Monday, August 27, 2018

Russian Military Warns Of Impending 'False Flag' Chemical Attack, Multiple Warships Head To Syria, Syrian Air Defense Forces Reported On Full Alert

Russian Military Warns of an Impending ‘False Flag’ Chemical Attack in Syria

For several days, Russian media has been reporting that the nation’s military has information on a ‘false flag’ chemical weapon attack set to take place in Syria in the coming days.

The Russian Defense Ministry claims that a staged chlorine attack by the Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham militant group, previously known as Al-Nusra Front, in the Idlib governorate is going to be used to justify US strikes in Syria.

The ministry said in a statement that the jihadists are going to “stage decontamination of victims of a staged chemical weapons attack posing as members of the notorious White Helmets group.”
RT reports that the Russian MoD noted the deployment to the Mediterranean last weekend of the missile destroyer USS Ross carrying 28 Tomahawk cruise missiles on board. It came after a similar move of the USS The Sullivans to the Persian Gulf and the rebasing of a B-1B Lancer strategic bomber to an air base in Qatar. The Russian ministry said the “preparations are the latest evidence of the US intention to use the” expected provocation.
The jihadists that arrived in Shughur were reportedly trained in using chemical weapons by the British private military contractor the Olive Group.
“The implementation of this provocation, which is being conducted with the assistance of the British intelligence services, is meant to serve as the latest pretext for the US, Britain and France to deliver a missile strike against state and economic facilities in Syria,” said General Igor Konashenkov, spokesman for the Russian Defense Ministry.

Russian sources are ramping up war fever over Syria. Syrian air defense forces were reported Monday night on high alert for a possible US attack on Damascus. This was not confirmed by government sources in the Syrian capital.  The Russian Defense Ministry claimed that Syrian rebels in Idlib were preparing to stage a false flag chemical weapon attack against civilians in order to blame Damascus and give the US and its allies a pretext for a punitive strike against Syria. The ministry spokesman earlier claimed that the USS Ross, a guided-missile destroyer, had entered the Mediterranean on Aug. 25 armed with 28 Tomahawk cruise missiles capable of hitting any target in Syria.

DEBKAfile’s military and intelligence sources attribute the war tensions generated by Moscow against the US to information that Iran and Syria are plotting a string of military attacks on US forces deployed east of the Euphrates near the Syrian-Iraqi border in the coming hours. These attacks may also be be aimed at Israeli targets. Neither the US nor Israel will likely take such strikes without response.

French President Emmanuel Macron commented Monday on the situation in Syria's Idlib as well as on the dependence of the European defense on the US.
France is ready to conduct further airstrikes in Syria in response to Damascus' use of chemical weapons, French President Emmanuel Macron said Monday during his speech to French ambassadors.

"We will continue acting this way if we see new confirmed cases of the chemical weapons use," Macron said.

Macron also noted that he had never insisted on the resignation of Syrian President Bashar Assad in exchange for rendering humanitarian aid to the country. At the same time, the French president suggested that leaving power in the future in the hands of Assad "would be a bad mistake."
"France can't appoint future Syrian leaders…But it is our duty and in our interests to make sure that Syrian people are able to do this," he said.

Speaking further, the French president said he feared a serious humanitarian crisis in the Syrian province of Idlib, adding that France expected that Russia and Turkey would put pressure on the Syrian authorities in connection with the situation in the province of Idlib.

The speech comes several days after the Russian Defense Ministry accused the United States, the United Kingdom and France of preparing to carry out new strikes against Syria under the pretext of a false flag, namely, a falsified government chemical weapons attack.

A group of militants trained under the guidance of a private British military company, Olive, to work with poisonous substances has arrived in Idlib, the Ministry added.

The US, UK, and France coordinated a massive airstrike on Syria in April 2018 after the alleged use of chemical weapons in Douma had been reported by the controversial NGO "White Helmets", which has repeatedly been caught staging false flag attacks.
In April, a number of opposition media, including the aforementioned While Helmets, reported of a chemical attack in the city of Douma. No substantial proof was presented and, as a prompt probe by Russian forces showed, no traces of chemical substances in the area have been found.

Russian warships have sailed through the Bosphorus into the Mediterranean in response to US President Trump’s threats to strike Syria.
Four Russian navy ships, including Project 266M Natya 1 class minesweeper, Valentin Pikul 770, ВМФ Project 22870 ЧФ BSF and rescue tug Prof Nikolay Muru, were spotted heading to the Russian navy base in Syria’s Tartus. 

They include 6 frigates with at least three are armed with Calibr cruse missiles ( Admiral Grigorovich Admiral Essen ), anti-submarine destroyer Severomorsk, cruiser Marshal Ustinov, frigate Yaroslav Mudri, frigate Pitliv, rocket launcher ship Visni Volocek,Buyan class corvette Veliki Ustiug armed with Calibr missile cruse, Buyan-M class corvette Grad Sviyazhsk, and at least 3-4 submarines.

More importantly, the following Russian warships are already in the Mediterranean Sea:
CG Marshal Ustinov
DDG Severomorsk
DDG Yaroslav Mudryy
FFG Admiral Grigorovich
FFG Admiral Essen
FFL Pytlivyy
FSG Vyshniy Volochek
FSG Grad Sviyazhsk
FSG Velikiy Ustyug
LST Orsk
LST Nikolay Fil'chenkov
MS Turbinist
MS Valentin Pikul
SS Kolpino
SS Velikiy Novgorod
The deployment of the Russian fleet comes as the US President Donald Trump threatened to strike the Syrian Army ahead of the long-awaited battle of Idlib, where the Syrian government is expected to wipe out the FINAL enclave of "rebels" that almost took over the country.
Russian Marines and special operations troops are POURING into Syria and more equipment is on the way.
We may be seeing the beginning of the real war between the US and Russia in northeastern Syria in the Province of Idlib, Syria.
Russia has so far sent 17 warships and more are on the way. Other reports are saying Russian TU-22M3 bombers are being sent to Iran for Anti ship operations in the Med.

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