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Terror Attack In Jerusalem, UK/US 'Appalled' By Israeli Shelling, Police 'Protection' Of Jews Unreliable And Bizarre

Tractor Terror Attack In Jerusalem - Terrorist Shot

The Times of Israel is liveblogging events as they unfold through Monday, the 28th day of Operation Protective Edge. A unilateral humanitarian window declared by Israel takes hold Monday morning. The IDF death toll stands at 64, as it partially redeployed in and around Gaza, nearing the end of its work demolishing Hamas tunnels. A Palestinian delegation held talks on ceasefire arrangements in Egypt. Israel was condemned for hitting a UN school, killing 10, and said it was looking into the incident. Gazan health officials put the death toll there at some 1,800. Israel says many of those are Hamas fighters.

Photo of digger used in Jerusalem terror attack

Ynet publishes a photo of the digger used in the Jerusalem terror attack that critically wounded one pedestrian and lightly wounded a bus driver.

Pedestrian critically hurt in J’lem terror attack

The critically wounded man in the terror attack in Jerusalem is not the terrorist, MDA CEO Eli Bin says.
The terrorist was shot and killed by a policeman and a Prisons Service officer who were near the incident. The critically wounded man, described by Bin as “a young man,” was apparently a pedestrian standing near the bus as it overturned. He is being treated by medics en route to hospital.

Conflicting reports on fate of J’lem tractor driver

There are conflicting reports on the fate of the Palestinian tractor driver who overturned an Israeli bus moments ago.
Some reports say the man was killed by a policeman who rushed to the scene. Other reports say he was evacuated by ambulance in critical condition.
The driver of the overturned bus sustained light wounds. No one else was hurt, as the bus was empty at the time of the attack.

Palestinian sources in Cairo revealed on Monday that the United States and Qatar have again renewed their attempts to reach an understanding on a ceasefire in Gaza, even as Palestinian factions meet Egyptian officials in Cairo to forge their own proposal.

Representatives of the US administration are in Cairo at the same time as a Palestinian delegation that includes senior officials from Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and Fatah.

Officials suggested that the US-Qatari initiative slows and undermines the Egyptian efforts.

Sources told The Times of Israel that the Egyptian effort is focused on convincing Hamas to first stop fighting on the basis of the understandings obtained after Pillar of Defense in 2012, then moving to a broader ceasefire which will include demands on Israel to withdraw from Gaza and to ease restrictions at the border crossings and to allow the rehabilitation of Gaza. The new Palestinian government would handle contacts between the sides over the border crossings, importing of goods, and the passage of businessmen into Israel and Gaza after the ceasefire takes effect.

Last week both Israel and the Palestinian Authority rejected a ceasefire plan designed by US Secretary of State John Kerry in negotiations with Turkey and Qatar.

The alternative Kerry plan caused alarm in Israel for giving too much to Hamas and outrage in the Palestinian Authority, which felt it had been sidelined in negotiations vital to the future of the Palestinian people. The US said it had not been a formal proposal, but rather a draft.
On Sunday a Palestinian delegation presented its joint demands to Egyptian mediators in Cairo for a truce with Israel, including an end to the Gaza blockade, officials said.

Iran's President Hassan Rouhani denounced Monday the "inaction" of the UN Security Council on Gaza, describing the conflict as a "genocidal massacre" of Palestinians by Israel, according to AFP.

His comments came at a meeting of the Non-Aligned Movement's (NAM) committee for Palestine, with several foreign ministers among officials from Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Venezuela, Bangladesh, Sudan, Uganda and other member states.

"The savage aggression by the army of this child-killer regime (Israel), continues with a deliberate policy to commit genocide and massacre civilians and destroy infrastructure, houses, hospitals, schools and mosques," Rouhani said in Tehran.

"The inaction of international bodies, in particular the Security Council, to prevent the crimes against humanity of the Zionist regime" is to be condemned, he added.
Iran does not recognize Israel's existence and supports terrorist groups that fight it, including Hamas.

Around the world as Jews are under increasing assault, police protection cannot be counted on. Across Europe there is not only increasing violence against Jews, but the police are often unable or unwilling to protect them. Here in America, one can see the same pattern beginning to emerge.
As rallies for or against Israel are cropping up across the country, the scenario goes something like this: A small group of pro-Israel supporters show up holding Israeli flags. They wind up outnumbered 10 to 1, if not more, by Jew-haters who scream, shout, rant, rave, curse, threaten, and in some cases become violent. And police protection is unreliable.
Last month in San Francisco a scene such as this unfolded. There was some police presence at the rally, but they were curiously passive in the face of highly agitated Jew-haters threatening violence. At one point in this short video from the rally you can hear one of the pro-Israel supporters ask the police (who were nonchalantly standing with their backs to the haters) to please pay attention to the people who were being threatening.
Also last month in Miami there was a rally where a mass of terrorist sympathizers shouted: “We are Hamas!” “We are Jihad!”
And they didn’t stop there.
In addition to declaring their allegiance to terror on the streets of an American city with no consequence, they made threats to kill the cameraman, as in “I’m going to kill you mother fucker. You and all Israelis.”
Where were the police? Since when, in America, can a person announce their allegiance to a terror organization bent on destroying this country while threatening to kill another person and get away with it?
Most recently at a rally in front of the White House, the police response to approximately 10,000 highly agitated hate-mongers was truly bizarre and deeply disturbing. The Gateway Pundit reports:
Dan Merica, associate producer for CNN Politics has sent out a series of photos and reports on social media about Israel supporters being evacuated in police vans from in front of the White House after being surrounded by menacing Hamas supporters.
Merica was there covering a pro-Hamas rally by the communist terrorist support group ANSWER being held at Lafayette Park.
The police set up a barrier around the pro-Israel protesters in front of the White House. But that was not enough.
Merica then posted a photo with a caption saying the pro-Israel group was being put in police vans and were being escorted away for their safety.
Instead of controlling the mob. Instead of arresting threatening people. The police rounded up those in support of Israel, put them in police vans, and evacuated them from the scene. While the mob of Hamas supporters were allowed to remain on site and spew their hate, those in support of Israel were gone, their message rendered silent and invisible.
Save one lone Marine. Breitbart reports:
A group of pro-Israel protestors showed up -- and were encircled by police with barricades. The crowd shouted at the group and blew blowhorns in their direction. The pro-Israeli group had to be escorted out of the crowd in police vans.
One pro-Israel protestor showed up on the other side of the crowd, alone, with an Israel flag in one hand and an an (sic) American flag in the other.
The pro-Palestine protestors grew belligerent -- shouting slogans at him, giving him the middle finger. One tried to light his Israeli flag on fire.
But Manny Vega, an undeterred retired U.S. Marine and Iraq War veteran, spoke to Breitbart News about the incident.
“What brought me out here is this sort of anti-Israel atmosphere that this administration is holding over the United States," Vega told Breitbart News. "I want to show the Israeli people there are American people in our nation that support the state of Israel... And that is why am standing here with an American flag on my right hand, and Israeli flag on my left hand, in a show of solidarity with the Israeli people.”
Vega argued with one pro-Palestine protestor, who said that the State of Israel had no right to exist and would not shake Vega’s hand.
“Israelis love life; they can coexist with other nations and they have since 1948. Israel has extended a hand to shake, but they shake it and go back to fight,” Vega reportedly told the protestor.
When asked if he was concerned about the protestors turning violent, Vega said:
"Hey, I’m not going to be pushed out of here… If I was in Palestine, my throat my throat would be slit, but I’m in front of the White House. This is America, and I have every right to be here with the American flag, and the Israeli flag as a counter protest to the 'Free Gaza, Anti-Occupation' protest here. And pro-Hamas."
Breitbart News asked Vega if he had any concerns about immersing himself into a hostile crowd.
“I have no fear, Vega said. "I’m not going to get stabbed, or lit on fire, but they tried to light my flag on fire.”
God bless Manny Vega. I hope and pray his stalwart belief in America holds steady. The attempt to ignite his flag is a foreboding sign. Such actions need to be snuffed out. Immediately. Each and every time. Increasing violence against Jews and those who support Israel is bad enough. Lack of reliable police protection makes the situation that much more dangerous.

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