Sunday, June 4, 2017

21 Still In Critical Condition After London Attack

21 still in critical condition after London attack

The UK’s National Health Service on Sunday said that 21 people injured in the fatal terror attack in London remain in critical condition.

On Sunday, British Prime Minister Theresa May paid a private visit to some of the victims of the terror attack at King’s College Hospital, which is caring for 14 of the 48 people hospitalized after the Saturday night car-ramming and knife attacks on London Bridge and at nearby restaurants in Borough Market.

At least one person was wounded after being shot by police trying to thwart the attack, London’s Assistant Police Commissioner Mark Rowley said during a news conference on Sunday.
Rowley said the injured civilian’s injuries are not believed to be critical and there will be an independent investigation.
Seven people were also killed by the three attackers, who were shot dead by police officers at the scene.
Also on Sunday, British police arrested a dozen people in connection to the attack.
Emergency officials said 48 people, including two police officers, were treated at hospitals across London. Some suffered life-threatening injuries. French and Spanish citizens were among the wounded.
The death toll of seven didn’t include the three attackers.

Writing in an encrypted chat room, Islamic State sympathizers and militants hailed Saturday’s deadly attacks in London and typically called for more such carnage throughout Europe and the West.

Breitbart Jerusalem obtained access to correspondence posted in a closed chat group that utilizes the encrypted Telegram messaging service. The group serves as an internal Twitter of sorts for IS jihadists and sympathizers, and has been used in the past to issue IS communications.
IS member Abi Abdullah Almasri (the Egyptian), wrote, “Thanks to Allah, thank you, thanks to Allah, Allah is great, thanks to Allah from faith that he will make his promise reality and give victory (to the faithful). Allah will bless the lions. Allah will bless the lone wolves. Allah will reward you as long as you run over and stab these infidels in the depths of their countries. Put fear into their eyes, increase your hits, increase your attacks, don’t let them feel secure in their countries.”

“The infidels don’t feel safe despite having the newest planes, missiles and guns. A number of lone wolves have turned the centers of their lives into a hell that’s burning them. Our brothers have sworn to turn Europe into a military base. May Allah bless your graves, you lone wolves.”

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