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Ukraine Tipping Point

Ukraine To Become A Tipping Point For Three Empires

The financial storm currently brewing around the sanctions showdown between the US and Russia is just the beginning of the tipping point for all three major empires involved in the crisis: The United States, The European Union and the Russian Federation. They are all irrevocably corrupt and rotten to the core. Therefore expect some desperate power plays and reckless aggression coming from all parties involved in the coming months and years.
European leaders motivation for including Ukraine (or what’s left of it) in the European Union are obviously clear: Europe is in shambles and needs to extract more tax revenue looted from Ukraine by IMF austerity dictatorship. Second, Europe would gain a more secure supply of natural gas. The reason: 30 percent of Europe’s natural gas comes from Russia, but is transited through Ukraine. If Ukraine was to be taken over by Russia, 30 percent of Europe’s gas needs would become 100 percent at the mercy of Putin.(Keep in mind, though, that Ukraine’s gold reserves have already been looted , apparently by those Blackwater mercenaries in Kiev, and flown to the US).
Europe is a dying empire with jobs being hemorrhaged,personal income falling and social services deteriorating. The youth in Europe are already being called “the lost generation”. According to the international charity Oxfam, nearly 1 in 10 working households in Europe now live in poverty. And it warns up to 25 million more Europeans are at risk of poverty by 2025. Hence the willingness of NATO to engage in the dubious practice of unleashing Nazi mercenaries to take over western Ukraine and the gas pipeline routes there, as we’ve scooped in the early phase of the crisis.
Russia, on the other hand, is rife with corruption and is led by a totalitarian apparatus composed of KGB veterans running giant oil and gas state monopolies, as well as Russian Mafia elements. There is also an extensive military industrial complex responsible for Russia’s sole export market other then natural resources which plays  a significant role in the regime’s strategy.
It is the same regime that funds the RT “news” propaganda machine. If Russia prevails over the west in this prolonged quagmire, the regime will have successfully secure the perception management of gullible western audiences who are dissatisfied with corporate propaganda venues in their own countries (CNN, MSNBC, etc.) and have thus become highly conditioned to worship Russian foreign policy in its sugar coated version as displayed in RT (which gained their trust by focusing exclusively on western corruption while ignoring the abuses of the Russian government at home, such as Putin’s policy to flood Moscow and other Russian cities with Caucasian Muslim immigrants, which isn’t very different from Obama’s affinity for illegal immigration in the US)
Putin – the regime’s current public face – is focused on rebuilding the territories of the former Soviet Union. On several occasions, Putin has stated that he believes the greatest single event of the 20th century was not the collapse of communism, but the loss of its territories. He has already occupied a natural gas distribution center near the village of Strilkove in the Crimean Peninsula. Coming next in this new emerging conflict will be the Baltic states (who are already turning to Germany for protection), then perhaps the rest of Eastern Europe. NATO’s current weakness and incompetence could suggest that Russia is alraedy turning the tables on the west’s Balkanization plans for the Eurasian powers.
In short, Putin is on a path for revenue, from the additional taxes he could reap by winning back former Soviet Bloc territories, and from securing natural resources and supply routes. Ukraine is a perfect starting point as a former territory with Russian as its most common first language. It’s also a country weakened by the massive corruption of its former President Yanukovych, who is said to have pilfered the country for as much as $38 billion that he has hidden away in foreign bank accounts, and who is now under Russian protection (probably for the sake of the aforementioned financial bonanza…). 
Ukraine is also the breadbasket of Eastern Europe, and a major transit route for natural gas flowing from Russia to Europe. It is also home to vast untapped sources of natural gas in its adjoining Black Sea — estimated at nearly 3 trillion cubic meters — which Russia would annex by taking Ukraine. Chevron, Shell and ExxonMobil (all descendants of Rockefeller’s monstrous ‘Standard oil’) have already signed deals with Ukraine to explore, develop and produce the natural gas. By taking Crimea or the entire Ukraine Putin is challenging the equally corrupt and bankrupt American petro-oligarchy (covert geostrategic swaps not withstanding).
World war III may have already begun. So far it is a ‘soft war’ of economic power plays, color revolutions and guerrilla skirmishes, but miscalculations and sheer incompetence by either side of the equation could plunge the international system to a far more dangerous phase of full scale wars and economic meltdown spanning the entire globe.

The philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche described the “inversion of values” -- how deeply envious people can twist good into evil. Obama has now accomplished a perfect inversion of American values. Putin’s thuggery in the Crimea is rewarded by a slap on the wrist so effete that a Russian politician immediately tweeted “Comrade Obama” to laugh at him. Iran was just rewarded for thirty years of murderous aggression --  thirty years of Death to America! Death to Israel! -- by a total surrender “led from behind” by Our Hero and the Eurosocialist welfare states. Even the abject lickspittles of the Washington Post dared to remind the president that a fantasy foreign policy cannot work -- after spending six years celebrating Obama’s fantasies.
Well, two of the biggest bullies in the world just took Obama at his word, Russia and Iran. Bow down to thugs and you will get what you ask for.
To top it all, both Obama and John Kerry just went into a public rage when Israel’s defense minister dared to tell the truth about Obama’s surrender to Iran -- which happens to threaten Israel with nuclear genocide. Our Heroes personally protested to Benjamin Netanyahu for the defense minister’s truth telling. As if Israel is not allowed to defend itself against a clear and present danger to its very existence.
Which means that Obama’s America is now nothing but a bully in foreign affairs, bowing to the thugs and abusing our allies.
The United States and the West achieved an enormous moral victory in the Cold War circa 1990, when Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher, and John Paul II together forced the Soviet Empire to let go of its European subject peoples -- some of the very nations Putin is now threatening. Those three leaders did so at enormous personal risk -- Reagan and John Paul II were severely wounded in assassination attempts, and the Stalinist Provisional IRA tried to assassinate Maggie Thatcher.
The West won that final confrontation because we represented the moral high ground, as Eastern Europeans and many Russians understood very well.
We rarely talk about the power of morality in international politics, but it is very real indeed.
That’s why Russian propaganda machine instantly started discovering “neo-nazis” in the Ukraine when Putin snatched the Crimea.

Bullies bow down to the biggest thugs on the block, and abuse the weakest. This is now our foreign policy. We are still trying to bully Egypt into accepting the fanatical sect of the Muslim Brotherhood, which has agents planted in this administration. We overthrew a compliant regime in Libya for no apparent reason, and that country is still torn by a civil war we provoked. As a direct result of our immoral aggression, much of the world is now cheering Vladimir Putin for giving Obama a bloody nose.

From the start Obama has bullied and abused those who dissent from his Diktat, ranging from General Motors to the Tea Party. This is a deeply delusional administration, and to sustain its folly it choses to abuse those who tell the truth.
The clear moral stance that won the Cold War has been flipped on its head.
We have lost our moral clarity.
It is high time to stand up to Obama’s bullying --- at home and around the world.
We need another truth-teller to lead us.

[Unfortunately, there won't be a "truth-teller' again, until the return of Christ Jesus. Until then, we will only see more lies and distortions, cumulating in the lies and distortions given by the antichrist and false prophet]

The United States is puzzling over how to block cruise missiles that theoretically could be launched from the Gulf of Mexico, even after throwing some of its most advanced technologies at the problem.
Russia and Iran have been cited as possible threats that might, at some point, lurk in the waters just off U.S. shores.
A 2013 military exercise pitted systems such as Patriot interceptors, Aegis warships and combat aircraft against potential cruise-missile or short-range ballistic missiles fired from the Gulf. But the drill highlighted a particular vulnerability to cruise missiles lobbed from that region, U.S. Northern Command head Gen. Charles Jacoby indicated in congressional testimony last week.
"Cruise missiles can fly at low altitudes to stay below enemy radar and, in some cases, hide behind terrain features. Newer missiles are incorporating stealth features to make them even less visible to radars and infrared detectors," says the 2013 assessment by the National Air and Space Intelligence Center.
Cruz's office did not respond to requests to discuss his specific concerns about potential attack risks facing the United States from the Gulf of Mexico. His comments came, though, in the wake of some other public discussion of possible threats of this kind.
Iran last month announced it intended to deploy warships near the U.S. maritime border, prompting heightened discussion of the Middle Eastern nation's growing military capabilities.

The Obama Administration, and its critics, are mistaken that Iran's nuclear negotiations are motivated primarily by economic sanctions.

Historically, economic sanctions have had little or no discernible effect on altering Iran's dangerous behavior, such as its world leadership of international terrorism and its development of nuclear weapons. Analyst A.E. Torbat concludes, "overall, the sanctions' economic effect... has been significant, while its political effect has been minimal."         
Mistakenly, the Obama Administration and its critics both assume that Iran's primary reason for initiating negotiations over its nuclear program is the coercive success of economic sanctions. Much energy is being expended, uselessly, debating whether the threat of additional economic sanctions will finally compel Iran to give up its aspiration to become a nuclear weapons state. The short answer is -- economic sanctions did not bring Iran to the negotiating table in the first place. 

Rather than economic sanctions, it was President Obama's surrender during the Syrian chemical weapons crisis that moved Iran to negotiate with a president who converted the United States from the world's only superpower into a paper tiger.   
Washington is notorious for its short memory.  The Obama Administration and the press appears to have amnesia about the events of August 31, 2013 and afterwards, that Iran obviously and correctly interpreted as a strategic opportunity to roll President Obama in nuclear negotiations.

Undoubtedly noticed by Iran, Obama's much ballyhooed chemical agreement with Syria is technologically and militarily fraudulent.  Even if Assad ultimately allows destruction of all chemical weapons, an outcome increasingly doubtful, Syria can quickly reconstitute chemical arms.
Chemical weapons are called "the poor man's atomic bomb" for a reason.  They are cheap and easy to make.  Commonplace chemicals used for peaceful purposes can be converted to weapons.

Iran, far from being coerced by economic sanctions into nuclear negotiations, regards those negotiations as U.S. surrender to an Islamic Bomb.  U.S. policymakers must understand that Iran sees itself as negotiating from strength, not from weakness in order to escape sanctions.  Because of the above history, the White House is perceived as the weakling.    
Iran knows from Syria's chemical deal that Obama is willing to deceive the American people with an elaborate fiction in order to avoid military confrontation and save political face.
Iran knows from Russia that the Obama Administration not only tolerates nuclear treaty violations -- but helps conceal cheating.
Iran's leaders assert that they conceded nothing and that the U.S. conceded everything in Geneva by acknowledging Iran's right to enrich uranium.  Uranium enrichment is the technological key to nuclear weapons. 

Iranian warships will soon begin patrolling U.S. coasts.  Former UN Ambassador John Bolton writes, "Iran doesn't fear the United States, our allies, or international sanctions.... if Iran completes its nuclear weapons program, their ships in the Atlantic could be carrying nuclear tipped missiles."
But not to worry.  President Obama reassures the American people that Iran's mullahs have endorsed a fatwah against nuclear weapons.  The president should read "Treatise On The Use Of Weapons Of Mass Destruction Against Infidels" that finds the nuclear mass destruction of infidel women and children not only permissible--but obligatory.  
And Mr. President, Iran's anti-nuclear fatwah notwithstanding, a nuclear EMP attack that causes a protracted national blackout killing millions, because the holocaust would be an indirect collateral consequence of technological collapse, would be perfectly Shariah compliant use of the Islamic bomb. 

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Annie in Indianie said...

The world is looking for a messiah! This article, and on Bill O'Reily's show a couple of weeks ago was stating how he also is looking for a moral statesman, to step in and bring change. Soon and very soon, they will get their wish...maranatha!

Scott said...

I agree - and that desire for a 'messiah' will intensify in the wake of Isa 17/Gog-Magog. The way the stage is being set, the ACs rise to power will actually be pretty easy initially