Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Netanyahu 'Determined' To Go To Washington As Planned

Netanyahu 'Determined" To Go To Washington

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Monday that he was determined to speak to a joint meeting of Congress on March 3, despite the ongoing uproar surrounding his planned address in the US capital.

“At a time when there are those who would deal with protocol and politics, an agreement with Iran is taking shape in Munich that would risk Israel’s existence,” Netanyahu said on Twitter, apparently referring to talks over the weekend in the German city between US Secretary of State John Kerry and Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif.

“Therefore, I’m determined to travel to Washington and present Israel’s position before Congress and the American people,” he said. “From the day the State of Israel was established, there have been substantive differences between Israel and the United States. Relations remained strong. That’s how it will be this time.”

In the address, Netanyahu is set to warn against a deal with Iran that would enable it to become a nuclear threshold state. The timing, arrangements and likely content of the speech have infuriated the Obama administration and some congressional Democrats. Rep. John Boehner (R-Ohio), the US House of Representatives speaker, invited Netanyahu without consulting with the White House, it later became clear. The prime minister indicated over the weekend that he believed the invitation had bipartisan support.

While innocent people are being slaughtered in the Middle East and Africa by Islamist radicals, not unlike when the Jews were being rounded up and killed by the Nazis, President Barack Obama is “barely” responding  and is instead negotiating with Iran and “building the Iranian Islamo-nazi caliphate,” said best-selling author and nationally syndicated conservative talk radio host Mark Levin.

Levin further said that the pressure is on to “destroy” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu because he was invited to speak before Congress by Republican leader John Boehner and, in his remarks, “might offend the Islamo-nazi regime in Tehran” and “offend Obama.”
“The way Marx put it is you have to destroy the existing society,” said Levin on his radio program on Feb. 5.  “So, Obama looks at the Middle East and he says, look, just because Republican and Democrat presidents in the past, Republican and Democrat Congresses in the past have conducted themselves pretty much the same way doesn’t mean I’m going to.”
“It’s not just ISIS, although that would be bad enough,” said Levin.  “We have competing crusades going on. And I don’t care about the Christian Crusade! Were not going to debate that today. What the heck does that have to do with anything? So now we’re supposed to chase history, and explain why there was a Christian Crusade?  I’ve explained this before. The Christians rose up after hundreds of years of having enough of the Muslims.”

Secretary of State John Kerry “behind the scenes, in secret, is negotiating with the Islamo-nazi regime in Tehran and they are openly bragging that they’re getting 80% of what they want,” said Levin. They’re going to keep thousands and thousands of centrifuges, and Obama is begging them for a deal.”

“Meanwhile, in our own country, the pressure is on to destroy the Churchill of our time, Benjamin Netanyahu,” said Levin, author of the New York Times best seller Liberty and TyrannyA Conservative Manifesto.  “The pressure is on to destroy the Israeli ambassador Ron Dermer.”

The world is now on the cusp of total war. This is the claim made by former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury Paul Craig Roberts in a recent editorial. And though doom predictions are quite popular given what's going on in the world as of late, to disregard Roberts' assessment as fear-mongering or hype would be short-sighted and dangerous. No, this time is not different, and if political leaders around the world, especially in the United States, Russia and Europe, don't come to an agreement on the future of Ukraine then it is only a matter of time before we eventually cross the line into a scenario from which there is no return – for all we know, we may have already crossed it at this point.

While the American media has generally ignored the broader implications of what's happening in Ukraine, often dismissing it as Europe's problem and one that has no long-term ramifications for the U.S., the fact is that the United States is directly involved in not only the political machinations behind the scenes of Ukraine's new government, but military operations as evidenced by recent videos showing armed American-English speaking personnel on the ground during the recent artillery shelling of the city of Mariupol.

According to a report from the BBC President Obama has made it clear that the United States is on a war footing with Russia and we are now exploring all available options to deal with Putin should things in the Ukraine sour.

President Obama, of course, isn't the only one leaving military options on the table.
Vladimir Putin himself recently warned that Russia will not put up with the West's "hostile acts" and suggested nuclear consequences are one possible outcome if a peace deal is not reached:
He accused Barack Obama of adopting a "hostile" approach in naming Russia as a threat to the world in the U.S. president's speech to the United Nations General Assembly on Sept. 24.
"We hope that our partners will realize the futility of attempts to blackmail Russia and remember what consequences discord between major nuclear powers could bring for strategic stability," Putin told Serbia's Politika newspaper on the eve of his visit to the Balkan nation today.
Putin said that Obama had identified Russian aggression in Europe as one of the three "major threats facing humanity," alongside theEbola virus and Islamic State.
"Together with the sanctions against entire sectors of our economy, this approach can be called nothing but hostile," Putin said.
Last month the Russian President ordered strategic nuclear bombers to fly over the English channel into civilian air traffic corridors as a show of force to the West. He's also reportedly sent bombers along the west coast of the United States from Alaska to California, and it has been suggested that the flybys may have also been responsible for a widespread outage of air traffic control systems in Los Angeles.
What's happening behind the closed doors of national security meetings in the United States and Russia will remain hidden from the public. Unfortunately, we'll be the last to know and should these leaders fail to come to an agreement in Europe we may only find out once the missiles start flying.
It's starting to look like the world really is on the cusp of total war.


Unknown said...

Prayers needed to Bibe's protection when he comes to the US. And for Ron Dermer's protection as well.

Oy, it's getting crazier by the second these daze. Maranatha quickly, Lord Jesus!!!

WVBORN56 said...

Agreed DA! Mark Levin's article shows how blind/foolish/evil Obama and his administration are and how precarious the times are for Bibi and Israel. Praying in agreement and yes also for the soon return of Jesus!

Iran is huge cesspool of evil and yet Obama turns his wrath on a friend, a democracy and the only beacon of light and hope in the Middle East. Oy indeed!

ally said...

WV-Obummer knows exactly what he is doing and does it very well. :( I'm praying daily for Jesus to show up at the white house around 4am and have a personal face to face with our Presdent. Cuz at this point, it's pretty much the only thing that's going to change the situation.......
Anxious for our ride out of here but not looking forward to the things we may have to see first. Neverless, he is coming soon. And I am oh so ready.

Caver said...

Joining in agreement and prayer.

This takes so much courage on Bibi's part.

Jesus, Your church is so ready!!!