Friday, May 8, 2009

EU closer to a permanent presidency

In one interesting bit of news today; news that won't get much public attention, but for prophecy watchers is very interesting - we discover that the EU is rapidly moving towards ratification of the "Lisbon treaty". What is the Lisbon treaty?
To understand this and the potential prophetic significance, one has to go back several years in the development of the EU.

For years, the EU attempted to have a unifying constitution signed by every country. Back then, the idea was to have each country take a country-wide vote (ie, the citizens of each country) from each country in order to formalize the EU. There were three countries who refused to vote positively for the constitution: France, Netherlands and UK.

So. In an interesting development, the EU decided that it would shelve the idea of having the constitution formally ratified and instead shifted to the "Lisbon treaty" - which effectively accomplished the same things as the constitution. It does not require a "vote" from the citizens of each country. One of the most interesting aspects of the Lisbon treaty (and there are many), is that once ratified, it will create a "permanent" EU president. Currently the EU presidency rotates on a six-month basis, among member states.

We know that biblical prophecy calls for the antichrist to rise from the revived Roman Empire, aka the EU. Therefore any position which becomes very powerful within the EU is worth watching. A "permanent" president of the EU most definitely fits in that category.

Previously, it looked like the Czech Republic and Ireland would be the only "hold-outs", refusing to go along with the Lisbon treaty. Primarily because of the economic situation, the Senate of the Czech Republic is now backing the Lisbon treaty, making it far more likely that all 27 members of the EU will now ratify this treaty.

The news article describing this scenario, (read here), is also stating that Ireland now has the votes for approval. That would remove the last obstacles standing in the way for the Lisbon treaty ratification and a permanent presidency for the EU.

Perhaps even more interesting in this "watch" is the fact that Tony Blair has been quietly lobbying for this top position within the EU. It is still early in the process, but he seems to be the leader for this presidency. New names could emerge and Mr. Blair is certianly not a lock for the job, however many publications are already making the assumption that he is the frontrunner. We shall see; this is most definitely worth watching.

Meanwhile, there seems to be more and more concensus on a peace plan for Israel and the Palestinians, which is rapidly developing (read here). Quotes from this article:

"Palestinian sources in Ramallah said on Wednesday, thet they expect the Obama administration to force a new peace plan of its own on Israel and the Palestinians next month."

"The American plan would, however, have the support of the European Union, the United Nations and Russia, said the sources. It would deal with a final settlement of the Arab-Israeli conflict, including relations with Syria and Lebanon. It would also mention the establishment of full diplomatic relations between Israel and Arab states."

There is only one glaring problem with this peace plan. The Palestinians, Hamas, and Hezbollah - all surrounding Israel and pivitol to such peace - refuse to declare that Israel has a right to exist. But the world refuses to admit to this rather delicate problem. We all turn our collective heads ("we" being the media, heads of state, the representatives of the EU, US, Russia and the EU) and pretend that the surrounding terrorists - those who must "buy-in" to the agreement - are not continually calling for the destruction of Israel.

If it weren't so sad and prophetic, it would be hilarious. But its not hilarious; its symptomatic of the state of affairs in the world today.

We know from bible prophecy that the peace plan, or the "covenant" which the antichrist brokers, will be confirmed with the "many" (Danial 9:27). Does this refer to the concensus being gathered by the "quartet", which is represented by the EU, UN, US and Russia? Note the news quote above, that each of these countries are moving towards agreement of the so-called peace plan now circulating.

Everything is moving towards the "end game". We see the EU growing and growing; now close to formal ratification of the Lisbon treaty and closer to a formal, permanent presidency...We see the "final solution" to a peace plan in the Middle-East being circulated with great urgency...We see Iran moving closer and closer to nuclear arms, while calling for the destruction of Israel...We see the Med Union now broken into two halves (north and south)...We see the world moving towards a single currency and most definitely global regulation...We see calls for a global governance...We watch the technology advance which would allow for the "Mark of the Beast" to come into existance...We watch the alliances of "Gog-MaGog" (Ezekiel 38-39) strengthing and threatening Israel on a daily basis...and on and on it goes.

As previously mentioned, but worth repeating, all of the end times prophecy signs that we have been given scripturally are present and accounted for. Not only that, but these signs are moving rapidly towards conclusion. Its almost hard to believe, but its all right there - right in front of us to watch and observe. We were given these signs in advance - and they are all happening, just as described.

As many prophecy watchers - I too believe that we are very very close to the beginnings of the Tribulation. We are also very very close to seeing Jesus' words conclude:

"When these things begin to take place, stand up and lift your heads, because your redemption is drawing near" (Luke 21:28)


Anonymous said...

Thank you Scott. I now understand the Lisbon treaty much better. Am wondering what a "permanent" president might mean. If there will be term limits or if it means president for life.


Briefcase said...

Permanent as opposed to the current rotating six-month presidency, held not by persons, but by national governments. No doubt the new presidency will have term limits.

Scott said...

Its a 2.5 year position; for some reason all of their documents refer to it as a "permanent" position in contrast to the rotating system as mentioned above.

Also of interest, is the powerful position of "High Representative" of foreign policy. I'm trying to figure out how long that lasts - but its an important position to watch as well. It appears a perfect fit for Solana, and I assume Solana will get that spot but who knows.


Scott said...

One more point - the council decides on the President (not sure of details on how this selection process is conducted) - but I assume "re-electing" the person in the position of Presidency would be no problem.