Saturday, July 27, 2013

Israel Gives Up More And More - Palestinians Asked For Nothing

As usual. The so-called 'Palestinians' are only asked to recognize the right of Israeli existence and they have yet to even do that. Israel is asked to retreat into indefensible borders - the 'Palestinians' are asked for nothing in return. Israel is asked to give up Jerusalem - the 'Palestinians' are asked nothing. Israel gives up Gaza - removes Israeli citizens from their homes - by force and receives weekly missile fire while the 'Palestinians' give up nothing. It goes on and on. Today, we just see the latest in this ongoing effort:

Israel has decided to raise the number of prisoners that it will release from 82 to 104 as a condition for the Palestinians to return to the negotiating table, Israel Radio reported on Saturday.
Israel increased the number of people to be freed after the Palestinians threatened that they would not attend the opening meeting of talks that is scheduled to take place next week in Washington according to the report that cited a source with knowledge of the negotiations.
The decision to release Israeli-Arab prisoners as a goodwill gesture to the Palestinians contravenes Israeli policy not to allow the Palestinian Authority to intervene in Israeli-Arab affairs, the report stressed. 

It was revealed in the Knesset briefing that all of the prisoners to be released had blood on their hands and were serving life sentences.

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas said "happy news" about the Palestinian prisoners would be announced Sunday, Israel Radio reported quoting the Xinhua News Agency.
"You should follow the Israeli media tomorrow, because there will be happy  announcements with regard to the prisoners," Abbas said at a press conference in Ramallah on Saturday.

Israel has agreed to release 24 Israeli Arab prisoners serving life sentences who were incarcerated before the 1993 Oslo Accords, having already agreed to free 82 pre-Oslo Palestinian prisoners, Israel Radio reported Saturday. The releases would be carried out in phases, the radio report said, in parallel with progress at Israeli-Palestinian peace talks which are set to resume next week.

If true, this would appear to mean all the pre-Oslo prisoners would go free as the talks continue. The Palestinian Authority had long sought the prisoners’ release as a precondition for resuming talks, a demand Israel refused. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had reportedly long been offering to free several dozen of the pre-Oslo prisoners, many of whom were convicted for terrorist crimes involving multiple murders, but had balked at releasing them all.

US Secretary of State John Kerry announced in Amman on July 19 that a basis for the resumption of negotiations had been worked out and that Israeli and Palestinian negotiators could be expected in Washington within a week or so. However, in the following days Palestinian officials claimed that the framework for the negotiations was not fully resolved — and restated their demands for the release of pre-Oslo Palestinian prisoners and for the use of the pre-1967 lines as the basis for negotiations on a Palestinian state.

"Global jihad is at our doorstep," said the head of Israel's Military Intelligence this week.
Unlike our media and politicians, Major-General Aviv Kochavi is paid to see reality without fear or favor, and to tell it like it is.

In fact, historians may date the start of the Global Jihad to October 1979 -- to the Islamic Revolution in Iran, after Jimmy Carter betrayed our loyal ally the shah of Iran to the most cruel and oppressive reactionary ideology in the world.  That was the first major explosion of Muslim imperialism in modern times.  Iran is now moving toward nukes and missile production, with the quiet consent of Barack Hussein Obama.
Today, the most radical rebel faction in Syria has declared that it wants to establish an Islamic caliphate there.  The other word for "caliphate" is "empire," and Islam is an imperialistic ideology, just as surely as Soviet Communism and the Nazis.

Our entire political class, including our filthy media, have colluded with mass-murdering regimes in the global jihad, just as they did during the Cold War and the beginning of World War II.
It is who they are.

Telling a suppressed truth is always clarifying.  It allows us to see the enemy clearly, and to identify his de facto allies.  It tells us who we are, and who is with us in this generational challenge to our values and our survival as a nation.  Like the FDR administration, which was penetrated by Soviet intelligence at or near the very top, the Obama administration is penetrated by the global jihad and its friends on the Western left.  We are seeing a new Hitler-Stalin pact, fully as serious as the one in 1938, which meant the betrayal of Poland, and soon, the final rush to open war.

Clashes erupted early Saturday in Cairo between security forces and supporters of Egypt’s ousted president Mohammed Morsi, killing at least 38 protesters and overwhelming field hospitals with the wounded, a medic said, in an outburst of violence that deepens the battle lines in the country’s political crisis.

The carnage overnight near the month-old sit-in held by Morsi’s supporters is likely to harden the resolve of the deposed leader’s camp, who described the latest bloodshed as a “massacre.” On the other side of the political divide, the military-backed interim leadership appears to feel emboldened to move against Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood following mass rallies on Friday in support of a crackdown against the ousted president and his Islamist allies.

We know that world is sliding into socialism-->communism-->totalitarianism. We see it every day. But what is amazing, is the number of people who support this form of government, even though it has been proven to be a complete failure throughout the world and throughout history. Obviously, for some reason, this fact escapes many many people around the globe. For the unsaved, they will have the opportunity to live in their dream world utopia for a 7 year period. We'll see how that works out for them.

Meanwhile, Daniel Greenfield, the “Sultan Knish,” explores the desperate final days of America’s most dangerous city and writes its obituary, in a read-the-whole-thing post tilted “So Long Detroit”:
The crisis of the city is that it has become a welfare state, not just in fact, but in orientation. The city exists to take care of people who won’t take care of themselves. That makes it something between a homeless shelter and a state institution. And to rephrase Groucho Marx, the city may be a wonderful institution, but who wants to live in an institution? Especially one whose chief appeal is to the people dragging it down, not those lifting it up?
The city’s troubles are America’s troubles. A thriving economy can support a welfare state, but a welfare state cannot be an economy. A country or a city needs a purpose that goes beyond providing services for populations that are incapable of doing the least smallest thing for themselves. Without that purpose, it is already a failed state.
Detroit exists to provide welfare for much of its population and to provide government jobs for the people taking care of them. And like those populations where generations collect welfare checks, shop with food stamps and aspire to no future other than the perpetuation of this way of life, the city that they live in has no future.

As with Detroit, what’s good for Anthony Weiner is also the destruction of America, at least as it was once defined.
Just as Detroit is the terminal destination for America’s “Progressively” governed-cities, Anthony Weiner is the endgame for leftwing politicians. He had no experience in business or in the military before entering politics straight out of college, initially as a staffer for another leftwing political lifer, Chuck Schumer. He has zero charisma as a public speaker. He has no vision for where he’d like to see the nation go. He’s in politics strictly for himself, because, well, what else is he going to do?
As Kyle Smith noted in April, what business would hire him? Other than MSNBC, I guess. He’s running for the mayor of New York simply because that’s what you do when you have no other career prospects. Say what you will about Michael Bloomberg, and we’ve said plenty over the years, but at least he had a lengthy business career, first at the bond-trading firm Salomon Brothers, and then forming his own diversified company, before deciding to run for mayor of one the most important cities in New York.
For Weiner, that’s just what you do next, after resigning from Congress in disgrace.
In a sane world, a major news organization would look at Weiner’s nonexistent real-world C.V. and laugh if he said he’d like to be handed the keys to Gracie Mansion. Instead, the New York Times and Time-Warner-CNN-HBO-owned People were both quite happy to grease the skids for Weiner’s election bid in service to their party, up until the point where he – again – made a fool of himself.
Shortly before Weiner resigned in 2011, when the late (and sorely missed) Andrew Breitbart served as the opening act forthe Greatest Press Conference of All Time, Ever, I quoted Nietzsche’s warning in 1885′s Also sprach Zarathustra,“Alas, the time of the most despicable man is coming, he that is no longer able to despise himself. Behold, I show you the last man.”
Behold: this week, we’ve witnessed the last American city, and the last Democrat.


Anonymous said...

How's this for global Jihad ? This is todays headlines (keep in mind its Saturday) 100 killed 1,000 wounded in Egypt , Mosque bombing in Pakistan , Car bomb in Afghanistan , bombing in Rwanda , Malians fleeing in the thousands , bombing in the Philippines , Rioting in Tunisia , bombing in Somalia and who knows how many died in Syria today ? That's just todays headlines and its only an hour after noon .

As for the Palestinians having to admit Israel is a Jewish state , I think you are being a little harsh on them . It takes at least 57 facial muscles to verbally do so . That's a lot of work.

Peace Nathan

Scott said...

Egypt is a complete mess. I have no idea how that will turn out (other than what happens w Israel) - but in terms of the details. What is interesting is the developing relationship with Russia