Saturday, April 3, 2021

It Begins: Cornell Univ Will Require Covid Vaccine For Staff And Students

IT BEGINS: Cornell University Will Require Covid-19 Vaccination For Staff and Students Returning For Fall Semester

Cornell University is now mandating Covid-19 vaccines for staff and students returning to Ithaca, Geneva and Tech campuses for the Fall semester.

This is a dangerous trend and more universities will follow suit.

Last week Rutgers University in New Jersey mandated Covid-19 vaccines for students and staffers and other colleges are expected to jump on the train.

“With the recent announcements of expanded vaccine eligibility in New York and other states, and increasing vaccine production, it is likely that all members of our community will be able to obtain vaccination sometime this spring or summer,” Cornell President Martha Pollack and Provost Michael Kotlikoff said in a statement on Friday.

“Accordingly, Cornell intends to require vaccination for students returning to Ithaca, Geneva, and Cornell Tech campuses for the fall semester.”

The Provost said medical and religious exemptions will be accommodated, however their expectation will be that their campuses and classrooms “will overwhelmingly consist of vaccinated individuals.”

The Biden Administration is now working to launch “vaccine passports” so Americans can prove they’ve been inoculated.

The vaccine passports will be the key to returning to normalcy and may actually control who is allowed to participate in the workforce.

The Biden Admin is claiming the federal government won’t get involved in vaccine passports, but they will outsource the tyranny to universities and corporations so Americans can’t fly, go to school or participate in the exchange of commerce unless they are vaccinated.

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Anonymous said...

Meanwhile we need proof Biden isn't our President, it's on-going BS; We thought Cornell had the brightest? If they fall for this scheme, shame on them, this experiment won't stop Covid so why are they brainwashed again???