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Payback: Palestinians Confirm U.S. 'Studying' Abandoning Israel At UN, UN Prepared To Force Back Bibi's Election Promise, Iran Endorses Nuclear EMP Attack On U.S.

Palestinians Confirm U.S. 'Studying' Abandoning Israel At UN

A spokesman for Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah party told WND his information confirms a report Thursday that the Obama administration is studying the possibility of supporting a U.N. Security Council resolution calling for the resumption of talks to create a Palestinian state.

Dmitry Diliani, who is also a member of the Fatah Revolutionary Council, stated, “Now the United States, at the same time, yes, it has been studying its position.

“Especially at a time when Benjamin Netanyahu basically not only slapped the face of American policy by a statement rejecting a two-state solution,” he said.
“He spat on the face of the American policy. Something that I don’t think any American would allow this to happen to the greatest country in the world.”

Diliani further confirmed reports that in light of the re-election of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Abbas may turn to the U.N. and other international bodies for recognition without the approval of Israel.

“This is something that is a total right for an independent state of Palestine that is recognized by the United Nations,” he said.

Diliani commented on Netanyahu’s election promise to reject the formation of a Palestinian state during his tenure in office.
Stated Diliani: “That means he basically canceled all the agreements. All the political planning in the region. Everything that is considered a political map for the whole region that was adapted by the whole world and former governments of Israel and the Palestinian people.”

Reported Foreign Policy:
U.S. officials signaled a willingness to consider a U.N. resolution in the event that Netanyahu was re-elected and formed a coalition government opposed to peace talks. The United States has not yet circulated a draft, but diplomats say Washington has set some red lines and is unwilling to agree to set a fixed deadline for political talks to conclude.

“The more the new government veers to the right the more likely you will see something in New York,” the magazine quoted a Western diplomat as saying.

[Let the last quote below sink in for a few minutes]

The US is “evaluating” its policy towards Israel in the wake of Benjamin Netanyahu’s re-election and campaign statements. This could involve passing a UN resolution condemning Israeli settlements.

President Obama called Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday to congratulate him on winning the March 17 election, and used the opportunity to reaffirm Washington’s commitment to a two-state solution that would result in a “secure Israel alongside a sovereign and viable Palestine.”
The president also brought up Netanyahu’s campaign comment about Israeli Arabs and said the US was reassessing its options following the prime minister’s rejection of Palestinian statehood, a White House official told Reuters.

During the election, Netanyahu accused his opponents of busing Israeli Arabs to the polls “in droves.” The White House condemned the comments as “cynical, divisive election-day tactics” that “erode the values critical to the bond between” the US and Israel, spokesman Josh Earnest told reporters Thursday.
Earnest characterized Netanyahu’s campaign promise to block Palestinian statehood as “walking back” from Israel’s commitments to a policy that enjoyed bipartisan support in the US, and formed a basis for US actions on behalf of Israel in the UN and elsewhere.
The White House spokesman was echoing the statement of his State Department colleague. “Based on the prime minister’s comments, the United States is in a position going forward where we will be evaluating our approach with regard to how best to achieve a two-state solution,” State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki told reporters Wednesday. “But that doesn’t mean that we’ve made a decision about changing our position with respect to the UN,” she added.

Another sign that the US may rethink being “Israel’s shield” was the recent appointment of former Clinton adviser Rob Malley as the White House’s point man on Israel, reports Politico. Malley had been forced to resign from the Obama campaign in 2008, after Jewish groups dubbed him an “Israel-basher” due to his contacts with Hamas, considered by Israel and the US to be a terrorist organization.

Beinart claims that top Obama officials “loathed” Netanyahu before, but the Israeli PM’s comments about Palestinian statehood, settlements, and Arab voters in particular, “drove them to new levels of fury.”

Two days after Israel President Benjamin Netanyahu swept past the sabotage of Barack Obama’s campaign experts to re-election, it’s “welcome to a New World where your country and its sovereignty don’t count anymore”.

Welcome to a world where elections have no consequences.

Welcome to a world where borders are becoming passé; where children can be taken away from parents for indoctrination by the state before kindergarten and where patriotism is being redefined as racism.

The United Nations, the world’s largest bureaucracy which has long masqueraded as a warm fuzzy blanket;  as a self-professed body there only to legislate World Peace; the one and the same that now owns lock, stock ad barrel every village, duchy, town and city through the spread of Agenda 21, is set to gobble up Israel in one greedy bite—Bibi Netanyahu and the millions of trusting Israelis who just re-elected him as their chosen prime minister notwithstanding.

“After years of blocking U.N. efforts to pressure Israelis and Palestinians into accepting a lasting two-state solution, the United States is edging closer toward supporting a U.N. Security Council resolution that would call for the resumption of political talks to conclude a final peace settlement, according to Western diplomats. (Foreign Policy, March 18, 2015)

"The move follows Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s decisive re-election Tuesday after the incumbent publicly abandoned his commitment to negotiate a Palestinian state — the basis of more than 20 years of U.S. diplomatic efforts — and promised to continue the construction of settlements on occupied territory. The development also reflects deepening pessimism over the prospect of U.S.-brokered negotiations delivering peace between Israelis and Palestinians.”

Hiding there in plain view in Manhattan looks like the decades it was left to fester in the dark, Gotham grew a monster all but impossible to block. 

While patriots were tossing brickbats at the David Camerons, the Angela Merkels and the Obamas of the Free World, a faceless monster worked to declare all valuable parts of Earth as their World Heritage sites—including the birthplace of Jesus Christ. The ever-power hungry monster UN could easily take over those sites by relieving the authorities who couldn’t afford their upkeep under the guise they were ‘protecting’ the heritage sites “for the people”.

Hiding under a mantle of the Politically Correct, the UN founded their own religion, sanctimoniously declared as holier than yours.  It’s the Green Religion sometimes called Global Warming/Climate Change that flows without fault under the pretext of “sustainability”.
Without ridicule or interruptions of any kind, the UN came up with their own replacement for the Ten Commandments of Moses—rewritten as the Earth Charter by all-time UN Poster Boy, aging Canadian,  New Age guru Maurice Strong in partnership with former Soviet Union leader Mikhail Gorbachev, given the keys to free lodgings at the San Francisco Presidio where he set to work at once converting America’s military bases to cheap-rent warehouses for the far left. 

They have their own hypocritical and sanctimonious mantra, “Peace, brother, peace.”

“We are all global citizens” has been the order of the day and chanted by school children since the UN’s inception.  Any who dared to point out its One World Order agenda has been ridiculed as conspiracy theorists spreading the black helicopter paranoia.

Through the history of all the UN’s infamous Inaction in Action, we watched 500,000 to one millionTutsis and moderate Hutu get slaughtered by the machete-wielding Hutu majority in Rwanda; ;  had eyes glazing over when the internal investigation into the largest scandal of the world, the UN Oil-for-Food scandal was underway and weren’t overly bothered when their blue-helmeted staff were caught red-handed raping the women of the countries they were charged with protecting.

Under Barack Obama, the UN has now stepped out of the closet.

“For decades, Democratic and Republican administrations have resisted a role for the U.N. Security Council in dealing with the Middle East crisis. They have argued consistently that an enduring peace can only be achieved through direct negotiations between the parties. Israeli leaders have also strongly opposed giving the world body a greater role in bringing about a deal. (Foreign Policy)

“However, the prospect of direct negotiations appeared to evaporate with Netanyahu’s pre-election declaration that he would never allow the creation of a Palestinian state. The comment completely reversed the Israeli leader’s previous support for an independent Palestine as part of a permanent peace deal between the two sides.

“The deliberations over the future of the U.S. diplomatic efforts are playing out just weeks before the Palestinians are scheduled to join the International Criminal Court, a move that is certain to heighten diplomatic tensions between Israel and the Palestinians. On Wednesday, the Palestine Liberation Organization’s top diplomat in the United States told Foreign Policy the Palestinians would move forward with plans to use the ICC to try to hold Israel accountable for alleged war crimes during last summer’s war in Gaza. 

We should have known something was amiss when Barack Obama was handed the Nobel Peace Prize a mere two weeks after gaining the Oval Office through the 2008 election.  That made about as much sense as when the UN made tyrant Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe its Ambassador of Tourism.

Obama sent one of his top czars, Samantha Power as U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. to babysit until they were ready to over-rule democratic elections. 

Barack Obama is not president of the United States.  He’s the UN-manufactured King of the World.
We no longer have to ponder Obama’s rise to power.  Maurice Strong, Al Gore, Bill Clinton and all those who came before him like Samantha Power were merely paving the way.

The order is coming down the UN pike any day now:  All global citizens bow down to Comrade Obama.

Suspected for years of plotting to dismantle the U.S. electric grid, American officials have confirmed that Iranian military brass have endorsed a nuclear electromagnetic pulse explosion that would attack the country's power system.
American defense experts made the discovery while translating a secret Iranian military handbook, raising new concerns about Tehran's recent nuclear talks with the administration.
The issue of a nuclear EMP attack was raised in the final hours of this week's elections in Israel when U.S. authority Peter Vincent Pry penned a column for Arutz Sheva warning of Iran's threat to free nations.

"Iranian military documents describe such a scenario — including a recently translated Iranian military textbook that endorses nuclear EMP attack against the United States," he wrote.
A knowledgable source said that the textbook discusses an EMP attack on America in 20 different places.

Arizona Republican Rep. Trent Franks, who is leading an effort to protect the U.S. electric grid from an EMP attack, has recently made similar claims based on the document translated by military authorities.

Once sneered at by critics, recent moves by Iran and North Korea have given credibility to the potential EMP threat from an atmospheric nuclear explosion over the U.S.
Pry has suggested ways for Iran to deliver a nuclear attack: by ship launched off the East Coast, a missile or via satellite.
Either way the result could be destruction of all or part of the U.S. electric grid, robbing the public of power, computers, water and communications for potentially a year.

Frank Gaffney, founder and president of the Center for Security Policy, said the threat to the grid can also come from solar activity.
He has been pushing Washington and state governments to take the relatively inexpensive move to protect the electric grid, though his concern is from a nuclear attack by Iran or North Korea.
"It is increasingly frightening," he said. "We have to get started on this."
He noted that Iran's top military leader recently announced that he was ready for war with the U.S.
"We are ready for the decisive battle against the U.S. and the Zionist regime," Iranian Armed Forces Chief of Staff General Hassan Firouzabadi told Iran's Fars News Agency in 2014.

On Wednesday, March 18th, Arseniy Yatsenyuk, the Prime Minister of Ukraine — who was selected for that post by Victoria Nuland of the U.S. State Department on 4 February 2014, 18 days before the U.S. coup that installed him into this office — told his cabinet meeting, “Our goal is to regain control of Donetsk and Lugansk.” Those are the two districts comprising Donbass, the self-proclaimed independent region of Ukraine, which now calls itself “The People’s Republic“ and sometimes “Novorossiya,” and which rejects the coup and its coup-imposed Government. 

That Government of Ukraine is run by Yatsenyuk and the people whom he selected. Ukraine also has a President, who is elected by voters in the northwest of Ukraine, where the coup-government is accepted; but, since the coup, the Government has actually been run by Prime Minister Yatsenyuk, who is entirely dependent upon the United States Government and its subordinates (such as the IMF and NATO, in both of which the U.S. has veto-power) in order to obtain the financial and military support necessary to keep him in office.

Yatsenyuk announced there: “Adequate financial resources are available,” to retake Donbass. Those “resources” came largely from the IMF, and from the United States, all with loans to the bankrupt Ukrainian Government. So that the investors will be paid the principal plus the extremely high interest on these junk-loans that are backed by their governments, Western taxpayers will ultimately be, basically, donating to Franklin Templeton, and to George Soros, and to the other financiers who are buying the Ukrainian Government bonds that purchase those weapons and military trainers to conquer the residents of Donbass.

At this cabinet meeting, Yatsenyuk additionally announced that resumption of the war would be rushed: “We need to move the funding for the purchase of new equipment and weapons from the third and fourth quarter to the first and second quarter,” he told his cabinet.
Yatsenyuk told his cabinet that, “We will fight using all methods and techniques for the resumption of peace and regaining control of Donetsk and Luhansk region.” By ‘resumption of peace,’ he meant resumption of control over Donbass. 

U.S. President Obama wants the war resumed as quickly as possible, but Angela Merkel and other European leaders have urged that it not be resumed at all. Consequently, there is a split in the Western alliance about this matter. Apparently, Prime Minister Yatsenyuk has determined that he now has enough weapons and loans to be able to resume the war very soon, until final victory.
Obama, evidently, is determined to finish the job that he started with his coup. It was bloody, but the follow-through will need to be far more so. And he has the full support of the U.S. Congress, and of the major think tanks, to continue this until victory. EU nations that don’t like it — well, Obama’s agent controlling Ukraine said famously, on 4 February 2014, “F—k the EU.”
Many European leaders don’t want to be involved in a war against Russia. However, on March 12th, Yatsenyuk said “Ukraine is in a state of war with … the Russian Federation.” That is the service he is providing to Barack Obama, and to the 98%+ of the members of the U.S. Congress who likewise want this war: Ukraine has become the proxy state for America’s war against Russia.

The US is inciting Kiev to end the crisis in eastern Ukraine by force, said the Russian foreign minister citing US support of the recent Ukrainian law on the special self-governing status of Donbass, which Moscow says undermines the Minsk-2 deal.

If Washington welcomes the action, which undermines the Minsk agreements, then we can only conclude that Washington is inciting Kiev to resolve the issue by military means,” said Lavrov at a media conference in Moscow on Thursday.

His comments were a reference to the telephone conversation between US Vice-President Joe Biden and Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko on Wednesday, during which Biden welcomed the decision by the Ukrainian parliament to give special status to Donbass.

Self-rule for Donbass was one of the key conditions of the Minsk agreements, but the law passed by the Rada postpones the introduction of the new status until the regions hold new elections under Ukrainian laws. Until then the Ukrainian MPs said that the two republics will be recognized as ‘temporary occupied territories’ and voted that the status should remain until the Ukrainian military fully restores control. The leaders of the Donetsk and Lugansk Republics said these decisions were not agreed with them.

Lavrov said: “The Ukrainian leadership…basically terminated their commitments to engage in direct dialogue and negotiate with south-eastern Ukraine, including on the issue of elections, on the implementation of the law on the special status…”

Speaking on these matters Lavrov urged the mediators of the Minsk-2 deal – France and Germany – who invested their authority in the document, to react to Kiev’s actions.
The Russian foreign minister also called for another round of negotiations in the Normandy Four format (Kiev, Moscow, Berlin, Paris) on the settlement of the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.He said it is necessary to prevent "further deterioration of the situation.”
"I believe it’s high time for the Normandy Four talks," Lavrov said. "I turned to my colleagues - the foreign ministers of Germany and France - with a proposal to take urgent steps to prevent the situation from taking a nosedive."

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