Tuesday, May 19, 2009

More News:

More news articles are coming out regarding President Obama's Middle-East plan.

"Obama to Propose New Peace Plan for Middle East

"Peres welcomes new US peace push"

What we have thus far from the articles above:

- President Obama will propose a new peace plan for the Middle East that will "emphasize the whole region".

- The plan will insist on "moves by Arab states as well as [Israel]".

- Obama will unveil his plan when he visits Cairo next month (June).

- Jordan's King Abdullah II stated the following "We expect an announcement from the US administration" and it is expected that the United States is expected to unveil a plan to relaunch Arab-Israeli peace negotiations.

President Obama is scheduled to travel to the Middle-East next month and there, he will roll out a new peace plan for Israel and the surrounding region. This should be interesting and definitely worth watching.

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