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Facing The Facts, Facing The Truth

We so rarely see the truth laid out is such stark terms. It is both grim and depressing. The only silver lining to this is the fact that everything we are seeing is part of an overall prophetic plan and part of this plan involves the gathering up of the Church Saints. 

War And Peace In This Age

[This is worth reading in full. Below are just some of the most germane points]

Editor’s note: The following is the text to David Horowitz’s introduction of Caroline Glick at the Freedom Center’s recent Wednesday Morning Club.

While giving aid and comfort to America’s mortal enemies, Obama has turned his back on the only democracy in the Middle East, and America’s most faithful and important ally. He has thrown his country’s enormous weight behind Islamic radicals whose goal – stated in so many words – is to obliterate the state of Israel and push the Jews who inhabit it into the sea. To finish the job that Hitler started.
For sixty-six years the Arab states and their Palestinian proxies have conducted an unprovoked war of aggression against the Jews. The Palestinian cause is overtly and explicitly genocidal – the destruction of the state of Israel and the cleansing of the entire Arab world of its Yids. The Palestinians have advanced this cause behind the Hitlerian lie that Israel occupies Arab land. Israel was created on land that belonged to the Turkish Empire, which was not Arab, for four hundred years. American Indians have a greater claim to the United States than the Arabs do to the state of Israel.
The Palestinian cause was inspired by the Islamic Nazis of the Muslim Brotherhood and was created by the war criminal Haj Amin al-Husseini who served Hitler in Berlin, and planned his own Auschwitz for the Jews of the Middle East, thwarted only by Rommel’s defeat at El Alamein. Yet Obama has thrown the full weight of his presidency behind this evil. He has supported the Palestinian demands that Israel retreat to its 1949 borders, which would make their genocidal goal far easier to accomplish. He has demanded that Jews stop building homes for themselves in Jewish Jerusalem, while at the same time he has turned a blind eye toward the promise of Palestinian leaders that that no Jew will be permitted to live in any territory that Palestinians control. He has acquiesced in Iranian shipments of long-range rockets to the terrorists in Gaza so they can carry out their work of obliterating the Jews. He is a greater enabler of Islamic Nazism than Chamberlain was of Hitler’s.
This is the surreal context of the world we inhabit – where Israel’s most important ally is an ally of her enemies; where negotiations designed to facilitate a new Holocaust are called a “peace process;” where an American president provides Iranian Hitlerites with the time and space to acquire nuclear weapons; and where the international dialogue about the Middle East is so constructed by the enemies of the Jews that a rational assessment of the situation has become almost impossible, and a reasonable proposal for improving it difficult to formulate.
This is the context that our speaker has entered with just such an assessment and proposal. Caroline Glick is the new head of the Israeli Security Project of the David Horowitz Freedom Center. She has written a book, The Israeli Solution, which displays all the intellectual and moral qualities that caused the Center to hire her and make us proud to call her colleague. Caroline Glick is the senior contributing editor at the Jerusalem Post and one of the most astute observers of international affairs writing today. Readers of her columns will already be familiar with her muscular intelligence and command of the facts on the ground. It is that intelligence, and the courage informs it, which allows her to analyze the conflicts of a surreal situation and the policy proposals to deal with it, while not being sucked into its delusions. The Israeli Solution is a remarkable book, which steers readers between the Scylla of moral outrage that threatens to overwhelm every morally decent observer of Middle Eastern affairs, and the Charybdis of lunacy that threatens to swallow anyone who buys into the delusion that the Arabs and the Americans are talking about peace in the Middle East rather than the destruction of the Jewish state. We are thrilled and honored to have Caroline Glick as a member of our Center. And we know you will be gratified and enlightened to hear what she has to say.

Also see this depressing but predictable story:

[Can there be any doubt about what country is pushing Israel into this?]

Israel has offered to release a new group of 400 Palestinian security prisoners, in addition to the fourth and final group of longtime terrorism convicts who were set to go free this weekend, if the Palestinian Authority agrees to extend peace talks for another six months, The Times of Israel learned from Palestinian sources on Saturday night. The US, anxious to arrange for the continuation of the talks, backed the offer.
Some sources claimed Israel was holding off on freeing the prisoners because of rumors that the PA would back out of peace talks once the fourth round of convicts were released.

As of Saturday evening, however, PA President Mahmoud Abbas was insisting that the fourth group of longtime prisoners first be released before he would consider extending the talks beyond their current April 29 deadline.

Meanwhile, US Special Envoy for Israeli-Palestinian Negotiations Martin Indyk met with chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat and Israel’s envoy to the peace talks, Yitzhak Molcho, in Jerusalem Saturday night. Erekat was quoted by Army Radio saying he believed the deadlock would be broken, and the fourth group of prisoners would go free early in the coming week.
Earlier Saturday, it was reported that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has told US Secretary of State John Kerry that he fears his coalition could fall apart if Israel frees the fourth batch of Palestinian prisoners who were slated for release this weekend — among them 14 Israeli Arabs.
Citing sources in the Palestinian Authority, the London-based pan-Arab al-Hayat newspaper reported that US negotiators had told Abbas Netanyahu feared his coalition, which includes the right-wing Jewish Home and Yisrael Beytenu parties, might disintegrate over the prisoner release.

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