Thursday, February 27, 2014

Russia And The Ukraine

One gets the feeling that this story is just beginning:

Russia is reportedly sheltering Viktor F. Yanukovych, the ousted president of the Ukraine as he hides behind Russia’s skirts and says he fears for his life, while claiming he is the rightful ruler of the Ukraine. No surprise there. Mother Russia is set to put Yanukovych’s house in order in the Ukraine with bloody force and suppression. It’s the Communist way.
It has begun as Russia scrambled its fighter jets yesterday and amassed approximately 150,000 soldiers on the border of the Ukraine in preparation for a massive take-down. Pro-Russian gunmen stormed the offices of Crimea in the Ukraine and took it over as well. The Russian military is on combat alert and they have tightened security at the headquarters of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet on the Crimean peninsula in southeastern Ukraine. This of course prompted our milquetoast Secretary of State, John Kerry, to cry foul and warn the Russians that any military intervention in the Ukraine would be a “grave mistake.” I’m sure they are taking Lurch very seriously – not. It’s all for show. In the end, I’ll bet that Obama is secretly cheering Putin on.
The siege on Crimea is a military takeover by Russia. Here come the Russians:

While NATO and the US warn Putin not to militarily go in, it is all but assured he will and is doing so right now. Putin is looking to expand his reach. Georgia is on the menu and he will look to expand into Europe. Russia controls most of the major gas lines and a great deal of the oil. They are the lifeblood of Europe and he will use them to strangle his opposition into submission. Putin is ignoring all criticism and warnings. The Russian bear has strengthened their military, while the US, being the sole super power left, has aggressively weakened hers. He does not fear us or NATO. He also has very powerful allies in China and Iran. Do the math.
For those who naively believe this is far away and has nothing to do with us, you should reconsider that stance. Russia has a warship docked in Havana. The Viktor Leonov CCB-175 boat, measuring 91.5 meters (300 feet) long and 14.5 meters wide, was docked at the port of Havana’s cruise ship area, near the Russian Orthodox Cathedral. They are not there to exchange recipes and swap war stories with the Cubans. Neither Russia or Cuba will say what the ship is doing there, but I have an idea why. Oh yes, I do.
That ship carries a crew of 200. It has 30mm guns and anti-aircraft missiles. It has been reported that Cuba has killing units on the ground in Venezuela to help the beleaguered dictator there. What do you want to bet the Russians are here to help their comrades in Communist arms? Without the Monroe Doctrine in place and with a President who is an enemy within America, what’s to stop the Ruskies from quelling the uprising in Venezuela? All you need is a little violent help from your friends.
And another warm and fuzzy thought… Iran has a major base in Caracas. What’s to stop them from coming to the aid of the despot in Venezuela? They also have ships on the way. Russia or Iran could also give nukes to Venezuela. You can bet they would have the US as a target in mind. So you see… it is a small world after all, militarily speaking.
Putin has adopted his own version of the Lebensraum Policy. He is expanding the Russian living space, power, control and influence. We’re back in the USSR, baby.

The Russian defense ministry announced Thursday, Feb. 27 that fighter jets stood on combat alert along its western borders with Ukraine. Moscow repeated its commitment to protect Russian-speaking elements in the Crimean Peninsula. Earlier, armed men carried out a pro-Russian coup in the Crimean capital, by seizing government and parliamentary buildings and hoisting Russian flags – in response to the pro-European coup in Kiev. Forces loyal to the provisional government in Kiev meanwhile surround the area which they say was occupied by “criminals in army fatigues.” 

Witnesses in Crimea Wednesday night saw Russian military equipment moving into the peninsula. We reported earlier that Vladimir Putin would never relinquish Russian control of the Crimean peninsula and its military bases there - or more particularly the big Black Sea naval base at Sevastopol. 

There is no way that President Vladimir Putin will relinquish Russian control of the Crimean peninsula and its military bases there - or more particularly the big Black Sea naval base at Sevastopol. This military stronghold is the key to Russia’s Middle East policy. If it is imperiled, so too are Russia’s military posture in Syria and its strategic understandings with Iran.

The Russian president’s military move Wednesday signaled his readiness to send his army into Ukraine and divide the country, if Moscow’s national interests and the Russian-speaking population of Ukraine are at stake. Having broadcast that message, Putin will now wait to see if it picked up by Washington and Brussels for action to restrain the new authorities in Kiev.
But it is no longer certain how much control Western powers have over the former protesters of Kiev, who appear to have taken the bit between their teeth.

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