Monday, June 5, 2017

A Photo, A Metaphor For Our Times

Man Pictured Mowing Lawn Next to Tornado Creates Online Storm (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

This one just reaches and grabs you. I think the metaphor should be obvious to prophecy watchers - as we see the signs of our times in abundance, yet ignored or dismissed my most people, as it has been historically throughout history:

tornado in backyard

A photo of a man casually mowing his lawn while a giant tornado looms in the background has got the internet in a spin.
The awesome photo, taken in Alberta, Canada on Friday, shows Cecilia Wessels’ husband, Theunis nonchalantly mowing the lawn as the tornado passes by their home in Three Hills.

Wessels said she only took the picture to show the tornado to her parents in South Africa, and never expected the social media storm that followed. She added that cutting the grass had been on her husband’s to-do list for a while, and once he started, he wanted to finish.

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