Monday, August 27, 2018

Hezbollah's Nasrallah: Israel Cannot Avoid Defeat

Hezbollah's Nasrallah: Israel cannot avoid defeat

Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah delivered a speech marking the first anniversary of the liberation of the Syrian border from the ISIS and Jabhat Al Nusra control, and claimed that it could not embark on another fight in Lebanon. 

"The Israeli army has developed significantly, but it cannot avoid defeat, " Nasrallah said.

According to the Hezbollah leader, some 44,000 Israeli soldiers were treated by psychiatrists last year.

"The Zionist enemy is experiencing a crisis in the recruitment of combat soldiers," he said. "Zionist studies show that a large percentage of soldiers prefer to enlist in noncombatant units. The youth will not sacrifice themselves. The studies also show that the soldiers find it difficult to cope with the lack of trust between them and the officers. "

"This army has not launched a new campaign since 2006," Nasrallah added. 

He also referred to the internal Lebanese situation and to what he called the United States' support for the campaign inside Lebanon. He said Washington intervened to prevent the Lebanese army from fighting the terrorist organizations. He said that whoever defeated ISIS in Syria was the one who fought against him and not the Americans. 

Nasrallah also accused the West of orchestrating a chemical attack in order to attack Syria and choosing to remain silent in the face of crimes against the children in Yemen.

In his speech, he added that he was wondering what would have been done to the Gulf states if Jabhat Al Nusra and ISIS had won in Syria and Iraq.

Education Minister Naftali Bennett responded to the leader of the terrorist organization on twitter. 

“Nasrallah has spent 20 years turning Lebanese villages into rocket launching bases against Israel, but the Lebanese public now understands that these villages have become death traps for them," tweeted Bennett. “Nasrallah boasts that he is 'the defender of Lebanon,' but has become the destroyer of Lebanon for the sake of the foreign interests of Iran, while he sleeps in a bunker. Those who have tested Israel in the past have discovered that 'it is like a lion'.”

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