Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Worshipping False Idols And gods

THEIR MASTER’S VOICE: The Government As A False god

Mike via Cold Fury

[If you wonder why a certain % of Americans blindly follow what they are told, and also become extremely agitated when they see people who are NOT following the orders which have been issued...It all makes sense when you understand that the government IS their god - and blind loyalty is in order...Seeing other individuals who can think for themselves a significant threat to their world view (ie not wearing masks) and it must be stamped down, because it MAY make them reflect on their false god and that simply cannot be...Below is the rich irony. A history lesson obtained from review of all communist takeovers reveals that the first groups of people 'to go' are the very instigators and propagators (including media) of the new communist regime. If they turned on their current people, then they would also turn on the new communist regime - and the new regime knows this full well... ]

Leftists—perennially determined to see the once-mighty, now-enfeebled US they so loathe brought to its knees in humiliated submission before their longed-for Global Government—won’t be anywhere near as pleased as they think they will once all their dreams have become reality, I suspect. In the way of Useful Idiots everywhere, they smugly expect to be exempt from the horror and abuse to be visited on the less-enlightened Deplorables. As is also usual with these muttonheads, the confusticated disbelief on their faces as they’re blindfolded and put up against a wall to receive the “thanks” of the new regime for a job well done will be a joy to behold.


ShelleyB said...

Sad, but true. The blind/lost need lots and lots of prayer. Don't some species of spiders and snakes eat their young? This is the thing about the evil one I just don't get. In the end, evil eats itself. How would he be happy with no one to rule over? It's a lose-lose, for sure.

Scott said...

Anon - that was actually pretty funny - I appreciate the humor, but of courseI can't post that. Thanks for the laugh though :)