Sunday, July 29, 2018

Iranian Government Drags Christians From Their Homes In Violent Arrests

Iranian Government Drags Christians From Their Homes, Violently Arrests And Tasers Pastor Who Was Not Resisting

It makes me absolutely sick when leftists complain about the Christian influence of our government or Trump’s “hateful” rhetoric towards Muslims, and then turn around and defend the nation of Iran and the President who basically helped them cover up their nuclear arms program. 
Or the feminists who say disgusting, nasty things about anyone who defends the life of the unborn or traditional marriage, and yet looks to radical Muslims like Linda Sarsour, the founder of the Women’s March who calls for Sharia law, the Islamic legal system that brutally oppresses women. 
Or when leftists complain about America at all while nations like Iran, Yemen, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia severely limits the rights of women, Christians, Jews, homosexuals, and anyone else who goes against their radical and selective idea of “justice” and then complain about “Islamophobia.”

The United States is the freest nation on earth, and yet the very same people who live here, drowning in natural rights and privilege, assign virtue to Islam while constantly hating on Christians.
Well, guess who else hates Christianity? The government of Iran. 
Today’s leftists (even more hypocrisy, I could seriously go on all day) think the First Amendment is under attack in the US, but in the aforementioned Islamic nations, there is nothing even resembling the First Amendment. 
Robert Spencer, founder of Jihad Watch, says that “The Islamic Republic of Iran is deeply threatened by Christians and Christianity, and persecutes them harshly. The contrast is stark: in the West, many imams in mosques preach death to the Jews, and are either ignored or even defended in the establishment media. In Iran, meanwhile, Christians don’t preach that anyone should suffer harm, and are arrested and persecuted, while the global “human rights watchdogs” generally look the other way.”
He references a report on a recent example of the gross religious freedom violations Iranian Christians are subject to from Morning Star News:

Three Christians in Iran were arrested from their homes today and yesterday following the violent arrest of pastor Yousef Nadarkhani on Sunday (July 22), according to advocacy group Middle East Concern (MEC).
Pastor Nadarkhani, a convert from Islam like the others arrested, was awaiting a summons to begin a 10-year prison sentence after his appeal of a conviction for “propagating house churches” and promoting “Zionist Christianity” was upheld in May.
“Around 10 police officers arrived at the house and physically assaulted Yousef’s son when he opened the door to them,” MEC reported. “Both Yousef and his son were tasered, despite offering no resistance. The manner of their arrest was probably an attempt to intimidate the Christian community, but their friends report that the church has not given in to fear.”
Pastor Nadarkhani was sentenced on July 6, 2017, along with fellow converts from Islam Yasser Mossayebzadeh, Mohammadreza Omidi and Saheb Fadaie. Mossayebzadeh was arrested from his home today, and Omidi and Fadaie were arrested from their homes yesterday evening (July 24), according to MEC.

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