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Is The Oregon Ranch Killing And Arrest A Modern Day John Brown Scenario?

If you know history, you know the pivotal role John Brown had in terms of the beginning of the civil war. If you aren't familiar with the story, below are a few quotes from Wikipedia: 

John Brown (May 9, 1800 – December 2, 1859) was a white American abolitionist who believed armed insurrection was the only way to overthrow the institution of slavery in the United States

Brown first gained attention when he led small groups of volunteers during the Bleeding Kansas crisis. Unlike most other Northerners, who advocated peaceful resistance to the pro-slavery faction, Brown believed that peaceful resistance was shown to be ineffective and that the only way to defeat the oppressive system of slavery was through violent insurrection. He believed he was the instrument of God's wrath in punishing men for the sin of owning slaves. Dissatisfied with the pacifism encouraged by the organized abolitionist movement, he said, "These men are all talk. What we need is action—action!" During the Kansas campaign, he and his supporters killed five pro-slavery supporters in what became known as the Pottawatomie massacre in May 1856 in response to the sacking of Lawrence, Kansas by pro-slavery forces.

In 1859 he led a raid on the federal armory at Harpers Ferry. During the raid, he seized the armory; seven people were killed, and ten or more were injured. He intended to arm slaves with weapons from the arsenal, but the attack failed. Within 36 hours, Brown's men had fled or been killed or captured by local pro-slavery farmers, militiamen, and U.S. Marines led by Robert E. Lee. Brown's subsequent capture by federal forces seized the nation's attention, as Southerners feared it was just the first of many Northern plots to cause a slave rebellion that might endanger their lives, while Republicans dismissed the notion and claimed they would not interfere with slavery in the South.

Historians agree John Brown played a major role in the start of the Civil War. Historian David Potter has said the emotional effect of Brown's raid was greater than the philosophical effect of the Lincoln–Douglas debates, and that his raid revealed a deep division between North and South. Some writers, including Bruce Olds, describe him as a monomaniacal zealot; others, such as Stephen B. Oates, regard him as "one of the most perceptive human beings of his generation."[citation needed] David S. Reynoldshails the man who "killed slavery, sparked the civil war, and seeded civil rights" and Richard Owen Boyer emphasizes that Brown was "an American who gave his life that millions of other Americans might be free."[citation needed] The song John Brown's Bodymade him a martyr and was a popular Union marching song during the Civil War.


Obviously, the situations are different, but like so many  previous wars, it was just a small spark that started things. 

One can't help but wonder if the unnecessary killing of an unarmed rancher while engaged in an effort to defend the constitution -  is similar in terms of the emotional response that was generated at the time of John Brown's raid on the federal armory - followed by multiple deaths and injuries. 

The parallels are very interesting to ponder and impossible to ignore.

The prophetic implications are obvious - even if this doesn't lead to some type of "unrest" - it reveals that there is no real freedom left anywhere. What was the land of the free, is no longer, and the sooner people realize that, the better. We also know from prophecy that this process will reach completion during the Tribulation, so there will be no reversal of the encroaching totalitarianism at this point. Things will continue on this course. 

If you really consider the implications of the content given in the articles below, things are getting very very scary. The fact that these kinds of federal actions are no longer hidden, but in our face (literally), is perhaps even scarier. The agenda is no longer hidden - it is in plain sight for all to see. In the midst of this, we have to remember to avoid having a spirit of fear, but to focus on Christ and His return as revealed in Luke 21: 28-31. His coming is the only hope we have. 

On Wednesday evening, Cliven Bundy was arrested after flying into the Portland International Airport. On top of that, the remaining four occupiers at the Oregon wildlife refuge have said they will be turning themselves in on Thursday.

First, here's the story. According to the Bundy Ranch's Facebook page, "Cliven Bundy just landed in Portland; we are being told by eyes on ground that he was surrounded by SWAT and DETAINED."
The FBI booked Bundy in the Multnomah County Jail on Wednesday evening, according to prison records.

He was arrested at 10:10 p.m., authorities said.
The Bundy patriarch had traveled to Portland with plans to go on to Burns, where four occupiers had been the remaining holdouts of the refuge occupation.
Some of the key participants in that standoff helped orchestrate the wildlife refuge occupation, including Ammon and Ryan Bundy. They are both in custody in Portland.

Bundy's arrest comes two weeks after the arrest of his sons and the murder of LaVoy Finicum.

A source close to me called this morning and confirmed to me what reporter Pete Santilli told me weeks ago, and that is that the feds are targeting many of the Oathkeepers and other citizens who stood with the Bundys in 2014. Apparently, charges are being trumped up against these people for impeding federal officers from doing their jobs. I say trumped up because the fact is that though the Oregonian claims that the Bundys stopped paying their grazing fees, the opposite is true. They merely started paying them to the State of Nevada rather than the Bureau of Land Management, since the Constitution does not allow for the land in any of these states to be owned by the DC government unless the state legislatures vote to allow it and it must be used for specific purposes.

I listened today for a couple of hours as the last of the four who were held up at the Oregon Wildlife refuge left. It was an intense time as David Fry, after almost two hours, came out with his friends. However, behind the scenes, things are taking a very strange twist. In an exclusive interview with Jason Van Tatenhove, media director for Oathkeepers, he told Freedom Outpost that there have been reports of 68 warrants against Americans who stood alongside Cliven Bundy in Nevada in 2014and several involved in standing between the Bureau of Land Management and the Sugar Pine Mine.

If that was not enough, reports are that Victoria Sharp's family's house has been surrounded by agents. Sharp, as you may recall, provided eyewitness testimony of the murder of LaVoy Finicum and also said that over one hundred shots were fired into their vehicle in an attempt to kill the occupants.

Franklin Graham assists end of Oregon rancher protest

When Occupy Wall Street overran city blocks, trashing private property and businesses, ravaging women and screaming to obtain government subsidies, authorities turned a blind eye. But when protesters arrived at Malheur Wildlife Refuge January 2, 2016, to focus attention on ranchers jailed as terrorists for protecting their property from Bureau of Land Management mismanagement, media and government treated them as desperados.

The first group destroys private property and tramples individual rights yet is allowed to disperse and go on their merry way continuing to devastate others’ livelihood.
The second group, whittled down to four individuals quietly camped on the grounds of the refuge, attempted to keep a light on government violation of property rights.
Who are the real scofflaws? The OWS, and BlackLivesMatter, who willfully obliterated and looted businesses without consequence? Or the ranchers and their supporters who, threatening no one, moved into an empty building to address government transgression?
If you sided with the freeloading OWS and BLM (this includes both the government agency and the racist movement) destroying property over freedom-loving individuals standing to protect property rights, then our nation has failed.

Our country was founded on the inspired recognition of God-given individual rights, which feudal powers had thwarted for time immemorial. The documents that established the United States of America clearly articulated the nature of these unalienable rights in our person and property. Not two hundred years after the establishment of the nation, those rights had been winnowed to regulated usage of what citizens owned, virtually disenfranchising them of everything from their dogs to their homes, and in this case, the feeding of their cattle to provide meat for all of us.

What 25,000 of us just witnessed live through the internet (and close to 80,000 listened Wednesday night) was the level to which government will stoop to make nonviolent demonstrators fear for their very lives.

On the heels of the FBI’s shooting death of LaVoy Finicum in an ambush setting on a lonely, cell-silent piece of road in Eastern Oregon two weeks ago, four lone protesters continued a vigil on the refuge, hoping their presence would keep the grazing and property rights issue before the public. They had no ill intent toward federal agents nor were they promoting lawlessness, at least not on their part. They were, however, spotlighting the flagrant lawlessness of federal agencies in limiting and revoking grazing rights of ranchers on public lands.

The byword here is “public.” The term was always to be defined as owned by the People of this nation. No longer does it carry that meaning. Instead “public” has been corrupted to mean owned by the government. For those who still believe that the two are interchangeable, a review of what government has become is required – an entity by and for itself, producing nothing but reaping everything – as opposed to its true, initial function, that of serving the People who constituted it.

The four remaining demonstrators, camping in a remote area on the refuge, were surrounded by armed FBI agents Wednesday, February 10, 2016. The siege’s purpose was to arrest these individuals for having used public lands as owners might, being representative of the public, for their gain or enjoyment. They were no threat to society nor had they destroyed public property. What they did do was have the audacity to not just speak up about government mismanagement of public lands, but to have a physical presence to make their point.
They didn’t burn or destroy the premises (which the BLM does on a regular basis, illegally setting backfires, or OWS and the other BLM did in their violent protests), nor did they interfere with any individuals’ rights of travel or property. In fact, it was the inappropriate use of armed officers that closed down the refuge and blocked the roads, creating a hazard.

The climax of this whole, avoidable FBI-induced standoff was the young man, David Fry, who feared the FBI’s lack of integrity, knowing how one forced confrontation had ended with a good man’s death. Anyone listening to the live feed Wednesday evening heard more than one instance where the FBI representative actually lied to the four individuals. Despite this, the first three walked out to authorities this morning after being assured that Rev. Franklin Graham and Michelle Fiore, Nevada assemblywoman, were present and waiting to receive them.
A great deal of prayer and conversation to ease tensions was necessary to convince a reasonably distrustful Fry to vacate the camp, all of which was streamed live by constitutional activist Gavin Seim of Washington. Two hours later, he walked out to join his fellows, closing the 42-day drama but not the ongoing, essential dialogue about government transgressing its power; power limited by the Constitution.

As much as national politics has overshadowed the news cycles with crass language amid candidate exchanges, there is no discussion of greater legitimacy and import than this one of government infringing individual rights. It is inherent in the issues of open borders, unvetted refugee influx, economy-straining regulation and taxation, sale of fetal tissue and body parts, and government funding all of the above. Every one of these concerns is of dire importance to the American people and the candidates must focus on communicating their substantial plans to handle them, not pie-in-the-sky rhetoric.
Set aside the populist, literal free-for-all, promising everything and delivering nothing but deeper debt and bondage to government. Take note of what just occurred in Eastern Oregon and address what takes real courage – standing for what’s right, not what’s easy.

All aware of the closing chapter of the 2014 standoff at the Bundy ranch when federal agents—”to avoid bloodshed”—retreated from the ranch with Bundy supporters returning Bundy’s government-impounded cattle found on federal property, knew down at heart that the end of the story would someday be written in blood.
“Bundy has been under federal scrutiny since his ranch standoff with the U.S. Bureau of Land Management. He has not paid grazing fees on federal land and he owes the agency $1 million in unpaid fees and penalties. He and militia supporters confronted federal agents who had impounded Bundy’s cattle that were found on federal property. “ ()
To the all-powerful government, all farmers and ranchers in dissent can be treated the same way.
The fable that authorities were working “to avoid bloodshed” came to a dramatic end on January 26 when Oregon Occupation spokesman Robert “LaVoy” Finicum was shot down in cold blood by state police at a 40-armed-man, routine ‘traffic stop’.
Finicum’s death was all but ignored by the mainstream media who were preoccupied by other shiny pony pursuits.
A hardline ignored by most of the mainstream media, who know that people do not want to read about LaVoy Finicum, Cliven Bundy or any other small-time protesting rancher.  People want to read about Donald Trump, Megyn Kelly and Beyonce.
For any who missed it, the government is sending out a loud and clear message to its people: 

  • Do not even try to protest the imprisonment of any area ranchers in dispute over federal land ownership just because you see them as our neighbours; 
  • Do not question the authority of the government in any way; 
  • Do not talk but remain stoically silent about the death of any man shot down at one of our ‘traffic stops’. 
  • We are the Government, the law unto ourselves;
  • We are the owners of your life, your land and the families who depend on you whenever and wherever we so choose.

And it’s not just the hard-working people of the U.S. being crushed by the boot of Big Government, it’s happening all over the world.  It’s happening In Europe, where Western leaders are allowing their own populations to be over-run by unvetted ‘refugees’; and in Canada where the new Obama-propelled Prime Minister Justin Trudeau,  in office for only three months, is displacing the personnel of seven military bases with 50,000 refugees.

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