Saturday, July 6, 2013

Turmoil In Egypt Threatens Israel

Egyptian, Israeli Military Alerts Prompted By Islamist Mutiny Threat From Sinai

A new Egyptian crisis arena:  the Egyptian and Israeli armies Friday, July 5, raised their alert levels on either side of the Sinai border after the Muslim Brotherhood declared Sinai its center of revolt and revenge for the Egyptian army’s ouster of Mohamed Morsi as president Wednesday, July 3.

Following a multiple Islamist attack in northern Sinai, the Egyptian army went on high alert in the Suez and North Sinai provinces. The Sinai border crossings to the Gaza Strip and Israel were closed. The army spokesman in Cairo denied declaring an emergency – only a heightened alert.

Egyptian forces also shut down all three underground passages running from the mainland to Sinai  under the Suez Canal. Egypt’s Third Army was deployed to secure them, under the command of Maj. Gen. Osama Askar.
Further measures imposed for guarding Suez Canal cargo and oil shipping against possible rocket fire from central Sinai included the stationing along its banks of Patriot anti-missile batteries and anti-air weapons systems

Around one-third of the world’s oil supplies from the Persian Gulf pass through the Suez Canal on their way to the Mediterranean and Europe.

These emergency measures were clamped down Friday after the Muslim Brotherhood established a Sinai "War Council" to mount a rebellion against the army in collaboration with the radical Palestinian Hamas and Jihad Islami as well as the al Qaeda-linked Salafist groups in the Gaza Strip and Sinai.

The ousted Muslim Brotherhood’s strategy is seen by intelligence sources as designed to transform the Sinai Peninsula into an area of revolt and a base for attacking Israel. They are counting on the army having its hands too full with maintaining security in the mainland cities of Cairo, Alexandria and the Nile Delta 

The new Sinai War Council set up by Morsi’s followers released a video tape threatening that “rebel’ forces would target any army and police personnel found in Sinai in retribution for the military coup.

The new Islamist coalition launched its “revolt” Thursday night, July 4, by firing a couple of Grad rockets at Eilat. They exploded harmlessly outside Israel’s southernmost town. Israel’s military spokesman has drawn a curtain of secrecy of the event. However, the IDF’s Adom Brigade and its three sub-units, along with the Gaza division, were known to have been placed on high alert.

The Islamist Sinai War Council struck again Friday morning, with a multiple attack by Salafist gunmen associated with Hamas and Jihad Islami in northern Sinai. They fired rocket-propelled grenades, mortars and heavy machine guns at Egyptian military intelligence headquarters in northern in Rafah and El Arish airport as well as several Egyptian military and border guard facilities.

Our sources report they attacked in wave after wave, the gunmen shooting from heavy machine guns and rocket launchers mounted on minivan as they raced around. Army helicopter gun ships were finally brought in to halt the assault. No word on casualties or the scale of episode has been released.

What's more important right now is how the transition will affect threats emanating from the border region.
With the Egyptian army busy keeping control in Egypt's major population centers, there is little doubt that various terror groups, and even the Muslim Brotherhood's more radical elements, will take the opportunity to strengthen their position in Sinai. From there, they can launch attacks on southern Israel, or assist Hamas in doing the same from Gaza.
There also remains the possibility, minor as it may seem at present, that the Muslim Brotherhood will not take this coup lying down, and something similar to Syria's civil war could erupt in Egypt.
For now, Israelis, like their leaders, are "watching the situation closely."

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Stephen said...

Scott, i think you better read
this soon.....

it is very very creepy...

Stephen >>>>>>

PS >>>>> why would Obama need to do this ?? do they KNOW about
the rapture ?? I wonder....

Stephen said...

the article mentioned a COSMIC DISASTER.


I wonder.....

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>

Scott said...

Stephen. Couple of thoughts (re-first article). Its strange, because 20 years ago, if I had seen this article, I would have immediately dismissed it. In today's world, it seems plausible and it is consistent with what we have been reading elsewhere. That alone underscores what strange, surreal times we are living, the very fact that its in play. I need to go back and see this 'cosmic disaster'; it slipped by me last nite.

Bella G. said...

Good Morning!

I seen that earlier this week. The first thing I thought of was the Trayvon Martin trial. Are they going to let him get off? Which would start a riot? The article I read stated that He needed them in case of a riot. Which would also bring about Martial Law....just a thought.

Also Scott, I have read a lot of articles on what is happening in Egypt, and they mentioned Isaiah 19. Can you give me your thoughts on this?

Thanks for all the information you provide to us! :)

Stephen said...

Scott. I think you better check into this right away, when u get a chance.

I think Israel JUST did it again.

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>

Scott said...


Isaiah 19 isn't something that I have ever studied extensively, so its not 'my area' of expertise. Having said that, I do have a few thoughts. (I believe Mrs C has studied this one more than I have) - anyway - for a variety of reasons, I do believe it is a future prophecy and to me, it would make sense that it would happen sometime in the post Isa 17 scenario and probably post Gog-MaGog (this is me speculating so take it with a grain of salt) - I believe it is part of Israel taking part of Egypt, again, in the aftermath of the above. I don't see it as happening during the Tribulation, but I suppose it could (would just be more difficult IMO). Maybe we'll see soon.

Stephen, thats a very very interesting development and I'll be scanning the news a lot to see what the follow-up is on this.