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Ukraine: The Story Behind The Story

As more and more information comes out regarding the turmoil in the Ukraine, we are able to see through a window into the world of international power struggles and a new emerging cold war between the U.S./NATO/EU and Russia. Although, specifically, this situation in the Ukraine doesn't have any prophetic significance, one cannot help but think that the ramifications from this power struggle could lead to some more interesting outcomes. The stakes are high and the players on this stage include the most powerful nations on earth - therefore it is hard to imagine that the outcome will be insignificant. A few different perspectives are presented below:

Tossing firebombs, protesters advanced upon police lines Thursday in Ukraine’s embattled capital. Government snipers shot back, killing at least 70 people and wounding hundreds of others, according to a protest doctor.

Video footage on Ukrainian television showed shocking scenes Thursday of protesters being cut down by gunfire, lying on the pavement as comrades rushed to their aid. Trying to protect themselves with shields, teams of protesters carried bodies away on sheets of plastic or planks of wood.

One of the wounded, volunteer medic Olesya Zhukovskaya, sent out a brief Twitter message — “I’m dying” — after being shot in the neck. Dr. Oleh Musiy, the medical coordinator for the protesters, said she was in serious condition after being operated on.

Protesters were also seen leading policemen with their hands held high around the sprawling protest camp in central Kiev. Ukraine’s Interior ministry says 67 police were captured in all — it was not clear how. An opposition lawmaker said they were being held in Kiev’s occupied city hall.

President Viktor Yanukovych and the opposition protesters who are demanding his resignation are locked in an epic battle over the identity of Ukraine, a nation of 46 million that has divided loyalties between Russia and the West. Parts of the country — mostly in its western cities — are in open revolt against Yanukovych’s central government, while many in eastern Ukraine back the president and favor strong ties with Russia, their former Soviet ruler.

The brutal struggle between NATO and Russia over Ukraine is rampaging these very moments, and it’s becoming increasingly clear that Putin was caught off guard due to the Sochi games which keep his hands tied for the time being. It seems like Putin miscalculated the boomerang effect of his earlier buy-out of Ukraine out of the EU’s clutches with an offer to provide it with a 40% cheaper supply of gas in return to remaining part of the Russian sphere of influence. This blatant bribery only managed to galvanize the NATO funded opposition, most of which is comprised of clueless dupes who wrongly believe the Eurocratic Troika has something good in store for them – a tragic mistake indeed.

Since Obama, in his usual mode of operation during early phases of globalist color revolutions , has already warned the Ukrainian government “not to cross red lines” (anyone having a Libya \ Syria flashback ? ) , the smart thing to do would be to take a look at those “red lines” as seen vividly on this map of Russian gas pipeline routes to European markets. Most of the pipes go precisely through the aforementioned western districts. The NATO-Nazi apparatus will try to cut off those routes, thereby suffocating Russia \ Gazprom economically (exploiting Russia’s dependence on Gas exports for much of its economy).

In a previous post we’ve reported that Russian officials have warned they would intervene militarily in the crisis to stabilize their former cold war ally should things get out of hand. In this case Russian troops are likely to get entangled in a prolonged guerrilla quagmire in the Ukraine, according to Brzezinski’s tried and proven strategy tested previously in Afghanistan and Chechnya. One devious tactic used by NATO mercenaries in such situations is to deploy roof top snipers with orders to shoot at both the police and the demonstrators, in order to increase the chaos and mayhem. This double whammy false flag was indeed reported in Kiev in the recent 24 hours. It was also used in the early phase of the Syrian civil war.
It remains to be seen if NATO troops themselves will be deployed in Ukraine, thereby maximizing the risk of a third world war, possibly deteriorating to nuclear fire exchanges in Europe. It depends on the level of despair in which the west is found currently because of its financial meltdown and desire to maintain a unipolar world order by wrecking potential competitors (Putin and co.).

Sadly, everything you need to know about the crisis in Ukraine in one worrisome map which summarizes all the relevant "red lines."

[Go to the link and take a look at the map. Basically it reveals the extensive pipeline routes from West Siberian gas fields to Western European markets]

Given this - is there any doubt this will not end with peaceful resolution.
As Martin Armstrong warned this morning:

BOTH the USA and EU will now fund the rebels as Russia will fund Yanukovych. At the political level,Ukraine is the pawn on the chessboard. The propaganda war is East v West. However, those power plays are masking the core issue that began with the Orange Revolution – corruption.Yanukovych is a dictator who will NEVER leave office. It is simple as that. There will be no REAL elections again in Ukraine. This is starting to spiral down into a confrontation that the entire world cannot ignore.

Though the Ukrainian conflict is complex, with “its own dynamic,” protesters are certainly emboldened by support from Western powers, Brian Becker, director of the anti-warANSWER Coalition, told RT in an interview.
“The United States and NATO and the EU are together using their combined forces to signal to these demonstrators that ‘We are with you,’” he said. The EU, NATO leadership and the Obama administration “are neck deep now in a plan to carry out regime change in this extremely important part of Europe, trying to integrate a former Soviet republic into the EU and, of course, into NATO ultimately.”
In the cheerleading for protesters coming from Washington, Becker believes the US is fomenting discontent to further its reach into Russia’s backyard.
“I think the United States government is playing another dirty game. They’re trying to do what they have tried to do for the last 20 years, which is to incorporate all of the former socialist countries in the eastern and central European bloc – those that were aligned with the Soviet Union – into an American-Western-NATO sphere of influence,” he said.

The EU triggered this whole protest movement. They signaled their pro-European forces inside Ukraine when they gave an ultimatum to the Ukrainian government back in November. ‘Which side are you on? Are you going to maintain your economic and political and diplomatic ties with Russia, or are you going to come into the EU?’ And under the condition of that ultimatum, these protests began and great pressure was brought to bear on the Ukrainian government. This is a destabilization campaign. It’s a coordinated economic, political, and ultimately military destabilization campaign against an important country, a country that’s historically linked first to the Soviet Union and to Russia. They want to bring it over into the camp of the American government, which has expansionist designs. They want to encircle Russia in order to conquer what was formally an independent part of the world. And subjugate it, dominate it, and of course the Russians perceive it as a threat. This was an EU-provoked crisis, not a Russian-provoked crisis.

In an eight minute, 46 second speech at the National Press Club sponsored by the US-Ukraine Foundation, Chevron, and Ukraine-in-Washington Lobby Group, Nuland boasted that Washington has spent $5 billion to foment agitation to bring Ukraine into the EU. Once captured by the EU, Ukraine will be “helped” by the West acting through the IMF. Nuland, of course, presented the IMF as Ukraine’s rescuer, not as the iron hand of the West that will squeeze all life out of Ukraine’s struggling economy.
Nuland’s audience consisted of all the people who will be enriched by the looting and by connections to a Washington-appointed Ukrainian government. Just look at the large Chevron sign next to which Nuland speaks, and you will know what it is all about.
Nuland’s speech failed to alert the Ukraine protesters, who are determined to destroy the independence of Ukraine and to place their country in the hands of the IMF so that it can be looted like Latvia, Greece and every country that ever had an IMF structural adjustment program. All the monies that protesters are paid by the US and EU will soon be given back manyfold as Ukraine is “adjusted” by Western looting.

Russia regards the prospect of Ukraine as a member of the EU with NATO with US bases on Russia’s frontier as a “strategic threat.” It is unlikely that the Russian government and the Russian territories in Ukraine will accept Washington’s plan for Ukraine. Whatever their intention, Secretary of State John Kerry’s provocative statements are raising tensions and fomenting war. The vast bulk of the American and Western populations have no idea of what the real situation is, because all they hear from the “free press” is the neoconservative propaganda line.

Perhaps the Russophobic western Ukrainians deserve the IMF, and perhaps the EU deserves the extreme nationalists who are trying to topple the Ukraine government. Once Ukrainians experience being looted by the West, they will be on their knees begging Russia to rescue them. The only certain thing is that it is unlikely that the Russian part of Ukraine will remain part of Ukraine.

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