Tuesday, February 2, 2016

European Pathology: This Is Not Rational

Articles: European Pathology Hasn’t Changed

After the Hitler and Stalin disasters, Europeans swore “Never Again!” over and over again. Never Again to the Holocaust and Stalin massacres, but also to the many occasions of mass bloodshed that began with the wars of the Reformation.

And yet, today we can see Europe’s boastful old narcissism again.
It is a troubling and ominous sight.

I don’t mean to pick on Europe -- there are plenty of mad political movements in the world. But Europe has been the source of all major international wars for centuries. Maybe it was only the Industrial Revolution that made Europe so destructive. But its neurotic repetition compulsion goes back at least to the invention of the printing press, which made mass political movements possible.

Not surprisingly, in the end the Eurocracy serves no one but itself. The elite helped to ruin viable economies on its own Mediterranean shores, simply in pursuit of a glorious new euro currency; the EU has knowingly imported 50 million easily radicalized Muslims; and Euromedia have fallen back into their bad old habits of viciously scapegoating anybody who stands in the way of their fantasy life. Europrop is no different from the imperial propaganda of Kaiser Wilhelm, Hitler, or Stalin. Only the designated scapegoats change.

The world wars followed a purely neurotic compulsion to do what was never done before, covered up with delusional propaganda slogans. Just like today.

Why is this neurotic history relevant today? Because Merkel’s collapse before the “Syrian rapefugee” invasion is simply not explainable on sane and rational grounds. Recent news reports say that 90% of the phony “Syrian” refugees were men, mostly of military age. We hear that news now, but Merkel has an intelligence apparatus to tell her long before the invasion happened. And yet -- she acted completely shocked, helpless, and self-destructive.

This is not rational.

Jihadists are not just after trendy sex. They are doctrinaire killers, slave-takers, torturers and terrorists, who will quickly impose brutal Shari’a slavery on as many women as possible. The police in Germany, Norway, and Sweden are acting helpless. In Norway the cops retreated before a mob engaged in mass rape of a ten-year-old boy, the most shameful European surrender to sadistic barbarism since you-know-who.

The Jihad invasion is an obvious return to the psychology of the Hitler Jugend, who were also young, easily indoctrinated males, happy to die for Der Fuehrer. Jihadists kill and die for Allah, but the mindset is similar. Jihadists are stuck in pre-modern times, in the glorious war theology of the 7th century desert. 

If Angela Merkel doesn’t know that, she is grossly ignorant.

Turkey was probably a major power behind the overwhelming wave of jihadist immigrants. But there is reason to think that the EU, which has been trying to dilute its own native populations by mixing in some of the least adaptable immigrants, was also behind the biggest Trojan Horse in history.
The European Union, which generates constant peace-and-love propaganda, is a complete and utter fraud. Nobody in the Eurocracy is actually elected by voters. European voters are completely helpless, and national parliaments are constantly yielding power to the appointed bureaucracy in Brussels. All EU propaganda consists of barefaced lies. This is a mass psychiatric problem -- self-delusion being the biggest sign of neurosis.
The European Union was founded by French bureaucrat Jean Monnet. It began as a free trade area, becoming a great economic success.
But prosperity was never good enough for the bureaucracy. In some half-hidden way the EU has charted a path to a new European Empire, the old, delusional dream of making Europe a great power again.
All for the sake of world peace, of course.

“Migrants gone wild” is the new video craze sweeping the internet as cell phone footage of refugee-related shenanigans has replaced clips of Russia vaporizing “the terrorists” on geopolitics junkies’ must watch lists.
So far this year we’ve seen “shocking footage” of a shrieking migrant teen involved in a bitter dispute with an asylum center worker, a clip which depicts dozens of “football hooligans” rampaging through Stockholm’s central train station on the way to accosting non-Swedes, and a number of videos showing police clashing with demonstrators who have taken to the streets across the bloc to protest the influx of refugees.
On Tuesday we get the latest clip out of Europe, this time from Munich where a train going from Sendlinger Tor station to the Munich city center was the scene of what’s being described as an assault on an elderly man perpetrated by “young men of Middle Eastern appearance.”
"The clip shows how several young men of middle eastern appearance attack two elderly Germans, who moments earlier had come to the defense of a young woman harassed by the same group," RT says
Tom Roth, who took the video, says an apparent refugee "touched the back" of a woman prompting the "old men" to scold the migrants and demand that they "behave."
The situation deteriorated quickly from there...

Spurred by renewed fears of the fabled “Big One” shattering the West Coast, the Obama administration on Tuesday promoted stronger earthquake-preparedness efforts as part of a first-of-its-kind White House summit.
Private foundation grants will fund new research at universities in California and Washington state, the Forest Service will streamline the placement of seismic monitoring stations and a presidential order will tighten standards for new federal buildings.
“While no one can predict earthquakes, the study of natural hazards and their causes and impacts has put us on the path to creating more effective tools to prevent these hazards from becoming disasters,” Interior Secretary Sally Jewell said.
Dubbed the “Earthquake Resiliency Summit,” the program convened some of the nation’s leading seismologists, as well as executives from public agencies ranging from the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services to the Bay Area Rapid Transit system.

California has a 99.7 percent chance of a magnitude 6.7 or larger earthquake in the next 30 years, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. The Pacific Northwest has a 10 percent chance of a magnitude 8 to 9 earthquake on the Cascadia subduction zone under the Pacific Ocean, a catastrophe whose consequences were vividly portrayed in a 2015 New Yorker article that captured officials’ attention.
This week, the USGS announced that there were 14,588 earthquakes of magnitude 4.0 or greater throughout the world in 2015. California alone had hundreds of earthquakes in just the last week, though many were small and not felt by people, a USGS database shows.
“When you have earthquake early warning, and better buildings, you have better preparedness,” said former Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Alice Hill, now senior adviser for preparedness and resilience at the National Security Council.
California’s Pacific Gas & Electric has recently joined the ShakeAlert system now undergoing beta testing, while executives with the giant chip-maker Intel Corp. committed this week to working with other companies to play a role in developing the early warning network.
All told, the U.S. Geological Survey estimates it will cost $38.3 million in capital funding to complete the ShakeAlert system on the West Coast to the point of issuing public alerts and $16.1 million each year to operate and maintain it.


Caver said...

Granted, "This is not rational", so what is it? Brainwashing, selective news, spiritual blindness, or disillusion? Is there another explanation?

The Utah land reclaiming from the Feds...now this is something that could go from a spark to a wildfire overnight if the Western ranchers and populations get behind. This could be huge....with the operative words being "could be" and "if".

Sure are interesting times to be alive.

Come Lord Jesus, your Bride awaits. Interesting or not, I think a better seat to observe would be from Heaven.

ChristineInCleveland said...

Absolutely, Caver. I am soooo ready to go, any day, any time! This blog is one of the best places I've found to keep a finger on the pulse of prophetic news. So glad we have you, Scott!

Scott said...

Thanks Christine - thats very nice of you:))