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Analysis: The French-Israeli-Saudi Front Against Iran

This strange, unexpected new alliance between Israel and Saudi Arabia, and possibly France is receiving more and more attention and today we see a very interesting analysis from Frontpage Magazine. This is important prophetically, as we may be seeing the alliance that will facilitate an attack on Iran, thus serving as triggering the tipping point in the Middle-East:

Israel and Saudi Arabia are proving the old adage correct that “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.”  The Iranian regime is their common enemy. Israel sees a nuclear armed Iran as an existential threat. Sunni Saudi Arabia worries that Shiite Iran with nuclear arms will be emboldened to threaten other Sunni Gulf governments and ultimately try to force its will on Saudi Arabia itself.

Thus, the Jewish state of Israel and the Islamic state of Saudi Arabia, certainly not friends in normal times, find themselves planning to join forces if necessary to stop Iran from crossing the nuclear arms finish line. According to a November 17, 2013 article in the British newspaper Sunday Times, Saudi Arabia has agreed to “give the go-ahead for Israeli planes to use its airspace in the event of an attack on Iran.” The Saudis are also reported to be willing to assist the Israelis by making drones, rescue helicopters, and tanker planes available for the Israelis’ use.

“Once the Geneva agreement is signed, the military option will be back on the table. The Saudis are furious and are willing to give Israel all the help it needs,” an unnamed diplomatic source told the Sunday Times.

Israel and Saudi Arabia have good reason not to trust the United States to negotiate an acceptable deal that would dismantle Iran’s nuclear uranium enrichment and plutonium facilities in a fully verifiable manner. They have been pushed aside as the Obama administration plunges forward to reach an accommodation with Iran. Rather than take seriously the concerns of the countries in the region who would be most directly affected by a rash settlement on terms favorable to Iran, President Obama and his Secretary of State John Kerry are wearing blinders. They downplay how close Iran is to achieving its long-held ambition of becoming a nuclear-armed power and the danger that a bad deal will only serve to give Iran diplomatic cover while it moves ahead.

Israeli intelligence has concluded that the Obama Administration’s previous interim offer to Iran would only set back the Iranian nuclear program about 24 days. 

What was Secretary of State John Kerry’s response when he was asked about this assessment during his briefing of senators last week, as he tried to dissuade them from passing legislation to impose more sanctions on Iran? Kerry repeatedly told senators, Senator Mark Kirk (R-IL) remarked to reporters after the meeting, to “disbelieve everything that the Israelis had just told [us].” A Senate aide familiar with the meeting was quoted by BuzzFeed’s Rosie Gray that “every time anybody would say anything about ‘what would the Israelis say,’ they’d get cut off and Kerry would say, ‘You have to ignore what they’re telling you, stop listening to the Israelis on this.’”

Whom do the president and secretary of state listen to and put in charge of negotiating a nuclear deal with Iran?  None other than the same person involved in the botched negotiations with North Korea more than a decade ago, Wendy Sherman, the State Department’s Under Secretary for Political Affairs. Sherman fell for North Korea’s deceptions, admitting in congressional testimony in 1999 that she and others in the Clinton administration were “working hard” on “sanctions easing” for North Korea that would “allow for financial transactions, both bank and individual” and “the export and trade of consumer goods.”

Senator Kirk reminded reporters after the briefing with Kerry in which Wendy Sherman participated that “her record on North Korea is a total failure and an embarrassment to her service.” But the Obama administration rewarded her service as an appeaser of North Korea by empowering her to bring her Neville Chamberlain show on the road to Geneva to lead the U.S. delegation in negotiations with Iran. In fact, Sherman thought the draft interim deal she was negotiating with Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif more than a week ago was so good that she and European Union foreign executive Catherine Ashton urged the foreign ministers of the six powers involved in the talks to come to Geneva for a signing ceremony. “The cake is ready for putting in the oven to bake,” she and Ashton are reported to have boasted. Fortunately, the French pulled the cake out of the oven before it had a chance to settle.

Indeed, France is now trying to decide whether to join the Israeli-Saudi opposition to the Obama administration’s half-baked efforts at d├ętente with Iran.
French President Francois Hollande and Foreign Minister Laurent, who branded the deal originally offered to Iran a “sucker’s deal,” are in Israel this week to discuss possible alternative options in dealing with Iran. This follows a number of meetings between French and Saudi Arabian officials, including a visit by French Defense Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian to Saudi Arabia to discuss a new defense contract.
So far, France still gives no indication that it will meekly follow the Obama administration’s lead, no matter what the terms of the deal. During a joint news conference with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Hollande listed four demands which he said must be in place for any interim deal with Iran to work:
“The first demand: put all the Iranian nuclear installations under international supervision, right now. Second point: suspend enrichment to 20 percent. Thirdly: to reduce the existing stock. And finally, to halt construction of the Arak (heavy water) plant. These are the points which for us are essential to guarantee any agreement.”
“Surrender” Sherman and her merry band of negotiators are most likely not listening. They are hopeful for a compromise in the next round of talks scheduled to begin this week in Geneva, which no doubt the Obama administration would spin as a success. Only this time the final judgment on whether the deal is good or not may not rest with the Obama administration alone. Israel, Saudi Arabia and France may render their own verdict and act accordingly.

Washington and Moscow may sound upbeat about the prospects of a signed interim deal at the next round of nuclear negotiations between Iran and the six powers in Geneva Wednesday, Nov. 20.  However, the way ahead is still bristling with mines, more so even than the first round.

Both sides have toughened their positions. In Tehran, President Hassan Rouhani and Foreign Minister Javad Zarif face threats against yielding to Western demands. On the other side, Washington accuses France and Israel of obstructionism to get its proposal removed from the table.

President Francois went into conference with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, after which he laid out four points, “which for us are essential to guarantee any agreement:"  
1) All of Iranian nuclear installations must be placed under international supervision right now.
2)  20-percent enriched uranium enrichment must be suspended.
3)  Existing stocks must be reduced.
This can only be done by exporting a part of this stock or placing it under international control.
4) Construction of the Arak (heavy water) plant to be halted.

Netanyahu, for his part, criticized the emerging deal, without citing the US role, as a permit for Iran to continue manufacturing enough fissile material for assembling a nuclear bomb at three weeks to 26 days’ notice. A good deal, in his view, would dismantle Iran’s capacity to achieve this quantity of fissile material. He repeated that Israel would not be bound by a bad deal and reserved the right to self defense, by itself

Yakov Amidror – until recently Netanyahu’s national security adviser - said that the Israeli Air Force had for years been practicing long-range flights in preparation for covering the 2,000km distance to Iran for a potential air strike on its nuclear facilities.
In an interview run by the Financial Times Monday, he said that these drills must show up on any Middle East radar screen. Amidror went on to say: We aren’t America, which obviously has greater capabilities than we do, but we still have sufficient to stall the Iranian program for a long time.  

Amidror’s remarks followed the latest US intelligence report which evaluates Israel’s capacity in a lone attack on Iran to stall Iran’s nuclear program for seven to 10 years.  

Also see:

In a highly risky undertaking Fukushima plant operators have finally begun removing over 1,500 nuclear fuel rods from one of the four reactors at its damaged nuclear power plant in northeastern Japan on Monday.

The operation is expected to take at least a year hailed as a key first step toward a full cleanup of the plant. 

With the help of robots and cranes, the workers will attempt to cautiously transfer 1,331 spent fuel rods and 202 new ones from the damaged reactor pool to a more reliable storage facility. If these rods break or overheat, radioactive gases could be released into the atmosphere, however, prompting a self-sustained nuclear chain reaction. 

While the full decommissioning of the plant is expected to take decades, the company said it plans to remove 22 rods over the course of two days. A giant crane equipped with a remote- controlled pincer will be lowered into the pool and hook onto the rods, placing them inside a 91-ton cask which will be loaded on to a trailer and taken to a new storage pool. 

Japan’s Nuclear Regulation Authority has assigned an inspector to keep an eye on the dangerous operation, as well as video monitoring of the removal site. 

In the view of America’s spy services, the next potential threat from Russia may not come from a nefarious cyberweapon or secrets gleaned from the files of Edward J. Snowden, the former National Security Agency contractor now in Moscow.

Instead, this menace may come in the form of a seemingly innocuous dome-topped antenna perched atop an electronics-packed building surrounded by a security fence somewhere in the United States.

In recent months, the Central Intelligence Agency and the Pentagon have been quietly waging a campaign to stop the State Department from allowing Roscosmos, the Russian space agency, to build about half a dozen of these structures, known as monitor stations, on United States soil, several American officials said.

They fear that these structures could help Russia spy on the United States and improve the precision of Russian weaponry, the officials said. These monitor stations, the Russians contend, would significantly improve the accuracy and reliability of Moscow’s version of the Global Positioning System, the American satellite network that steers guided missiles to their targets and thirsty smartphone users to the nearest Starbucks.

The Russian effort is part of a larger global race by several countries — including China and European Union nations — to perfect their own global positioning systems and challenge the dominance of the American GPS.

Russia’s efforts have also stirred concerns on Capitol Hill, where members of the intelligence and armed services committees view Moscow’s global positioning network — known as Glonass, for Global Navigation Satellite System — with deep suspicion and are demanding answers from the administration.
“I would like to understand why the United States would be interested in enabling a GPS competitor, like Russian Glonass, when the world’s reliance on GPS is a clear advantage to the United States on multiple levels,” said Representative Mike D. Rogers, Republican of Alabama, the chairman of a House Armed Services subcommittee.
Mr. Rogers last week asked the Pentagon to provide an assessment of the proposal’s impact on national security. The request was made in a letter sent to Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, Secretary of State John Kerry and the director of national intelligence, James R. Clapper Jr.
The monitor stations have been a high priority of Mr. Putin for several years as a means to improve Glonass not only to benefit the Russian military and civilian sectors but also to compete globally with GPS.


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Caver said...

Well, ain't this just honky dory. If ever one needed proof we're in the last days and everything is upside down, inverted, and staggering into corners and off cliffs.

“President Pinocchio” is being exposed and it appears the Lord is allowing the mask to be ripped off much of the evil in DC.

The US is proving to be the Judas of Israel and France is riding in on the white horse. Wow, they're actually standing up and making a difference while "Gollywhamper" President Hope-n-Change Pinocchio is running around with a sharp object looking for Bibi's back but falling on the dern thing himself.

Well, if he is going to take the country least we're getting some entertainment value out of it. Geepers, I got fishing poles that ain't as long as his nose. Bet its downright dangerous to get in front of that thing if he gets a head cold or sinus infection.

Today would be a grand day, Lord Jesus. A grand day....but our Father's will, not ours.

harnessandleash said...

Ahaha-- thanks, Caver, for the chuckle. There's an old quote that says, “When truth is replaced by silence, the silence is a lie.” How true is that about the Obama regime? They're silent on everything until they are forced to try and save face. But, of course, we know it's not their "face" that needs saving.

For Pinocchio's upcoming, massive "head cold," I recommend Kleenex Anti-Viral tissues. Better yet, he might be better off if he just eats the box!

Sandra said...

Hi everyone,
As always, I enjoy everyone's comments...
Do you think maybe God is giving your president a message? Correct if I am wrong but is he not from Chicage, Illinois? Illinois was the hardest hit last night in the storms and last week they confirmed the temors in Chicago were earthquake related..

Be blessed

Alice said...

Sandra, yes that, and we're about to make gay marriage legal. The legislation has passed and is awaiting our wonderful governor's signature. :(

Mrs.C said...

"Sandra" ,
There are MANY Born Again Christians in Chicago, and the State of Ill. Gods Judgement?, if that is what you are suggesting, is not for them, right?

Mrs.C said...

Well Brothers and Sisters, it appears that Israel has finally had enough of the treason from president zero...looks like Israel (who has nothing to loose at this point), is returning the favor with leaks of their own! CALLING out the wanna be Caesar of this land, and his PURE EVIL, THE HEAD DEMON aka "Valerie"...


GG2013 said...


I am not sure what you are saying? I suspect we are going to see some more posters supposedly from Chicago chime in here too? So sad for the games over something so very real to those of us who really live here. Of course we will see these real life examples used elsewhere on sites by people for amusing pleasures only. I would hope not to see this today and this person(s) knows what I am speaking to. People have died, this is not amusing to be fake.

What I can tell you and we know you know, is since 2008 it seems whenever there is a major action or as usual bad decisions that goes against Gods word; I believe IMHO the weather has been used to roll through the Midwest as a great awakening. This pattern is strong and dangerous and unlike the years gone by. Seeing bowing and flexing windows (and they are new) is the norm on the semi-strong to medium strength. Dishes rattle and the house feels like it is twisting in things like yesterday's storm, yet glory be to God for sparing our community through his grace.

It can certainly seem as a wake up call overall to remind us all that God is speaking always. From the Capitol to the back alleys of the city, the rumblings on the land are speaking to the people if they will wake up. Sadly, there are still many who are caught up in the things that run counter what God asks of us.

This so called earthquake, well that is still debatable. One minute it was in a so called location, then it was supposedly tracked to a factory, then supposedly to a rock quarry to which that owner says is not.

Lies, lies and more lies. This will happen to many places too. Right now I can only speak by experience and tracking that he is sending some messages across all the lands. This is not to fill others with conspiracy theories but to understand the power of our Father. We are to act for good, doing his will, and anything less we will know when he speaks. If some don't, we saved ones can certainly use times like this to teach.

This should prove to be a very interesting week.

God Bless!!


Mrs.C said...

Have been Praying for you Dear Sister GG! PRAISE GOD, you and yours are safe! Big Hug!

Dutch Treat said...

Last night on the news I saw a clip of the tornado coming right at either a house or church with someone reciting the Lord's Prayer. AS he was reciting it I noticed the tornado gone and moving in another direction. So yes there are many Born Again Christians living even in the affected areas. AS for Obama's nose, it's long enough to hang out all the dirty laundry in DC with plenty of room to spare.

AudioOutlaw said...
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Unknown said...


I really enjoy your posts and not everyone is judgmental here on this blog. Please continue to post.

Mrs. C is a sister in Christ. Let's not all jump on her. If you think she is too judgmental, pray for her in love. Let's remember to do all things in the glory of God. We'll all see each other in heaven some day, so let's start getting along, and loving each other. Really loving each other.

I can't thank Scott enough for this wonderful blog. It has blessed me much.

Stephen said...

WOW !!!!

a lot of comments.

sorry for the late update, I was
at the dentist.


UP we go, UP we go.

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Scott said...

Hey guys,

I just got back in late tonight - We were worshiping with Hillsong in Greensboro and it was awesome - an amazing worship experience.

I saw a bunch of comments and read a couple and immediately just started deleting - I have no idea who said what, and I probably deleted some good - 'unrelated' posts and my apologies to anyone who was deleted by my haste.

I did want to leave up what Ray L said though, and his words are very wise (thank you for that Ray).

Its just so weird to come back from such a great worship experience, with about 20,000 people - all from different denominations, different views etc., but we all love Jesus with all of our hearts, and come together in worship. Right at the moment I am feeling immersed in the Love of Christ and doing nothing but contemplating His massive love for us, and His sacrifice on the cross for us.

Take a look at Ray's words and contemplate

Caver said...

Very interesting! Paid close attention to all the news outlets yesterday, even Rush. Nobody except Glen Beck has had the guts to report on this one. Hope it doesn't slide under the radar and go unnoticed by the public, especially our Jewish citizens.

It certainly sounds like Bibi has made the decision to authorize a few leaks of his own in payment and warning to our Pinocchio-N-Chief.

One fine day said...

Be blessed!