Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Just another day in Israel

If you read the Jerusalem Post, or any of the other main publications in Israel, you will see the same news that we find today. This kind of news won't be seen in the U.S., as such news doesn't fit with the anti-Israel agenda of both the main stream media or the current administration:

"Two mortar shells strike kibbutz near Ashkelon; one lightly hurt"


"Soldier Wounded in Mortar Attack, Terrorist Killed"

Just another day in Israel; missiles fired from Gaza or southern Lebanon into Israel, intended to terrorize the citizens of Israel. The world turns and looks away. However, when Israel decides to take action with attempts to destroy such missile launching facilities - they are typically accused of "bloodshed" or killing "innocent settlers" in or around these missile launching bases.

If the news IS carried by the U.S. media, the focus will be centered on the fact that these missiles are inefficient, and "usually" don't hit or kill Israeli citizens. This is supposed to somehow make it "OK" and not newsworthy. Imagine the U.S. response if terrorists were embedded around the Mexican border, and they launched missiles into U.S. cities such as San Diego on a daily basis. But hey, this is Israel, so who cares?

Its important to note these missile attacks before an Israeli response. Because we'll all see any Israeli response on the nightly news, as we'll see how "horrible" Israel is, as they randomly and gleefully kill "innocent Palestinians" just for sport. Or so the media paints the situation.

The expectations of the "world" for Israel:

- Continue to allow the surrounding terrorists groups to send missiles into Israeli cities. Don't complain, don't fight back.
- Continue to "negotiate" with these exact same groups, so that they can have yet more Israeli land, and pretend that their agenda isn't to completely destroy Israel - while pretending that "land for peace" remains a viable option.
- Continue to ignore Iran's rapid obsession with nuclear weapons, and "trust" that the international community will successfully "negotiate" with Iran.

Another day in Israel; more missiles sent into Israel. Just turn your heads and look away - after all only one soldier was injured, so whats the big deal?

And while we're at it, why is Israel so reluctant to give away more land? Don't they want peace? If they JUST give up the West Bank, the Golan Heights, and Jerusalem, THEN we'll see peace in the Middle-East.

Such actions would effectively take the region back to the coveted "pre-1967" borders. That is, the borders that existed prior to the 1967 invasion of Israel by surrounding terrorist-backed states, when Israel fought back (how DARE them) and in the process of defending themselves during this invasion/war, took back these land areas.

If Israel will JUST do this one simple act - giving this land back, then all will be well. Peace will be assured.

As a simple-minded person, I just have one question. If Israel gives up this land (West Bank, Golan Heights, Jerusalem), effectively going back to the "pre-1967" borders, in efforts to create permanent peace -----> then I have to ask this obvious question.

Why did these groups invade Israel in 1967 when they DID have these borders?


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