Friday, November 7, 2014

Opposition Group: Iran Working Towards Nukes

Opposition Group Claims New Info Showing Iran Still Working Towards Nukes

An Iranian opposition group claimed Friday to have new information showing Iran is still working toward nuclear weapons.

It made the claim hours after the UN’s nuclear agency said that its attempts to probe allegations that Tehran worked on nuclear weapons were deadlocked — a finding that all but rules out hopes of full nuclear deal between six world powers and Iran by the November 24 target date

As part of its probe, the IAEA has for years sought access to Parchin, a sprawling military establishment southeast of Tehran. It says it has indications that Iran built a special chamber there to conduct testing of high explosives linked to setting off a nuclear explosion — and has progressively cleaned up the site.

The National Council of Resistance, an Iranian opposition group, claimed Friday to have new information linked to such testing. The Council told reporters in Washington that a second chamber was also built, with its present location unknown and that both structures were constructed by a company affiliated with the Islamic Revolutionary Guards.

The IAEA suspects Vycheslav Danilenko — a Ukrainian who worked in a Soviet-era research institute that was identified mainly with nuclear weapons — played a major role in building the Parchin chamber — something Danilenko has denied. The IAEA has not formally connected other foreigners with the project, but the opposition officials in Washington said Danilenko was helped by his son-in-law, Vladimir Padalko.

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