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Israel Forces Hit Syria Army After New Stray Fire, Iran To Israel: 'We Are Coming', Is Trump Preparing For First Strike On N Korea?

Israel forces hit Syria army after new stray fire

Israel hit a Syrian regime position on Wednesday night after stray mortar fire from the war-torn country struck the occupied Golan Heights, in the third such exchange within a week.
A military spokeswoman said a mortar round had hit open ground in the Israeli-controlled zone of the plateau and "forces responded and targeted the Syrian army position that fired the mortar."
She did not say if the Israeli retaliatory fire had come from ground or air forces.
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had been visiting the Israeli settlement of Katzrin, further south in the Golan, at the time of the exchange of fire.
"During my speech, shells from the Syrian side landed in our territory and the Israel Defence Forces have already struck back," the Israeli premier said in an English-language statement.
"I said that we will not tolerate spillover and that we will respond to every firing," he said.
"Whoever attacks us -- we will attack him. This is our policy and we will continue with it."

According to a prominent Muslim cleric and “Leader of the Islamic Revolution,” every single Muslim in the world must wage jihad against the state of Israel, not just those in the Middle East.
Ayatollah Sayyid Ali Khamenei, who posts comments on an English language website, spoke recently at a gathering of “officials, people from all walks of life and the ambassadors of Muslim countries.”
In his speech, he said, “According to Islamic jurisprudence, once faced with the domination of the enemy over Islamic territory, all Muslims are duty-bound to campaign and carry out jihad in whatever possible form and, therefore, fighting against the Zionist regime is incumbent upon and mandatory for the entire Islamic world.”

Khamenei declared that the Palestinian issue was “the foremost problem of the Muslim world,” and he called for unity among Sunnis and Shiites to achieve this common goal.
The remarks already appear to be having an effect in the Middle East, where recently an Iranian flag was seen along with flags from the terrorist group Hezbollah in a threatening display on the Lebanon-Israel border.
Another poster portrayed Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, the cleric who led the revolution to overthrow Iran’s Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi in 1979. The poster shows Khomeini glaring at Jerusalem’s Dome of the Rock from above, and the words “We are Coming” are written in Hebrew and Arabic.
Iranian support for Palestine is nothing new, but such aggressive statements from Khamenei, who is Iran’s Supreme Leader and has even more power than its president, may give cause for concern that Iran as a nation will be more overt in its attempts to destroy the nation of Israel.

China urged the United States to revoke immediately its "wrong decision" to sell Taiwan $1.42 billion worth of arms, saying it contradicted a "consensus" President Xi Jinping reached with his counterpart, Donald Trump, in talks in April in Florida.
The sales would send a very wrong message to "Taiwan independence" forces, China's embassy in Washington said in a statement. A U.S. State Department spokeswoman said on Thursday the administration had told Congress of seven proposed sales to Taiwan, the first under the Trump administration..

"The Chinese government and Chinese people have every right to be outraged," the embassy said.

China regards self-ruled Taiwan as a wayward province and has never renounced the use of force to bring it under its control. China's Nationalists fled to the island after losing the civil war with China's Communists in 1949.
China's Defense Ministry said Taiwan was the "most important, most sensitive core issue in Sino-U.S. ties", warning the United States to end such sales to avoid further damaging peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait.

This past week there were many sources reporting on different events that come to play in the overall significance of a possibility of escalation into a war between the U.S. and Russia.  Apparently, the Russians shot down an EQ-4 Drone, estimated to cost more than $200 million.  The cost is not the most alarming thing: the function of this particular type of drone is to tie in communications between different units and branches in different areas of an operational region.  The Russians allegedly shot down the drone with an S-300 interceptor missile over neutral waters of the Mediterranean from Tartus in Syria.

Hal Turner reported extensively on this event.  At roughly the same time, numerous sources and sites released a tweet from President Trump dated 20 June 2017 that was worded both vaguely and with the potential for an ominous undertone.  The tweet is as follows:

“While I greatly appreciate the efforts of President Xi & China to help with North Korea, it has not worked out.  At least I know China tried!”

From such a statement, it can easily be surmised that military action is about to occur, taking the form of a potential first strike by the United States.  Backing up such an expostulation is the fact that President Trump on the 21st of June extended the state of emergency against North Korea in existence with several previous presidential Executive Orders already in effect.  The President extended the state of emergency for another year.  Plans for military action against North Korea are very much on the table and we are on the cusp.
There are protests in South Korea now that the THAAD system has been deployed to the region.  The U.S. was already “cautioned” against such actions by China and Russia as taking belligerent actions in a theater of operations that was their sphere of influence.  That perceived encroachment is stacked on top of a greater problem that threatens to encompass the region even without the involvement of North Korea.  As can readily be seen, tensions in the South China Sea and the areas of the Senkaku Island dispute between China and Japan are at an all-time high.  China has directly and indirectly threatened military action against the U.S. Navy for any encroachments into the area.

With the shooting down of a Syrian aircraft by U.S. forces and the subsequent declaration by the Russians that any U.S. aircraft West of the Euphrates river would be a target, the stakes are visibly being ratcheted up.  The North Koreans have two satellites that may or may not be equipped with an EMP device, and the U.S. is approaching the point where military action may occur in a strike against North Korea.  The situation changes day-by-day, and one day the change may be one that will last for many years, if not permanently.

  • Hamas and human rights groups hold Abbas personally responsible for the deaths of the children and the possible deaths of other patients in need of urgent medical treatment not available in Gaza Strip hospitals. One human rights group went so far as to call for the International Criminal Court in The Hague to launch an investigation against Abbas.

  • In a move of mind-bending irony, we are witnessing a Palestinian president waging war not only against Hamas, but also against the two million Palestinians living in the Gaza Strip -- while Israel continues to provide the Palestinians living under Hamas with humanitarian aid.

  • That is the standard operating procedure of the man who lied straight to the face of President Donald Trump, by claiming that he had stopped incitement against Israel and was promoting a "culture of peace" among his people. Will the last sick Palestinian child please stand up?
Palestinian children are the latest victims of the power struggle between the two rival Palestinian factions, the Palestinian Authority (PA) and Hamas.

PA President Mahmoud Abbas has declared war on the Gaza Strip as part of his effort to prompt Palestinians living there to revolt against the ruling Hamas administration. It appears that Abbas and Hamas are determined to fight to the last ill Palestinian child.
Abbas is hoping that a series of punitive measures he has taken, which include reducing electricity and medical supplies and cutting off salaries to many Palestinians, will lead to the collapse of Hamas, paving the way for the return of his PA to the Gaza Strip. Abbas has had a grudge against Hamas ever since the Islamist movement expelled his PA and loyalists from the Gaza Strip ten years ago.

Abbas's war on the Hamas may seem justified. Nonetheless, it smacks of hypocrisy and is accompanied by a smear campaign against Israel.

Of course the retraction takes place quietly before the 4th of July holiday.
Nothing to see here folks. Just a false narrative that was repeated over and over and over again by D.C. politicians and the media. It was a lie. A total exaggerated falsehood. 

Israel's air force has targeted a Syrian military position with an airstrike, after a projectile launched towards Israel landed in the Golan Heights, the Israel Defense Forces announced.
The announcement of the Israeli strike came just 45 minutes after the IDF said that an “errant projectile from internal fighting in Syria” had hit an open area in the Golan Heights, and that no injuries had been reported.

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