Friday, August 14, 2009

Swine Flu Vaccine

The article below is another summary of the Swine Flu vaccine as written by a physician. I'm not sure I agree with every word in the article but he makes two very good points: this vaccine is being sent out with virtually NO safety testing and the government has created a scenario in which it will be very difficult to successfully file a lawsuit if significant adverse effects result from the vaccine. Essentially, those people receiving the vaccine are the test subjects. One MUST consider the "risk-benefit" of taking this vaccine for this relatively mild flu. Additionally, the apparent "rise" in the numbers of people getting the Swine Flu are now suspect, as anyone with similar symptoms (people who could have an array of non-Swine Flu virus') are now being counted as having "Swine Flu"; thus the numbers that we read are becoming suspect.

Note: I am not "anti-pharmaceutical", nor am I against Pharma companies making profit, nor am I categorically against childhood vaccines. This Swine-Flu situation, and its vaccine however, is VERY atypical and deserves CLOSE attention.

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