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Third Intifada? Police Set Up Checkpoints In E. Jerusalem, New World Order: A Battle For The Soul?

Police Set Up Checkpoints At East Jerusalem Neighborhoods

Police set up checkpoints around some Arab neighborhoods and beefed up their presence across Jerusalem Wednesday as the city boosted security efforts a day after a deadly attack on a synagogue that left five people dead.

In Jabel Mukaber and Sur Baher, border guards posted temporary checkpoints and began stopping residents leaving the Arab East Jerusalem neighborhoods for the western part of the city, in a bid to stem a wave of terror attacks that has wracked the capital.

The postings were part of a strategy to return calm to the city after Tuesday’s terror attack in the Har Nof neighborhood on the western edge of the city.
Throughout the day there was an increased police presence in the city and education institutes increased their security measures in response to the attack, which came amid a wave of violence that some have called a “Third Intifada.” Synagogues were told Tuesday to post security guards.

Although schools usually have a security guard at the front gate, kindergartens do not. According to Ynet, security officials in the capital are considering stationing security guards at kindergartens as well. In the meantime security protocols have been clarified including measures such as locking entrance doors and installing emergency alert buttons.
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visited the Jerusalem municipality’s new monitoring center, which controls a series of unmanned observation balloons in the capital, and vowed to continue the policy of destroying the family homes of terrorists as a deterrent measure.

Meanwhile, nearly two dozen reservist soldiers in the Navy’s elite Shayetet 13 commando unit, Israel’s SEAL unit, offered to join civil guards in Jerusalem, Channel 2 reported.
In an arrangement coordinated with police, some 23 commandos will join up with special patrol units to police the capital.
The volunteers, including five officers, are to begin a week-long exercise in the coming days to familiarize themselves with local police operations.
According to the report, police hope that the initiative taken by soldiers from one of the IDF’s most elite units will encourage members of the public to volunteer for the civil guard that carry out neighborhood patrols to bolster regular police enforcement.

Jordanian parliament members held a moment of silence and read Koran verses aloud Wednesday in memory of the two Palestinian terrorists who murdered five Israelis in an attack at a Jerusalem synagogue Tuesday morning.

“Regarding the martyrs who bombed and murdered Zionists, I’m asking the respected parliament to stand up and to read the al-Fatiha [verse from the first chapter of the Quran] to glorify their pure souls and the souls of all the martyrs in the Arab and Muslim nations,” an unnamed MP said, according to a Channel 10 translation of the remarks at the parliament session.

[This is a long but very interesting article, worth reading in full. Below are just a few interesting quotes]

From its very inception, the Leninist/Marxist ideology of the Soviet Union made it a central priority to dispel and subjugate religious and spiritual expression. The state was “god.” No other god could be allowed to flourish, for if the people were given license and freedom of belief in something beyond themselves and beyond the establishment, they would retain a sense of rebellion. The collectivist philosophy requires the utter destruction of all competitors; otherwise, it can never truly prevail.

Atheism became the cult of choice among the communists, for in an atheist world there is nothing beyond the veil. There is no greater goal and no inherent self. There is no true individualism, only self interest (not the same thing), the trappings of environmental circumstances, and the constant substantiation of the greater good. By extension, there is no inborn moral compass or conscience, only the social fashions and mores of the moment. In such a world, tyrants reign supreme because atheism allows relativism to flourish; and any crime, no matter how heinous, can be rationalized.  Beyond this, if you know and study the real history of the rise of communism, you know through great researchers like Antony Sutton that the very fabric of the system would never have existed without the monetary and military aid of international financiers (i.e. the NWO).

I have always been concerned with the dilemma of the collectivist ideology, but even more so in recent months, as our world creeps closer toward global crisis. 

Crisis always provides circumstance and cover for dangerous philosophical totalitarianism.

In order to distract from their fundamental lack of knowledge, modern collectivist governments and movements have always made the promise of technological utopia and endless abundance in order to sway the populace into supporting establishment power. We will all work far less, or we will never have to work at all. Shelter, food, health and wealth will be provided for us. Our free time will be spent studying the nature of the cosmos and perpetuating the cult of academia, protected by a benevolent technocratic governing body straight out of an episode of “Star Trek.”

Transhumanism, a mainstay of global elitism and the New World Order, also uses fantastical images of scientifically created contentment to sell itself to starry-eyed rubes packed into the circus tent of the technocratic carnival. The very essence of the movement is the argument that one day ALL knowledge of the universe will be obtained by mankind and that through this knowledge, we (a select few anyway) will obtain godhood.

Again, as in the Huffington Post column, the claim is that science knows all or will eventually know all and that whatever has not been dissected and observed by science like the conceptions of religion must, therefore, be dubious myth.
Ironically, there is far more scientific evidence of God and spiritual life than there is evidence against. So by the very standards many atheists hold dear, it is they who are peddling indoctrination rather than truth.

The New World Order, an ideal often touted by globalists and defined by their own rhetoric as a scientific dictatorship in which collectivism is valued and individualism is criminalized, seems to me to be — in its ultimate form and intention — a battle for the human soul. They try to convince us that there is no such thing, that there is no inborn conscience, that there is a rationale for every action, that spiritualism is a frivolous and terroristic pursuit, and that cold logic and science, as defined by them, are the paths to prosperity and peace. They also seek to tempt the masses with imaginary stories of attainable godhood and artificial Eden, promises on which they can never deliver.  Anyone can point a gun at you and demand your fealty, but this is not what the elites want.  Rather, they want you to voluntarily resign yourself over to the hive mind and sacrifice your conscience in the process.  While one might argue over what it is they "truly" believe at the core of their cult, it is undeniable that collectivism, moral relativism, and atheism are their favorite promotional weapons.

The reactionary responses to my criticisms of the elitist philosophy will likely involve endless renunciations of crimes committed in the name of religious fervor. I agree; religion has always been exploited, usually by the elites themselves, to enslave as well as to murder. Even today, I hear some so-called Christians argue in favor of genocide using half-baked interpretations of biblical reference. But at bottom, I much prefer a world in which religious expression is free, rather than abolished in the name of an overarching zealotry in the form of a stunted mathematical morality. I prefer a world where the spiritual side of existence is allowed to add to observational awareness. Logic alone is not wisdom, after all. Wisdom is the combination of reason, intuition and experience.
I refuse to live under any form of theocracy, whether religious or scientific. The idea that we must choose between one or the other is a farce — a controlled debate. The individual soul (or whatever you want to call it) is the only thing that matters. It is important that we never forget that when we fight against the NWO, we are not just fighting for liberty; we are also fighting for something profoundly and inherently spiritual. Though we might not be able to define it, we can feel it. And that is enough.

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