Friday, April 20, 2018

Iran General: All Israeli Air Bases Are Within Reach - 'Our Fingers Are On The Trigger, Missiles Ready To Launch'

The vice commander of Iran’s revolutionary guards warned Israel Friday that the latter’s airbases were “within reach,” in apparent reaction to Israel’s publication on Tuesday of a map showing five Tehran-controlled bases in Syria.
“Israel: Don’t trust in your airbases; they’re within reach,” Hossein Salami wrote on Twitter.
“Don’t have hope in US and UK; when they arrive, you’re not there… Smallest goal will be your existence.You can’t bear. When you escape, you’ll have no way but to the sea.”

In an earlier tweet Friday, Salami warned, “Hands are on the trigger and missiles are ready and will be launched at any moment that enemy has a sinister plot… North and west of Israel are at the intersection of fire; you will not escape. You live in the dragon’s mouth.”

Iranian officials have been making increasingly bellicose remarks following an April 9 strike on the T-4 air base, near Palmyra in central Syria, which killed at least seven members of the IRGC, including the head of its drone program, Col. Mehdi Dehghan.

Iran, Syria, Russia and some US officials have all said explicitly that Israel was responsible for the strike. Israeli officials refuse to comment on the matter, though The New York Times quoted an Israeli military official as acknowledging that the Jewish state was behind the attack.

Amid the escalating rhetoric, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has made several threats against Iran in recent days.

On Friday, he told a festive post-Independence Day cabinet meeting, “We hear the threats from Iran. The IDF and the security forces are ready for any development. We will fight whoever tries to harm us. We will not shy away from the price and we will exact a price from those who want to hurt us. The IDF is ready for the job and the people will stand strong.”
On Tuesday, ahead of Israel’s Independence Day and in an apparent effort at deterrence, Israeli media was provided by the IDF with a map showing five Iranian-controlled bases in Syria, which would apparently constitute potential targets for an Israeli response should Iran carry out any kind of attack.

Iran to Israel: Fingers are on the trigger, missiles are ready to launch

 The second-in-command of Iran's Revolutionary Guard, Hossein Salami, threatened Israel on Friday: "Do not trust your air bases," he said. "They are within the range of fire." 

"Our fingers are on the trigger and the missiles are ready to launch. The moment the enemy decides to act against us, we will launch them.

"We have learned ways to overcome our enemies, and we can harm the enemies vital interests anywhere we want," Salami added, in what may have been a response to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's assertion earlier on Friday that "the IDF is prepared for any [threat from Iran.]"

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