Saturday, April 3, 2021

For The Good Of The Cause:

All For the Greater Good?

The United Nations (that useless organization that never accomplished any of its original goals) wants you to be excited. The World Economic Forum (WEF) and the oligarchs of Europe and Davos with regulars like Sir Klaus Schwab, George Soros, Bill Gates, Angela Merkel, Prince Charles (more like members of Spectre) want you to be excited. The Deep State right here in Washington, D.C. wants you to be ecstatic. Joe Biden would like you to be excited, but he doesn’t know why.

Twenty-four world leaders on Tuesday, March 29, have issued a call for a global pandemic treaty, an international agreement to implement the Great Reset (a sort of Fourth Reich).

You see, the COVID-19 global pandemic that has devastated the planet with millions upon millions of dead (it hasn’t worked out that way, but never mind) has necessitated an agreement to save the world by initiating a one-world government. 

No more sovereign nations. No more capitalism. No more private property. You will own nothing. You will rent everything (no guns, thank you). No more Constitution or Bill of Rights. No more eating meat. And, they insist you will be happy! This is Marxism in its purest form.

Unlike the founders of our country that said freedom, liberty and deciding your future is based on property ownership, these criminals, these oligarchs, want everyone to concede to be dependent on them for everything. 

You place yourself in a precarious position. It will be like the world living in a giant reservation system, a universal welfare state, the death of ambition and climbing the ladder, watching your family and friends rot while they wait for the dinner bell. 

Looking back in human history, it will be like going back to serfdom, no property, no freedom, no individual rights. How’s that for progressive thinking?

We must, of course, always help the poor. The Judeo-Christian classical Western ethic has done that better and more efficiently than any government program. That same government has been an inadequate competitor, keeping the poor right where they are for generations. It helps only the system that needs their vote.

They would say that ownership will be collective. Really? If you can’t control it, you don’t own it. Any collective requires everyone to think exactly alike. When has that ever happened, except maybe for Jim Jones’ church in Guyana?

The people putting this together (see above), of course, will still own THEIR property, THEIR mansions, THEIR castles, THEIR private jets, and THEY will probably control any guns that still remain. THEY will give up nothing. They will be ‘benevolent dictators’ telling you where to live, what to eat, how many children to have, if at all, what education you will receive, where you will work, when to report for your vaccine. Maybe even when to report to a termination facility if they determine you are a ‘useless eater.’

It’s all for the greater good

The greater good meaning keeping them in power, climate change and the resolving of future threats to world health, and whatever they decide. They seem to be particularly concerned about world health. All from a group that feels we have too many people living on the planet. Hmmm. What’s in that vaccine anyway?

These power-hungry despots have plans for us. These are plans for evil, not good. Nations that have nothing to lose or those that are in a constant state of being a ‘developing nation’ will jump at it, if only for their leaders to have a seat at the table of oligarchs. THEY claim we need them for our very survival. Only THEY know what is best for us.

These are mass murderers in the making. The Great Reset will be great alright, the greatest threat to mankind in human history. They insist on placing the group over the individual for the greater good, just like the promises of Marx, Mao, Lenin, Stalin and Pol Pot. The 100 million dead cry out from the grave.

When you’re told that something is for the greater good, run. May God help us!


Anonymous said...

I couldn’t agree more! Ty again Scott for being a rock for all of us in these perilous times! I’ve been watching these events unfold with you for years! I’ve mentioned to my Son, an unbelievabler, that even the news cycles on this page have increased in frequency and intensity! Been a watcher on the wall since 2005! It brings me great comfort to have dependable news sourcing combined with your scientific approach. You truly are a great blessing to so many of us out here! May God bless you and keep you! And I pray Jesus himself crowns you with righteousness! May the love and peace of Jesus Christ be with you all! -Sister Rebecca

Scott said...

Gosh, thats so incredibly nice and thoughtful of you and I appreciate it so much. Its a labor of love and I actually thank God constantly for giving me work to do that I love doing.:)

As far as the frequency, - goodness - its incredible - I remember when I first started this blog (it was originally just to continue to communicate with a couple of bible study groups I had been doing and they wanted a way to keep up with pertinent prophecy news). I can remember in the early days going a few weeks without much going on - and now, if I'm away from this, or tied up for 4-5 hours, I feel like Ive missed several cycles of news! Its unbelievable - not only the pace - but how all signs are converging and all signs (without exception) are moving rapidly. Its stunning to watch. And awe inspiring at the same time.

But thanks again - come by the Tree of Life, thats where we'll be gathering :)