Saturday, August 8, 2009

Its all about Jerusalem

Just as the prophet Zechariah informed us so many years ago. In the first five verses of Zechariah 12, we find that Jerusalem would be the focus of "all nations", all of whom would be aligned against her. He also informed us that all who tried to "move" this "immovable rock" would injure themselves; in other words, attempting to remove Jerusalem from the Nation of Israel, including dividing it, splitting it or giving it away, will all end poorly for those nations involved. The U.S. was not listed as being an exception to this rule. Food for thought.

Today, we see two pertinent articles coming from the Middle-East regarding Jerusalem as part of the so-called peace process:

"All of Jerusalem must be returned before negotiations".


"Fatah: We'll sacrifice victims until Jerusalem is ours"

We see from these articles and the various quotes, that now Israel must give up ALL of Jerusalem before there will be peace in the region. Quote: "The status of Jerusalem as the future capital of a Palestinian state is a red line that no Palestinian leader is permitted to cross, President Mahmoud Abbas' ruling Fatah faction declared in the West Bank on Saturday."

"According to Israel Radio, the paper does not make a distinction between eastern and western halves of the capital, nor does it distinguish between the territories within the Israeli side of the Green Line and the areas captured by Israel in the 1967 Six-Day War." (note: that Six-Day War when Israel was unexpectedly invaded and was forced (again) to defend themselves, but I digress...)

Its all happening according to plan. Just as foretold, Jerusalem is the main obsticle to peace in the Middle-East. Once again, the prophets of God are 100% accurate; we shouldn't be surprised.

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