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Despite the signing of a landmark nuclear deal in November with the P5+1 world powers, and a moderate tone coming from President Hassan Rouhani and Foreign Minister Mohammed Javad Zarif, Iranian defense officials escalated sharply their rhetoric against the United States over the weekend.

On Sunday, Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps Navy Commander Ali Fadavi said that the US knows that its aircraft carriers in the Persian Gulf would be sunk if it launched a military strike on Iran.

“The Americans can sense by all means how their warships will be sunk with 5,000 crews and forces in combat against Iran and how they should find its hulk in the depths of the sea,” said Fadavi, according to Fars news agency.
“They cannot hide themselves in the sea since the entire Middle East region, western Europe, the Persian Gulf, the Sea of Oman and the Straits of Hormuz are monitored by us and there is no place for them to hide.”
The bellicose rhetoric follows Saturday’s announcement by an Iranian admiral that Iran had dispatched warships to the North Atlantic, while Iran’s spiritual leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei denounced the Americans as liars who, while professing to be friends of Iran, would bring down his regime if they could. He also said it was “amusing” that the US thought Iran would reduce its “defensive capabilities.”

Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman said Tuesday that Iran’s claim to have tested two new missiles proved it was still a “warmongering” state despite its recent diplomatic overtures to the West.

Liberman’s remarks came on the eve of an official visit to France, which is taking part in talks on Iran’s controversial nuclear program set to resume next week in Vienna.

“The new missile tests conducted by Iran yesterday are further proof its intentions have not changed and the Iranians are not even hiding their being a warmongering state,” he said.
“The only change in Iran is that now they threaten world peace behind a mask of smiles.”
Iran announced it had tested a new ballistic missile and a laser-guided projectile on Monday, after officials had earlier said that its missile program would not be discussed in the talks with the P5+1 group of world powers.
Iran boasts long-range missiles with a maximum range of 2,000 kilometers (1,200 miles), enough to reach Israel.

Iran, despite its agreement with the West, continues to
deny international inspectors access to a key nuclear military site.
Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization has rejected appeals by NATO states
for the inspection of the Parchin military site southeast of Teheran.
The Iranian government body said the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) would not be granted access to Parchin, believed to have hosted nuclear warhead experiments.

“Inspection of Parchin is not within the framework of these seven steps,” Iranian Atomic Energy Organization spokesman Behrouz Kamalvandi said.

In a briefing on Feb. 9, Kamalvandi said Parchin was not part of the P5+1 nuclear agreement with Iran, signed in November 2013. He said Iran and IAEA signed a separate accord that would enable inspections of other facilities.

IAEA has been denied access to Parchin since 2005. The United Nations agency has voiced concerns that Iran conducted high-explosive experiments required in the development of a nuclear warhead.

Iran’s leaders celebrated the 35th anniversary of their Islamic revolution Tuesday, Feb.11 with a torrent of hate rhetoric and threats surpassing even the crudely belligerent language used by former President Mahmoud Ahamedinejad.
A common theme of their speeches to the masses was threats to the United States and Israel of defeat and annihilation at the hands of the invincible Iranian army. Following the first deployment of Iranian warships - the helicopter carrier Khark and Sabalan guided missile destroyer - near America’s Atlantic shores, the commander of the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) fleet, Navy Cmdr Ali Fadayi, actually said: “The Americans can sense… how their warships will be sunk with crews of 5,000 in combat against Iran, and how they would find their hulks in the depths of the sea.”
The Iranian officer pressed on to suggest “the Americans” were cowards, who “cannot hide themselves in the sea since the entire Middle East region, western Europe, the Persian Gulf, the Sea of Oman and the Straits of Hormuz are monitored by us!”
The IRGC commander Gen. Mohammad Ali Jafari piled it on with a boast that just two Basijj militiamen could sink one American aircraft carrier – a blatant threat of suicide attacks on US military targets.
Addressing the “Death to USA Grand Price” ceremony in Tehran, Jafari continued to mock Washington by calling its leaders’ references to a military option “ludicrous,” adding that “the Americans really cannot do a damn thing” against Iran’s military capability.
Supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei repeated the ayatollah’s old mantra slamming Israel as “a cancerous growth” in the Middle East fit only to be “eradicated.”
As his audience burned US and Israeli flags and stamped on placards depicting President Obama, President Hassan Rouhani intoned: “I say to those delusional people who say the military option is on the table that they should change their eye glasses.” His meaning was clear to his mass audience: Iran no longer faces any military threats, either from the United States or Israel.
After Iran’s military test-fired two long-range missiles Monday - one with radar-evading capabilities; the other laser-guided for firing from the ground or the air – Defense Minister Gen. Hossein Dehqan crowed that Iran now had missiles with multiple warheads able to penetrate the anti-missile defenses of the enemy (America and Israel).

At the same time, the White House and State Department hastened to appeal to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to ignore Iranian belligerent rhetoric and keep his ministers quiet too, so as not to throw a spanner in the works of international nuclear diplomacy with Iran and the Syrian peace conference which resumed this week in Geneva.
Netanyahu took notice of this appeal and contented himself with a controlled speech at the IDF officers’ graduation ceremony Tuesday: “Iran today celebrates the 35th anniversary of its Islamic Revolution with new threats to destroy the Sate of Israel. The aspiration to annihilate the Jewish people and its state did not vanish when it attained statehood. What has changed is our ability to resist and frustrate that aspiration.”
Netanyahu like Obama and Kerry has opted to let the Iranian threats go unanswered. Israel may find it has to pay dearly for agreeing to bury its head in the sand.

[Once again....George Soros]

WND’s report revealed the IRS contracts with an avowedly “progressive” organization, the Urban Institute, supported by George Soros to process data filed by smaller tax-exempt groups.

The president of Urban Institute, also, is Sarah Rosen Wartell, who is the co-founder of the Center for American Progress. That widely is considered ground zero for the development of many of the Obama administration’s progressive policies.
For certain organizations with limited income and charitable goals, the IRS directs them to file with that supposedly “nonpartisan” organization, where employees have a record of donating nearly 100 percent of their political contributions to Democrats.
Officially, the Urban Institute advocates for totally socialized medicine, carbon taxes and amnesty for illegal aliens.
Cleta Mitchell, a top-flight Washington attorney, told WND, “If true, this is a violation of federal law. And since most of the tea-party groups have annual revenues of [$50,000] or less, this would redirect their filings to a group whose mission is fundamentally at odds with tea-party organizations.”
She continued, “Federal law strictly prohibits the disclosure of confidential taxpayer information to persons outside the IRS. It is a felony to disseminate the information.
David French, senior counsel for the American Center for Law and Justice, which is representing dozens of those targeted tea-party groups, said, “It’s disturbing but hardly surprising that the IRS – which has proven itself to be a highly partisan government agency – has partnered with partisans outside the government. Partnering with politic radicals to perform a basic function of the IRS is no way to run a government.
“This is just the latest in a series of IRS behaviors that are unacceptable. This revelation adds to the decline in trust and confidence that Americans have in the Obama administration. And it’s one more reason that we believe it’s time for a special prosecutor – an independent investigation – to hold those responsible for corruption and abuse accountable.”
WND columnist Christopher Monckton of Brenchley suggested another approach altogether.
“The IRS, by its actions, has shown itself to be a racketeer-influenced criminal organization. The nonprofits should band together, now, and mount a RICO action against it.
“Their lawyers will tell them they cannot possibly win. But they will win. And win big. The RICO statute, designed to deal with an earlier generation of Chicago gangsters, pays the successful plaintiffs three times their costs in fighting the action. Once the courts have held the IRS to be corrupt, it can and will be closed down,” he wrote.
Just last year, Soros provided a $250,000 grant to the organization for “collecting data and conducting sophisticated empirical research and analysis on the impact of various proposals for housing finance reforms on low-income families, communities of color and underserved markets.”
Another Urban Institute donor is the Joyce Foundation, an anti-gun group where Obama served on the board from 1994 to 2002.
While Obama was on the Joyce Foundation board, the organization granted tens of millions of dollars to gun-control organizations. Also numerous large grants were provided to a group called Leadership for Quality Education, which was run by John Ayers, the brother of Weatherman terrorist Bill Ayers.

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Alice said...

Hi Scott! Did you see the Debka article yesterday afternoon that says Bibi has agreed to the "framework" of the Kerry proposal?

Scott said...

Alice - I did indeed - thanks. Some are disputing that and some are saying its being misinterpreted. Either way its becoming irrelevant as the PA keeps changing what they want, and they don't want peace anyway

Scott said...

Alice - I did indeed - thanks. Some are disputing that and some are saying its being misinterpreted. Either way its becoming irrelevant as the PA keeps changing what they want, and they don't want peace anyway

Scott said...

"the end" won't be delayed by the stock market. The stock market collapse may be delayed until the gathering up of the church saints however.

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Regarding your comments about the comment section of your blog -- is there any way for you to put a disclaimer in so people understand the comments are not necessarily your views?

You are such a valuable resource with your wealth of prophecy knowledge - what a huge loss to those who need to ask a question every now & then (if you were to choose not to do that anymore). Very understandable that you're frustrated -- still, would be a big loss for many of us.

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Thanks Harness...I dunno. This has been an ongoing problem for a variety of reasons, and I just don't have the time to devote to it anymore. I'm just not sure what to do about it. I hate to moderate every post because there are days I can't get to it and by the time those comments get posted, there are already new updates and they get lost in the process of updates as they scroll down.

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You do a good job explaining things on your daily lead-ins to the stories you post, so, readers will still have your daily input in that way. Whatever you decide to do-- thanks once again for doing the Lord's work. I kind of think of you as a modern day John the Baptist-- a voice, "crying in the wilderness," of a very corrupt world.

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Oh my - far far from anything like that! Thats a good point though, on the negative byproduct thing...I hadn't considered that. Maybe I'll enlist my good wife to start moderating comments :) :)