Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Israel stands alone

Bible prophecy is definitive about one central point in the "end times", and that point is that Israel will stand alone in the world, with no "earthly" support. I say no "earthly" support, because God will certianly stand with Israel during the last days, as shown dramatically in the passages of Ezekiel 38-39. When the epic invasion of Israel takes place, as described by Ezekiel, there are no nations standing with Israel. Only God. Zachariah 12:3 also makes the same point:

"On that day, when ALL the nations of earth are gathered against her, I will make Jerusalem an immovable rock for ALL the nations."

It is clear that the Obama administration sees no urgency in dealing with Iran, rather, preferring "talks" with Iran. This is despite the fact that a decade of "talks" has produced nothing - not a shred of progress has been made. Iran has made a mockery of so-called "talks", while they race towards nuclear arms. Even today we see Iran boasting of their missile capability:
"Ahmadinejah claims Iran's new missile capable of hitting Israel". Now thats a call for peace isn't it? It is painfully obvious that Iran has NO designs on peace. Yet, the U.S. administration pretends that "talks" can be effective.

At the same time we see Leon Panetta, representing the U.S. (as head of the CIA), literally threatening Israel, that if they attempt to deal with Iran, alone, then they will be in "big trouble" (read here). In other words, it has become clear this week, that the U.S. is unwilling to take the Iranian threat seriously. Period. Israel must take the situation seriously, as their very existence is in question.

America, the last country left on this planet who support(ed) Israel is now abandoning that support, during this most critical time, while Israel's very existence is being threatened by a radical Islamic nation - a nation on the verge of nuclear weapons.

It is painfully clear (unless something changes - and with God involved, anything is possible) that Israel now stands alone in this world. America has made it clear that Israel must patiently "wait" while pretending that "talks" with Iran will be effective, all the while knowing that is impossible. All the while, watching Iran race towards completion of nuclear warheads.

Mr. Netanyahu knows that talks will be ineffective. He knows Israel's existence is at stake. Israel knows that she can accomplish this mission against Iran "alone".

Its all shaping up exactly as described in the bible. Everything we see today - almost every pertinent headline - can be found in the prophetic scriptures.

Israel stands alone. But God is patiently watching and waiting for His time. That time will be soon. As stated by God Himself, in terms of dealing with Israel's enemies in the last days (Ezekiel 39:21):

"I will display my glory among the nations, and all the nations will see the punishment I inflict and the hand I lay upon them..."

"And so I will show my greatness and my holiness, and I will make myself known in the sight of many nations." (Ezekiel 38:23)

God has made it abundantly clear that HE still stands with Israel. He also issued a warning (Zechariah 12:3) to those countries attempting to divide Jerusalem, which is called for in the current peace plans that the U.S. fully supports:

"I will make Jerusalem an immovable rock for ALL the nations. All who try to move it will injure themselves ("cut into pieces")."

The U.S. administration is pushing the plan with great enthusiasm - a plan which will divide Jerusalem, giving its most essential land to Israel's enemies.

God is watching this situation. He is watching the countries align themselves against Israel. He is watching all of the attempts to divide Jerusalem, and give away the very land that He granted to Abraham, in His everlasting covenant. He has also issued warnings to those countries involved.

Is anyone listening to God's word?


KarenD said...

Thanks, Scott, for all your efforts to keep us enlightened.

I wish we knew more about what really went on in the meetings. I found an interesting description of the Obama meeting from an Israeli blog. It begins by describing a scene from the Oslo conference:

" As a Christian, aren’t you afraid of the final price you’ll pay for forcing Israel to cede land to murderers?”

"Silence, followed by a shocked murmur that spread through the White House “reporters”! Clinton’s face turned crimson. Hesitating, he started to answer just as the host announced that the press conference was over."

"The whole nation was watching the conference, and as we walked to his car people recognized him [the journalist], congratulated him, and actually applauded him. And not a word was written about the man, nor the question that blew apart the choreographed press fiasco of Oslo, Rabin, and Clinton."

"The Obama-Netanyahu conference was even more staged than this. The room was small, the reporters handpicked and left standing for the cameras, for whatever psychological advantage there is in that. Netanyahu and Obama sat in a one-on-one “friendly” discussion. Netanyahu clearly had been previously threatened, and his face was ashen, but Obama was not in a nice mood either."

"He wanted to start on giving away the ship to the Palestinians, while Netanyahu desired an Iran-first diplomacy. “But,” he reiterated, “Israel will not surprise America with an attack.” Like it could. To get to Iran, Israeli planes would have to overfly American-held Iraq, or America’s ally Saudi Arabia, at which point it would find itself in a dogfight with the American Air Force. Big concession."

"They both stared each other down as they spoke, and they found excuses to agree on anything available. But they fooled no one. It’s endgame-for-Israel time, and Netanyahu tried to delay Obama’s final diplomacy. But so did Begin, and Carter forced him to betray his ideals. But so did Rabin, and Clinton got him to betray Israel’s basic security."

"Now it’s Netanyahu’s turn, and give it time; Obama will make him betray his country or Israel is doomed to be friendless in this world. That was the not-so-rigged message of the choreographed Obama-Netanyahu press conference."

Wow- - thoughts?

Scott said...

Thats interesting. I was (still am) considering posting an article found on WND. I hesitate because the information comes from an "unverified" source, but its very consistent with what you are saying, and the onformation is consistent with everything else.

The WND (World Net Daily) article stated that the US (Panetta et al) is telling Israel to basically "deal with it" in terms of accepting that Iran will have nukes. The same consistent pattern that you describe.

As many of us predicted - the US will do nothing to help Israel now. Also - there have been suggestions that the US would actually support Iran if such a conflict becomes a reality.

But again, the US abandoninn Israel is prophetic. It HAD to happen at some point - according to prophecy - and like most things, we're watching it play out.

Don't worry - Israel has a "friend" and He is FAR FAR more powerful than the US :)

Unknown said...

Biblical prophecy unfolding before your eyes.

Unknown said...

Peace be to Israel and peace to everyone who supports her.