Monday, August 4, 2014

Another Day Of Terror In Jerusalem, IDF To Beef Up Defenses On Gaza Border

After Day Of Terror In Jerusalem, Rocket Attacks, Israel And Hamas Agree To 72 Hours Of Ceasefire

[These 'ceasefires' have almost become a joke, but here we go again]

The Times of Israel liveblogged events as they unfolded through Monday, the 28th day of Operation Protective Edge. Terror returned to Jerusalem Monday, as two attacks left a man dead and several more injured. After a humanitarian timeout, Israel resumed strikes on Hamas targets in Gaza, while officials said they had finished destroying Hamas tunnels. Rocket fire on Israel continued throughout the day. The IDF death toll stands at 64. Gazan health officials put the death toll there at some 1,800. Israel says hundreds of those are Hamas fighters.

Operation Protective Edge enters its 28th day, with the IDF redeploying its troops in and around Gaza, as it nears the end of its mission demolishing the 30-plus Hamas terror tunnels dug under the border.
Ceasefire talks are taking place in Egypt, but Israel isn’t there, having declared that it does not trust Hamas to honor any agreement. This, after Hamas breached a truce on Friday morning and killed three IDF soldiers, including Givati office Hadar Goldin, who was initially believed kidnapped. Goldin was laid to rest Sunday, at a funeral attended by some 15,000 people.
Meanwhile, Israel was slammed for allegedly striking a UNRWA school, killing 10; the IDF said it fired on terrorists on motorcycles near the school, and that it was looking into the incident. And Hamas was still firing dozens of rockets at Israel.

Southern general says IDF to beef up defenses on Gaza border

GOC Southern Command Maj. Gen. Sami Turgeman speaks to mayors of southern Israeli towns and says he’ll advise military action against any tunnels dug beneath the border with Gaza discovered after the completion of Operation Protective Edge.
“For every tunnel found in the future, I’ll advise a ground attack in Gaza,” the general is quoted by Channel 2 saying. Turgeman adds that “There’ll be a massive upgrade in security protection for residents of the southern area — both with more personnel deployed, and new physical components.”
The mayors said afterwards that he had indicated the IDF had some kind of new physical barrier in mind to help guard against the tunnels
According to Channel 10, Turgeman says all known tunnels penetrating Israeli territory will be destroyed within a couple of days, “but only those we knew about.” He notes that IDF troops will remain in the Gaza Strip after the tunnels are finished being destroyed and that Israel “will fire at any place from which [rockets] are being launched.”

In the space of a few hours, two Palestinian terrorist attacks occurred in Jerusalem, both in areas close to Arab districts. In the second, Monday afternoon, Aug. 4, a motorcyclist shot an Israeli soldier outside the tunnel leading to Mt. Scopus and Wadi Joz, injuring him seriously. As the assalant raced off, a passerby shot at him and missed.
The soldier was evacuated with stomach wounds to the nearby Hadassah Hospital which shares Mt. Scopus with the Hebrew University campus. A large-scale hunt has been launched for the assailant.
Three hours earlier, a 19-year old Palestinian rammed a heavy excavator into a number 2 bus, tipping it over on its side on the main road linking west and east Jerusalem. Fortunately, the bus was empty. However an Israeli man on the sidewalk was crushed to death. He has been identified as Rabbi Avraham Walz, 29, a member of the Toldot Aharon Hassidic community.
Six others were injured, including the bus driver. A passing police officer who witnessed the attack and two civilians shot the excavator driver dead, cutting short a rampage on the busy thoroughfare of Shmuel Hanavi. He was a resident of the Palestinian district of Djebel Maqaber.
Two Palestinian tractor attacks have been staged on Jerusalem streets in recent years causing fatalities. The police force in Jerusalem has been heavily beefed up and spread out at in the most sensitive parts of the capital.

It’s been dubbed the “most important video about Israel ever made” — and it’s being widely circulated on the Internet amid the recent Gaza conflict.
Featuring nationally syndicated radio talk show host Dennis Prager, who is known for his strong conservative views, the pro-Israel YouTube video aims to explain the Middle East conflict in under six minutes.
“The Middle East conflict is framed as one of the most complex problems in the world,” the video claims. “But, in reality, it’s very simple.”

Last Friday night, swastikas, most of them backwards, were painted on at least five houses in Calgary SE. And, as in the case of the July 18 pro-Palestinian demonstration where the cops failed to show up while a family of pro-Israel demonstrators were punched, kicked, knocked to the ground and had their Israeli flags stolen, the police have once again downplayed what happened.

While anti-Semitic graffiti can and does appear in a lot of places throughout Canada and the world, once again it is the position of the Calgary Police Service and the local media that once again is telling.

After the July 18 demonstration, one first at the scene police officer is alleged to have told a pro-Israel demonstrator that what happened was expected because he wore an Israeli flag. Another officer told the media that police refused to intervene because the incident, which left a woman on the ground and others injured, was just a mutual pushing and shoving match. Later, Chief Rick Hanson admitted the police were not prepared or present; seems the thought of violence never occurred to Calgary police brass.

After the swastikas were discovered, another high-ranking Calgary police officer downplayed the incidents to the media. Insp. Jason Bobrowitz told QMI Agency, “Obviously, the swastika image has a number of different connotations so that will have to be investigated.”
In a further bow to political correctness, the inspector added there is no indication the painting of swastikas on at least five Calgary homes had anything to do with the recent Middle East conflict.

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