Thursday, March 5, 2015

The Agenda For Syria

The situation in Syria is far more complicated that the MSM will admit. In simplistic terms, the U.S. is involved in the region in order to fight ISIS. Over time the truth will leak out and we are starting to see the true agenda:

US Secretary of State John Kerry has declared that military pressure may be needed to oust Syria’s President Bashar Assad. It comes as knowledge has emerged that the US, along with Turkey, has started training Syrian rebels.
“Ultimately a combination of diplomacy and pressure will be needed to bring about a political transition. Military pressure particularly may be necessary given President Assad's reluctance to negotiate seriously,” Kerry said at a Thursday meeting of Gulf foreign ministers at Riyadh Air Base, according to AFP.

“He’s lost any semblance of legitimacy, but we have no higher priority than disrupting and defeating Daesh and other terror networks,” he added, using “Daesh” – an Arabic acronym for the Islamic State group (formerly known as ISIS/ISIL) that has seized large territories in Syria and Iraq.

Last December, President Assad told French reporters, “let’s be honest: Had Qatar not paid money to those terrorists at that time, and had Turkey not supported them logistically, and had not the West supported them politically, things would have been different. If we in Syria had problems and mistakes before the crisis, which is normal, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the events had internal causes”.
Syria’s president criticized the actions of the US-led coalition targeting the militants in Syria. He called its air strikes “merely cosmetic” and said that “terrorism cannot be destroyed from the air.” Assad added that “saying that the alliance’s airstrikes are helping us is not true.”
What’s more, he explained that Syria was fighting against “not only gangs”, but also states that support them with “billions of dollars.”
Last November, Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov commented on the issue, saying that: “Russia condemns the use of extremist groups in efforts to change the regime [in Syria].”

The US-led coalition started air strikes in Syria last September as a part of a joint effort to battle the jihadist group, which had seized Syrian and Iraqi territories. Despite carrying out airstrikes in Syria, Washington has refused to work with the country’s government, stating that it wants to see Bashar Assad ousted.

Turkey backs the position of the US, and in March the two NATO allies began training “moderate” Syrian rebels to battle against the Islamic State militants.
A civil uprising in Syria broke out in the spring of 2011, falling in line with Arab Spring protests and composing high-profile nationwide protests against the government of President Bashar Assad. The conflict which grew into a war has taken lives of 210,278-295,278 people, according to February estimates by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.
This April, Moscow is set to host a meeting between the Syrian opposition and representatives of the government.

[Of course that's most likely just posturing]

Consider the odd developments of the past few days:
* The leader of our most faithful and trusted ally comes to Washington to warn of a mortal and rising threat from a dangerous and deceiving enemy.
* The President of the United States refuses to meet with him.
* The President sends his VP out of the country to avoid our ally.
* The President sends the Secretary of State out of the country to avoid our ally, and instead to meet with our enemy.
* The President refuses to allow any of his Cabinet Members attend the speech by our ally.

* The White House pressures Members of Congress to boycott the speech of our ally.
* The President’s first comment after the ally’s speech is that he didn’t bother to watch or listen to it.
If I had written that as a novel, would anyone buy it? Of course not. They would say, “That’s ridiculous! That’s not credible! No President would act that way.”
Yet this is exactly what is happening. Truth is stranger than fiction.

Now comes the news that even though President Obama is bending over backwards to make concessions to Iran, the Iranian leadership has now utterly rejected the President’s deal, calling it “unacceptable.” That’s the first thing Iran and Israel have every agreed on. More on that in a moment.

Mr. Netanyahu came because he believes Israel is in mortal danger if Iranian leaders driven by “Apocalyptic Islam” are able to build atomic weapons and the high-speed missiles to deliver them. Netanyahu knew there was a huge risk in coming to the U.S. amidst such controversy. But he also knows that if he does not come back to power as Prime Minister after March 17th that he would never be able to forgive himself if he failed to use his time in office to raise the alarm and urge his friends, the American people, to stop Iran from getting The Bomb, rather than putting Iran on a legal pathway to The Bomb.

The Bible says in Ezekiel 33:1-9 that if the watchman on the wall sees a threat emerging, he must warn people, or he will be held to account. In the Bible, Mordechai urged Queen Esther to intercede with the King to try to save the Jewish people. She bravely spoke the truth to power. The Bible tells us that God sent Moses to speak to the Pharoah to save the Jewish people. Moses risked his life to speak truth to power. In the 1930s, Winston Churchill warned of the gathering storm of Adolf Hitler & the Nazi Third Reich. Few listened but Churchill was right. In the 1960s & 70s, Ronald Reagan warned us of the danger of appeasing Soviet communism. Few listened, but Reagan was right.

True “watchmen on the wall” often walk a lonely journey. But they are motivated not by crass personal ambition, but by deep personal conviction.

Now, back to Iran rejecting the President’s deal.

According to Reuters, “Iran rejected on Tuesday as ‘unacceptable’ U.S. President Barack Obama’s demand that it freeze sensitive nuclear activities for at least 10 years but said it would continue talks on a deal, Iran’s semi-official Fars news agency reported. Iran laid out the position as the U.S. and Iranian foreign ministers met for a second day of negotiations and as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu delivered a stinging critique of the agreement they are trying to hammer out.”

“Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammed Javad Zarif and U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry met a day after Obama told Reuters that Iran must commit to a verifiable halt of at least 10 years on sensitive nuclear work for a landmark atomic deal to be reached,” Reuters noted.”
“Iran will not accept excessive and illogical demands,” Zarif was quoted by Fars as saying.
Wouldn’t it be ironic if Iran saves us from this dangerous, disastrous deal?

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