for a nuclear war is still very real.

An electromagnetic impulse attack on the United States could come from a surge of solar activity or a deliberate explosion at altitude of a nuclear device by an enemy such as North Korea.
In either case, the impact on the electric grid, even if the outage lasted just one day, would be an estimated 574 deaths and some $35.7 billion in losses, according an expert cited by the Washington Examiner’s Paul Bedard.
It’s a threat about which WND has been reporting for nearly 20 years.
A one-day blackout would cost 574 lives due to a lack of emergency medical equipment powered by electricity. But such an attack could result in lights-out for a year, warns William R. Graham, chairman of the Commission to Assess the Threat to the United States from Electromagnetic Pulse Attack.
Graham said “326 million Americans cannot long survive bereft by EMP of the electronic civilization that sustains their lives.”
“A nationwide blackout lasting one year could kill millions, perhaps prove fatal to most Americans, by starvation, disease, and societal collapse.”
Graham’s warning opens a new book by EMP expert Peter Vincent Pry titled “EMP Manhattan Project: Organizing Survival Against An Electromagnetic Pulse Catastrophe.”
Pry writes that the grid can be protected for as little as $2 billion, which is about what the U.S. has given Pakistan in aid annually.
He says, however, that energy companies and regulators are standing in the way.
Pry has been advocating for preventive measures against such attacks for years. He was on the original congressional commission that reviewed the threat.
But industry and government regulators have given only lip service to the threat.
Graham described EMP as “a civilization killer.”
Last November, WND reported the original congressional EMP Commission tasked with assessing the threat was shut down.
The scientists, engineers and security experts on it had warned an EMP attack could disable the country’s electrical grid, resulting in mass starvation and the death of about 90 percent of the American population. They recommended in an extensive report steps to protect the infrastructure.
At the time, Tommy Waller of the Center for Security Policy said the government appeared apathetic.
Waller, a U.S. Marine and combat veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan, said CSP was developing a new strategy of educating the American people about the EMP threat so they will put pressure on lawmakers to secure the grid.
“We are not trying to sell fear,” Waller told WND in an interview at the time. “The American people are vulnerable, and there will be no cavalry – the public needs to know that they cannot depend on the government at the federal, state or local level to take care of them in the event of a prolonged black out.”
Waller said the need to respond to the threat is urgent.
“For the first time in military history, we have a scenario where it doesn’t take a whole civilization to overtake another,” he said.

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